Count It All JOY!: Episodes

Count It All Joy is back! Today's guest will be Darnell Wilson from the Cincinnati chapter of M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). We will be discussing the role of the program and their vision for 2009 plus upcoming events including their yearly WALK fundraiser. http://www.walklikemadd.org/ http://www.madd.org/oh/southwestern ...
A unflinching look at the life of a slightly disabled mom and her disabled child.
Life's blows can weaken your spirit, but if you tap into JESUS, HE will strengthen you against the storm.
Count it All Joy is back! Topic: The Prodigal Daughter - How to forgive yourself and others.
RACE - Who defines us. The Who, What, Whys and Outcomes"
A frank discussion about racism in the media
Featuring: Gospel Singer - Char McAllister
A Tribute to Bishop G.E. Patterson of the Church of God in Christ - An UPDATE on Shaquanda Cotton
FREE SHAQUANDA COTTON - Pt. IV. Interview w/ Linda and Bob Lydia of the Texas NAACP
(MATURE AUDIENCES - PG 13) This show will address the issues of teen intervention.
It's Youth and Young Adult Day @ Count It All JOY! (featuring TRIBLESSED!)
Being steadfast as a Single person in Christ.
How to walk in faith in a world that increasingly denies Christ and His Laws or Teachings.
1st Show - Introduction of CIAJ/ "The Appearance of Faith"
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