Corporate Country Sucks's Video Podcast: Episodes

<p>See Thrill Jockey recording artist Angela Desveaux perform on Web TV show "Corporate Country Sucks."</p>
No we're not PBS but we do need money to keep the show going. Corporate Country Sucks is made possible by viewers like you.&nbsp; <br />Go to corporatecountrysucks.com and click on the donate button. <br />
The Autumn Defense sits down for an interview and does 3 great songs.
The Skeeters, the hardest working band in Alabama, stopped by Chicago for a show and we got an interview and a couple of songs live.&nbsp; Outlaw country is alive and well with this band.<br />
The best sounding Texas band to ever come out of Chicago, The Hoyle Brothers and the country punk of th' Legendary Shack Shakers make this one versatile, eclectic show.<br />
Singer/songwriter Alice Peacock does the interview and live performance thing for us.&nbsp; <br />Also the movies come to &quot;Corporate Country Sucks&quot; in the form of Patrick Creadon the director of the hit doc &quot;WordPlay&quot; and we get a great interview and performance out of Gary Louris ...
Variety is the spice of life.&nbsp; In this show we have the country contrarian Dale Watson and the white trash spectacular known as Southern Culture on the Skids.&nbsp; <br /><br />
Interviews and amazing live performances from ex X John Doe and singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked.&nbsp; www.corporatecountrysucks.com<br />
Hey the networks do it so so can I.&nbsp; It's rerun time at Corporate Country Sucks. In August we are rerunning a trememdous show with songwriting firebrand Robbie Fulks.<br />
Back to the archives for another early episode of Corporate Country Sucks.&nbsp; This time we have an interview and performance from Will Kimbrough.&nbsp; Will is a singer, a songwriter, a sideman and a star in his own right.&nbsp; He does a couple songs from his recently released CD &quot;Americanitis&quot;<br />
Wow!&nbsp; That's the most common expression uttered after watching Jake Shimabukuro play.&nbsp; No one ever thought they would see the two words &quot;ukelele virtuoso&quot; in&nbsp; one sentence but that's exactly what Jake is.&nbsp; Just watch, you'll be blown away.<br /><br />And the Drive-By Truckers, ...
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