Coolness Roundup: Episodes

Charlie reviews a toy projector and says forget it, and the Gurus of Cool answer listener e-mail about remote controls and HDMI cables. The duo also rip through another Rapid Fire Roundup of Cool Products, and their cool and not so cool items of the week.
This week Stephen and Charlie talk about Black Friday deals, HD monitors, Avid not attending NAB, Miro 1.0, and of course the Rapid Fire Roundup of Cool Products they've seen during the week.
Net Neutrality is rearing its ugly head once again, and Stephen and Charlie weigh in on the issue. Stephen talks about an interesting phone call he received from GoDaddy, and the gurus discuss some issues with TiVo2Go and Multiroom viewing.
It's a busy episode with the Gurus covering everything from new hard drives for TiVo, free software for TiVo2Go, the HD DVD race heats up, a really big monitor, and a pen that is really a cell phone. All this, plus the Rapid Fire Roundup of Cool Products.
Stephen bemoans the quality of service from GoDaddy, the gurus talk Apple Leopard, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and more in this totally impromptu episode of The Coolness Roundup.
The Gurus of Cool discuss why this holiday season is a great time to buy an HDTV, how big is too big for computer screens, read listener e-mai, and offer up another Rapid Fire Roundup of Cool Products.
The Gurus of Cool answer more home theater questions for Harvey Cooper, talk about watching television via Joost, and Stephen makes some recommendations for themes for those using Apple's Keynote. Plus stick around at the end of the show for a bonus track featuring Charlie and Stephen in their preshow talk.
Stephen and Charlie laugh at the idea of $7250 cables, talk up the Zune from Microsoft, and discuss the recent court win by the RIAA. They gurus of cool also answer listener e-mail and offer up another fun Rapid Fire Roundup of Cool Products they've seen during the week.
Charlie gives everyone an update about the latest iPhone firmware update, Stephen and Charlie discuss Blu-Ray, HD DVD, and HD VMD, and the SlingBox Solo.
Stephen and Charlie talk about two new products introduced at CEDIA in Denver, CO. Charlie also talks about hacking his iPhone and installing applications, while Stephen talks about his brand new Razr2 phone.
Charlie is MIA so instead of leaving you hanging, Stephen drops in and talks about his off the shelf home theater that looks and sounds great. He talks about his gear and gives tips that might help you when you build or upgrade your system.
The Gurus of Cool talk about 3D television sets and monitors and what it means to the future of home theater. The duo also discuss wireless HDMI, answer listener e-mail and bring a laugh filled roundup of cool products they've seen during the week.
The Gurus of Cool update listeners on ATT phone bill, and the skype outage from last week, and spill the beans on Adobe's new version of flash. Could Hi-Def YouTube be far behind? The duo also answer listener e-mail talk about a new rumored Apple iPod nano, and shoot through their rapid-fire roundup ...
The Gurus of Cool celebrate the 100th show by talking about new EVDO cards, the wonders behind Keynote, the size of ATT phonebills, and much more. The duo also answer listener email, and talk briefly about the price war building between NetFlix and Blockbuster.
The Gurus of Cool talk iMacs, iLife, iWork, and much more this week including what widgets they use, Hello Kitty as punishment and, and a look at high-definition combo DVD players.
NASA hates the iPhone, no one is sending you a postcard, Congress protects bloggers, Timex iPod watch and 3D mouse are reviewed and Stephen and Charlie talk about what is cool and not cool this week.
iPhone sales not so great, EXIF data in cameras, fake receipts, and a discussion on questions you should ask when replacing your consumer tech. All this, plus the Rapid Fire Roundup and Cool or Not Cool in this episode.
Charlie and Stephen talk about cool happenings from this past week.
What are some of the must have accessories for laptops? Stephen and Charlie weigh in with their recommendations, plus the Charlie reviews a new digital photo frame, while Stephen gives a recommendation for a way to record your Skype calls on your PC.
Charlie got an iPhone, and the Gurus spend a great deal of time talking pros and cons of the cell phone, plus Charlie reviews wireless speakers, and Stephen talks ways of recording your Skype calls.
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