Chicago Bulls Beat: Episodes

I discuss the recent story of PEDs in the NBA, Rose's comments about being the best player in the league, and the hunt for the sixth big man
I discuss the end of summer league, the Bulls final roster decisions, and ramble on aimlessly a bit in what is shaping up to be a boring basketball summer.
I discuss summer league action and why the NBA needs to go after the Brooklyn Nets right now.
I review the major signings in free agency as well as the Bulls pick up of Mike Dunleavy Jr
I discuss the newest Bulls as well as why Luol Deng will be here for another season.
Kevin States joins the Bulls Beat to discuss the 2013 NBA Draft.
I discuss the NBA finals and the likely boring Bulls offseason.
I discuss Luol Deng's decision to avoid wrist surgery, the impact of bringing over Nikola Mirotic in 2014 and Nate Robinson's pending departure.
The Bulls enter week two of potentially the most boring off season in recent memory.
Too small, too hurt, too slow, and too stupid to quit, the Bulls faught hard against Miami, but their depleted roster came up short.
The Chicago Bulls defeated the Brooklyn Nets in the first ever road win in a game seven for Chicago.
The Bulls out will, out work, out defend, and out shoot Brooklyn over three games to take a commanding lead in the series.
The Bulls were crushed by the Nets in game one and need to find a way to respond.
I discuss the Bulls playoff seedings, the Miami Heat, and Rose's injury.
An entire podcast dedicated to the game Bill Simmons called the greatest regular season game in the history of basketball.
I discuss the Bulls injuries, Rose's return, the easy finish, and the past week of Bulls basketball.
I discuss the odds of Derrick Rose returning to the court and how the Bulls can try to topple the Miami Heat.
I discuss Derrick's return, the team's recent play, the future, and what a bad ass Joakim Noah is
i discuss all star weekend, Derrick Rose's shocking statements, and why nothing will happen at this trade deadline.
I break down this week of Bulls basketball, the Noah injury situation, and the latest trade rumors surrounding the Chicago Bulls.
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