Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Podcast (.xml Format): Episodes

Very Cold and Snowy Winter - Mainstream Radio and TV News - Factions Fighting for Power - Fixed System of Britain -
Time and Motion - RIIA/CFR/CIGI - Nations used by Private Business - Non-Democratic Authoritarian System -
Sherpas and Free Trade Treaties - Dominant Minorities - Feudalism - Rise of ...
Economic Wars - Planned Society - System of Austerity - RIIA/CFR - Free Trade - World Standardization -
Obamacare - Universal Healthcare and Population Control - Mandated Abortion and Sterilization - Eugenics -
Conformity to Peer Group, Groupthink - State-Appointed Guardians - Elimination of Nuclear ...
Great Britain and British Empire - Planned System - Royal Institute of International Affairs - Non-Governmental Organizations -
Collectivism and Club of Rome - Albert Pike - IBM and Associated Corporations - Expert-Run Feudalism - Purpose of Warfare -
RIIA/CFR Member Politicians - New World Religion ...
George Bernard Shaw and Fabian Society - Cultural War - Dissention Amongst the Genders - Hormonal Alteration - Advice from "Experts" -
Theo Adorno and Frankfurt School - Hypersexualization - Scientific Indoctrination - Power of Money -
Elimination of Private Property - Pound Sterling - Devaluation ...
British Commonwealth, Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR and World Wars - North American Integration -
Free Trade Agreement and Shelley Anne-Clark - Pre-Planned Wars, International Finance and Resource Takeover -
Standardized Education and News - Revolutions to Overthrow Existing Structures, ...
Destruction of Cultures - New Feudal System, CEO Overlords - Laws based on Economics - Nation-States "Obsolete" - Global Government -
Multiculturalism - Hypersexualization - Culture Creators - Gender-Neutral Music - Charles Galton Darwin and Bioengineering - Infertility -
Adaptation to New Normals ...
Scientific Indoctrination in a Global Society - Culture Creation - Programming for Changes - Orwell and Huxley - Fake Resistance -
Rule by Experts - Tax-Exempt Foundations and NGOs - GIRFEC and Mandated Psychiatric Testing - CFR/RIIA - Drugging of Children -
Bertrand Russell's Experimental School - ...
Rigged System of Great Britain - Planned Society - Royal Institute of International Affairs - Revolutionary Movements, World War I and II, League of Nations -
Resource Wars - Promotion of Drugs and Promiscuity - Guided Cultural Change - Effects of Technology on Society -
Government Grants for Radical ...
Alan's Radio Broadcasts, Books and Music - Standardized Laws, Global Governance, Amalgamated Trading Blocs -
RIIA Global Meeting in Australia, Chatham House Rules - Global Banking Clique - Charles Galton Darwin, Hormonal Alteration of Male and Female -
Creation of a New Form of Slavery - Planned Takeover ...
--{ Money's the Tool for Continuous Rule:

"Crashing Times when Old Mores Go
Into Planned Obsolescence, Masters Make it So,
Most Victims have Never Suspected
The Future's Planned by the Unelected,
A Thousand Think-Tanks They Own,
Managing World Debt, Love to Loan,
For Money to Them is a Means to an End,
Ensures ...
--{ Saviours of Behaviours:

"Fixing a Society is a Gesture, a Token
By Governments, Knowing Society's Broken,
For the Old System is Gone, is Lost,
Life's Rules are Blurring, What a Cost,
Named "The Great Transformation,"
Where Society to Be Given Indoctrination
By "Experts", From Cradle to Grave,
For ...
--{ Study the Pricks who Write the Scripts:

"Reading News can Bring On a Fit,
When You Realize the World's a Script,
For All the Changes, the Way We Go,
Were Planned at Summits, Long Ago,
Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer,
We're in Austerity Age, Gloom-and Doomer,
Truth hasn't Hit Just Everyone Yet,
Wait ...
--{ Playing the Clown, U.S. Government Shutdown:

"Stampeding the Herd is Good for Change,
Goldman Sachs, I.M.F. want to Rearrange
The Money Scam, Give More Power
To the B.I.S. in its Lofty Swiss Tower,
They're Private Institutions, a Cartel,
B.I.S., I.M.F., World Bank can Create Hell
And Frequently ...
--{ More Bending to Spending, Borrowing, Lending:

"Cashless Society, Completion of Hell,
Without a Number You can't Buy or Sell,
Electronic Transactions'll Send a Slice
Of Tax to Government, Efficient, Nice,
Then Naturally, Some Thinkers Suspect,
If Dissident, Politically Incorrect,
Your Account, as ...
--{ The Ruling Ruse, Designed to Confuse:

"Shutdown of U.S. Gov. - What Drama,
"Raise the Debt Ceiling" cries Obama,
But Americans Not Only Like Parades,
They Participate in the Charades,
Arguing for or Against Gov. Spending,
Guaranteeing Big Interest to the Lending,
The People? Hasn't Hit Them Yet,
They ...
--{ Same Old, Same Old as Stories Unfold:

"Tiring Stories on Governments, Deceit, Lies
Politicos Use Government as Private Enterprise,
Nothing Changes, No-One Goes to Jail,
If it Did the Den of Thieves would Turn Pale,
Worsened with Declaration of "Greed is Good",
Lauded by Milton Friedman when in Good ...
--{ Like Pete Tong, "It's All Gone":

"The Western World's Dreams have Faded,
Psychological Warfare Made it Degraded,
Morally, Culturally, Nations Defeated,
The Fifty-Year Plan is Now Completed,
Promotion of Hedonism, "Me" Generation,
Always Leads to Breakdown of Populations'
Cohesiveness, and to Others' ...
--{ Hard to Find a Functioning Mind:

"Media is Hardly Worth Reading Today,
All-on-Board Propagandists Design to Sway
Great Herds of People this Way or That,
If Seeking Truth, It's Not Where it's At,
The Media Use Formulae to Sway Minions,
Ensuring They Receive Daily Opinions,
Trivia Diverts from Passing ...
--{ System=Compete to Eat, No Relax on Tax:

"The System's a Con Comprised by Deception,
Works by Altering the Public's Perception
Of All that Formulates Life as Normal,
Repetitive Speeches by Economists, Formal,
Our Raison d'ĂȘtre is to Work and Compete
With Nations like China or Suffer Defeat,
Perfected ...
--{ The Perfected Citizen:

"Kind Governments Posing as Our Saviour,
Using Our Taxes to Change Our Behaviour
By Peer Pressure, Guilt and Shame,
Helping Save Money for Government Game,
Adopting New Normals, You will Reform
Opinions and Attitudes and So Conform
To Be a Quality Approved Product, Standardized,
On ...
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