Consumer Reports Radio: Episodes

Several major banks now target some consumers with account advance loans, a.k.a., Payday Loans. Consumers Union opposes this type of loan. Here's why. Fast Cash
To see how premium Halogen headlight bulbs stack up against one another, Consumer Reports put eight of them through a range of tests in the lab and on the test track. Halogen Headlights
Jellies and jams from the biggest names -- Smucker's and Welch's -- did well in recent Consumer Reports tests. But other smaller brands scored at least as high. Jellies and Jams
Pod coffeemakers are popular in part because of their fast brewing. But this tends to yield a weaker cup. Here are the best single-serve coffeemakers from Consumer Reports tests. Single-serve Coffeemakers
The average American household shelled out more than $1500 on cell-phones and phone service in 2012 - up by 7% overall from the previous year. But there are ways to save. Cell-Phone Savings
Consumer Reports' financial experts answer subscriber questions about Citi's Pay-Pass sticker, and a widow's obligation to pay off a husband's debts. Questions of Money
Wireless speaker systems let you play music across the room or elsewhere in the house. But these systems don't come cheap. Wireless Sound
Consumer Reports recently put Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Soups to the test, to see if they live up to their claims to deliver an experience you'll want to slow down and savor. Slow Kettle Soups Claim Check
No electronics category has changed more in the past year than tablets -- and all for the better. Tablet Talk
You may be thinking SUV for the extra cargo space and all-wheel-drive they provide. But several wagons fill that bill nicely. Two AWD Wagons
Slightly more than half of the respondents to a recent Consumer Reports survey told us they did not tip at least one of the providers whose services they used. That's little changed since the survey began in 2005. Holiday Tipping
A hot trend in food labeling is products whose packages boast blueberry, but in fact contain none of the antioxidant-rich super-fruit, and sometimes no fruit at all. Bogus Berries
Consumer Reports tests found a few multi-thousand-dollar pro-style ranges cook well and look good. But 22 mainstream models perform as well or better, for less. Kitchen Ranges
Today's TVs are more versatile than ever. New sets make it easy to do things like streaming video and updating your Facebook status. Here's some of what you'll find when shopping for your next TV. TV-Tech
Consumer Reports medical consultants answer subscriber questions about the differences between palm kernel oil and palm oil ... and whether prunes are helpful in treating osteoporosis. Questions of Health
The Tablet and Smartphone may be the hottest devices of the season. But the eBook Reader is less expensive than either, and better for reading books. eBook Readers
Despite recent headlines downplaying the benefits or organic foods, here are some reasons why they're still a smart choice. Organic Foods
Illogical, misleading, and over-the-top packaging continues to annoy us. And Consumer Reports has the letters, emails, and photos illustrating the 4 basic types of packaging gotchas. Packaging Gotchas
While shopping this season, be prepared for the full-court press for you to add a service plan or extended warranty to your purchase. Should you bite? Extended Warranties
Showrooming is when one whips out their smartphone to scan a bar code on a product to see whether on online retailer is selling it for less. And, it has brick-and-mortar stores quaking in their concrete foundations. Showrooming
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