Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Podcast (.xml Format): Episodes

--{ "Like the EU, NAFTA and GATT, You'll See, We'll be Screwed Again with the TPP" © Alan Watt }--
People Think They Live in Reality - People Management - Opinions Shaped by Media Sound Bytes - Tent Preacher Technique - Purpose of
Foundations - CFR/RIIA and Branches in Other Countries - Trilateral Commission ...
--{ "With Purpose of Law, Conveyors have Fun, You Get a Good Reason, But Never Real One" © Alan Watt }--
News Shows the Side-Effects of Big Plan - Technocracy - Corporations and Big Banks Set Up Foundations - Incrementalism -
Federation of Nations - Setting Up Trading Blocs - Trans-Pacific Partnership ...
Bureaucratic Nightmares - "Brazil" - Phone Problems - Six Weeks for a Gas Hookup - Permits, Fees, Long Waits - Technocracy - Managed from
Birth to Death - Antony Sutton, Funding of Soviet System - Three Major Trading Blocs - Problems of World Stem from Individualism - GIRFEC -
Tuttle and Buttle - Corporate ...
--{ "Some More Validity of the Open Conspiracy" © Alan Watt }--
Movie Brazil - Governmental Bureaucracies, Private Corporations - Department of Information Retrieval - Problems with Telephone -
Human Habitat Corridors - Coercion with Cost-Benefit or Cost-Punishment - Monopolies - Public-Private, We ...
--{ "Sanity Can Only Survive When Truth is Alive" © Alan Watt }--
We Take Reality for Granted - Governments are Enablers of Private Organizations - Money is a Token - Experts Deal with Everything - Every
Generation Taught They're the Freest - Resource Wars - Corporations Tied Together - Global Dominance ...
--{ "Lies and Deception Always in Season,
A Good Excuse for the Masses, Then a Secret, Real Reason" © Alan Watt }--
Control Through Fear - Psychopaths in Money System - Pentagon-Sponsored Movies on War - Emulate Those at the Top to Be a Winner -
Alter Terminology, Now We Send Peacekeepers to Expand ...
--{ "Childhood's Loss, Meet the New BOSS" © Alan Watt }--
Mimic Entertainment - System Not Designed to be Fair - Compete for Gold Stars - Crisis-Ridden Society - Threat of Terrorism - Worse than
East Germany's Stasi - Dealing with Depression - Pull Back a Bit, Focus on Essentials - Choose Your Battles ...
--{ "Bill C-51 and Reign of Terror?
History Shows Us Law is Used, Now don't Forget,
For Tyrants to Harm Those They're Meant to Protect" © Alan Watt }--
Agendas Under Umbrella of United Nations - New Humanoids and Superman for Elite - Computers - Under Guise of Terrorism, Keep You Safe -
Marx, All Wealth ...
--{ "Devil's Dominion: Would be Doomed to be Loser Without Elect-Trick Science and Infernal Computer" © Alan Watt }--
No True Opinion Pieces from Journalists - Updated Gradually, Trained to Think Changes are Normal - Knowledge can Help You from
Self-Destruction - Computer is Essential for Global Domination ...
--{ "Reality has Flipped,
More "Tales from the Script"" © Alan Watt }--
Changes on a Grand Scale - Climate Treaty - Years to Plan Wars - Private Groups Behind U.N., NGOs - The Crowd Spots You
When You don't Join - Lied to Even about Weather - Straight and Crooked Thinking - Be Optimistic, Trained to ...
--{ "Thine Own Mouth Condemneth Thee, Our Job is to Record the Proof, You See" © Alan Watt }--
Nothing Hidden Today - Behaviourists, Neuroscientists Used so You Adapt - Russell on Scientific Tyranny, Breed Out Bad Genes - Monitored
to Make Sure You're Safe - Religious Terminology, a Father God and You ...
--{ "Global Warming...: In the Age of Doublethink and Managed Reason, We Pretend to Sweat While Bloody Freezin'" © Alan Watt }--
Freezing During Global Warming, Weather Reporting Managed - Agenda won't Stop for Any Fact - You're a Product, In All Ages You've Been Managed -
Movie, The Island, Clones ...
--{ "The Wizard Moneybags, Master of Illusion, Prepares Army to Plunder All in Confusion" © Alan Watt }--
Cold Weather, Lied to About Real Temperatures - Manage Media, Manage Minds - Dr. Wakefield - You Can't Get Justice from Corrupt System -
Governments Spend Money to Keep You in Ignorance - Prince ...
--{ "Planned "Progress" Ignores Public Redress" © Alan Watt }--
Agendas are Boring - Understanding is Scary - Predictive Programming - Religion Works with Rulers - Politicians and Insider Trading - All Wars are Economic Wars -
Privateers - Diggers - Live High by Living Off Others' Labour - Communism, ...
--{ "The Agenda's Been Slow but Now Here We Go" © Alan Watt }--
Hardest Thing is Holding onto Your Sanity - Technology Changes Behaviour - Factory Towns - Bureaucracies - Adapt to Changes -
War Propaganda - Elite Use Everything for Control - Science to Guide Society - Science Fiction - Myths - Future ...
--{ "You Won't Relax with Carbon Tax" © Alan Watt }--
World Economic Forum and NGOs Publish Plans, Groom Leaders- Supranational - Con Game of Democracy -
Fake News, Predictive Programming - Groups Run World on Behalf of Elite - Military Industrial Complex - 12 Monkeys - Psychopaths in Biochemical Warfare ...
Music Business and Culture Creators - Hit Song Creation - Emulation of the Stars - Songwriting - Band Selection from Line-ups -
Folk Music, Counterculture and Communism - Bob Dylan - Directed Culture for World Control - Laurel Canyon - CIA and LSD Experiments -
America's Cultural Cold War - Hollywood ...
--{ "Carbon Scam's Goal with Persistence
Is to Tax and Control Your Existence" © Alan Watt }--
Internationalist Consortium - Oil and Gas Prices, Elimination of Competitors - Venezuela - Economic War - Austerity and Taxation - UN and NGOs -
Falling Gasoline Prices, Carbon Tax, Ontario - U.S. and Canada, ...
System of Money and Middlemen - Introduction of Coinage - Artificial System of Cities - Bankers' Plunder -
New American Century - Pretense of Democracy - Geopolitical Strategy - Invasion of Iraq and Syria - RIIA/CFR, UN, EU and NAFTA -
Soviet Union - Agitation of the Masses and Revolt - Cold War, Cultural ...
--{ "Dissecting Confusion for Directed Fusion" © Alan Watt }--
Sub-zero Temperatures. Winter Storms - Austerity - News Handouts - Intelligence Agencies - War and Retaliation -
France, Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo, Blasphemy Lawsuit - World of Spookdom - Communist Infiltration -
Britain, Paedophile ...
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