Chicago Bulls Beat: Episodes

I break down the race for playoff seeding as well as the potential matchups the Bulls might have in the playoffs.
The bulls dropped a game to the Indiana Pacers, but they're still looking good for the #1 seed ovearll and a trip to at least the ECF.
The Chicago Bulls are tied in the standings for the #1 seed in the East, though it's not quite as rosy as it sounds. Derrick Rose continues on his quest for MVP, I discuss the Bulls going cheap on coaches still as New Orleans apparently offered more money for Tom Thibodeau than Chicago was willing ...
The Bulls have exited the toughest stretch of the season winning two of the three tough road games, and taking the two most important of the group. Derrick Rose enhances his MVP hype, the Bulls enhance their second seed odds, and I'm jumping on the title bandwagon.
The Bulls stood pat at the trade deadline, but one of the players covetted by other GMs, Omer Asik, directly helped the Bulls Beat the Heat. I also discuss why Bill Simmons, whom I love, is crazy about his trade deadline ratings, and the upcoming schedule for the Bulls.
I discuss everything Bulls with K.C. Johnson, from trade deadline action, the MVP vote, how the Bulls stack up against elite competition and just how good Derrick Rose is. Unfortunately, my mic stopped recording mid interview, so I had to re-record my parts to the interview, so excuse a little bit of ...
Derrick Rose proves he's the best point guard in the NBA by crushing his rivals in head to head match ups on the road. I also discuss the Bulls fight for seeding in the playoffs and how they can prove they're worthy of Jerry spending luxury tax dollars on improving the team.
Yes, the Bulls finally lost a game, and Keith Bogans dominance on the game when scoring six points has come to an end. I discuss the upcoming week, the Bulls precarious seeding scenario situation, and how the Bulls can get to the next level to win a title
The bulls finish off an undefeated week including a marquee win against the Orlando Magic. The schedule is about to get tough though, and the Bulls seeding will depend on what they do over the next 18 games. Derrick Rose is voted in as an all-star starter, but he says he won't dance. Dwight Howard ...
Bulls complete another successful week even with the Boozer injury, Tom Thibodeau deserves coach of the year consideration, and where do you want the Bulls seeded in these playoffs?
The Bulls beat the Miami Heat and take three of their four games over the week. A lot of discussion about the heat game, the rest of the week, the upcoming week, what's wrong with Kyle Korver, Derrick Rose for MVP and why Chris Bosh is such a pussy.
A discussion of the Carlos Boozer benching, the win vs Boston, and the Bulls upcoming week as they prepare for a tilt against Miami on Saturday.
A discussion of why the Bulls are unlikely to make a trade despite their need at shooting guard as well as a quick overview of the recent games and look ahead at the games coming up.
The Chicago Bulls are on a five game win streak with statement wins against Oklahoma City and Los Angelas as Derrick Rose looks like a legitimate MVP candidate and carries the Bulls whenever they need him.
The Bulls go 1-2 over the week losing statement games to Orlando and Boston while barely getting past Houston. It's time to start Kyle Korver for the good of the team as the move puts everyone in a more natural role.
Derrick Rose led the Bulls to their first successful circus trip since the Jordan era, willing them ot victory on multiple occasions. The team anxiously awaits the return of Carlos Boozer from injury and has a chance to top the Eastern Conference standings at the end of this season.
The Bulls won two of three in Texas and are off to an excellent start on this circus trip. A wrap up of the past three games and an outlook on the next three as well as a breakdown of how well the Bulls have played overall.
After two well played losses, the Bulls pick up two ugly wins. I discuss the last week of Bulls basketball as well as the upcoming circus trip, the possibility of trading for Marcus Thornton and more (side note, couldn't remember who said it at the time of recording, but the idea of NO's tanking Thornton's ...
The Bulls played really well on the week but only manged to come out with a 1-2 record. I discuss the holes in the second unit, where to get a shooting guard, and the upcoming schedule as well as recap the past three games.
The Bulls start off 1 and 1, but the feelings are better than the reality after the Bulls pull off an impressive come from behind victory against the Detroit Pistons.
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