Coolness Roundup: Episodes

Stephen drops in to give everyone a quick update on new babies, Charlie's coverage of the iPhone, part 2 of Stephen's review of Final Cut Studio 2, and a quick preview of the Sony eReader
This week, Charlie talks about the big consumer event held in the Big Apple, while Stephen gives a wrap up of the World Wide Developers Conference and talks about Safari for Windows. Stephen also reviews SoundTrack Pro 2.
This week the Gurus of Cool talk about blogs and how you can start your very own. Charlie gives a review of the Callpod, and Stephen recommends an electric trimmer. Plus another installment of The Rapid Fire Roundup of Cool Products.
Charlie gives his impressions of iTunes Plus, while Stephen gives listeners a rundown of equipment to use when doing time lapse photography. The Gurus of Cool then talk about USB devices that are so worthless they are cool!
Stephen and Charlie talk weather warning systems you might want to invest in during wild spring and summer weather, find someone who actually uses the TiVo Series 1 TiVo, and review a projector that sucks.
Charlie and Stephen talk about new NVidia cards, TiVo Updates, and a hard drive based JVC HD camcorder.
Charlie and Stephen are back and spend some time telling listeners where they've been and what they hate about the products they love.
Charlie and Stephen discuss the frustration of having technology fail at the most inappropriate times. They also blast through their rapid fire roundup of products, and ask the question, "Are we too addicted to technology?"
Charlie and Stephen are about to take a big trip and decided now would be a good time to update you on some technology you may want to bring along with you on your next vacation.
Charlie and Stephen read listener mail about Slingbox, learn about a new Nikon camera, and talk about the latest robot toys.
Caffeine sampler, PLEN robot goes on sale, and more
A timer for dummies, MacPro 8 (the Ocho), and several video recording devices.
shot glass ice-cube trays, robot chickens, and other cool products.
Belkin In-Desk USB Hub, 64GB SSD, $250,000 toy
Longtime listener Luke writes in to question AppleTV and wonders why movie downloads aren't available in 1080p. The Gurus respond with a look at why we don't have high-def downloads, what resolution works for you, and a quick review of both the xbox 360 elite and AppleTV.
DLO Twister, brain trainers, tiny projectors, and massive waterfront property.
Rocket packs, pod chambers, and Mvix may give Apple TV a run for the money.
It's time for a roundup of product review updates. The Gurus give you updates on some of the products they've reviewed recently, and Charlie tells listeners why Telenav in GPS enabled cell phones is cool!
2TB drive, fast motorcycles, space clocks, lightsaber remotes and more!
Magnifying coffee table, fast cars, game movies, and a color wheel for your ipod.
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