Chicago Bulls Beat: Episodes

I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Bulls playoff chase vs lotto ball chase as well as the likelihood of the Bulls landing a top pick.
The Bulls dropped two of three, and I discuss why I'm doing my best to enjoy the few bright moments of the Buls this season.
The Bulls dropped two of three this week including losses to two of the worst teams in the NBA.
Derrick Rose is down, and the Bulls might be out. There are no pretty solutions in this podcast.
The Bulls crushed the Indiana Pacers for their first quality win and ended the Pacers streak, but I'm still not sold on Derrick Rose's return.
I discuss the Bulls slow start and limited options to improve if things don't get better on their own.
Derrick Roes is struggling as the regular season kicks off, and the Bulls aren't doing much better.
The Bulls were the only undefeated team in preseason, can they keep the momentum going agianst the Heat? I think so.
The Bulls beat the Pacers in a preseason game with some regular season intensity to improve to 5-0 this preseason.
Derrick Rose missed a game with left knee soreness, but I'd rather panic about our bench than Rose's knee
Derrick Rose is back, Derrick Rose looked good, and that's all that really matters.
I am amped up for the regular season, start of media day, and discuss the Bulls chances this year, how Derrick Roes might win the MVP award
I discuss the camp battle for the final roster spot and note this might be the best Bulls roster Derrick Rose has ever had
I discuss the hot news of the week, Fab Melo waived [gasp] as well as general roster considerations for this season
I examine the Bulls roster depth and how various injury scenarios would impact the team.
I discuss the Bulls last roster spot, athletic lineups of the bulls, and Why Boozer may be here longer than you think.
I discuss the Bulls final roster spot and why the schedule is meaningless as we fight through the worst month of basketball news of the year.
I discuss the recent story of PEDs in the NBA, Rose's comments about being the best player in the league, and the hunt for the sixth big man
I discuss the end of summer league, the Bulls final roster decisions, and ramble on aimlessly a bit in what is shaping up to be a boring basketball summer.
I discuss summer league action and why the NBA needs to go after the Brooklyn Nets right now.
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