Chicago Bulls Beat: Episodes

The Bulls go 1-2 over the week losing statement games to Orlando and Boston while barely getting past Houston. It's time to start Kyle Korver for the good of the team as the move puts everyone in a more natural role.
Derrick Rose led the Bulls to their first successful circus trip since the Jordan era, willing them ot victory on multiple occasions. The team anxiously awaits the return of Carlos Boozer from injury and has a chance to top the Eastern Conference standings at the end of this season.
The Bulls won two of three in Texas and are off to an excellent start on this circus trip. A wrap up of the past three games and an outlook on the next three as well as a breakdown of how well the Bulls have played overall.
After two well played losses, the Bulls pick up two ugly wins. I discuss the last week of Bulls basketball as well as the upcoming circus trip, the possibility of trading for Marcus Thornton and more (side note, couldn't remember who said it at the time of recording, but the idea of NO's tanking Thornton's ...
The Bulls played really well on the week but only manged to come out with a 1-2 record. I discuss the holes in the second unit, where to get a shooting guard, and the upcoming schedule as well as recap the past three games.
The Bulls start off 1 and 1, but the feelings are better than the reality after the Bulls pull off an impressive come from behind victory against the Detroit Pistons.
I discuss the good and the bad of this preseason breaking down how each of the bulls major players looks in the season and give a preview as to what to expect out of the Bulls this season.
A discussion of the Bulls first three preseason games and the player evaluations of the entire roster over those three games.
A discussion of all the training camp and media news as well as a quick preview of the Bucks vs Bulls preseason game that meanders into a season wide comparison of the two teams fighting for the central division crown.
I discuss the held up Melo to NJ deal and how the Bulls could get back in the picture and trump New York while keeping Joakim Noah a Chicago Bull.
Some fun discussion on whether Floyd Mayweather could take James Johnson in a fight to protect C.J. Watson, the latest trade news on Carmelo and Rudy, and the Bulls are looking at stretch fours. Also a special congratulatory note to my best friend Micah and his new wife Kerri on their marriage this past weekend.
Some light talk about our new assistant coaches, more on our odds of getting Carmelo, plenty of discussion on Noah's extension, and some more hate directed at the Miami Heat
Not much going on in Chicago Bulls world this week, but I had to show off this new intro Justin made me. Also discussed the latest Carmelo and Fernandez rumors as well as Carlos Boozer's claim that the Bulls can realistically win the championship this year.
Some inside tidbits on Joakim's offseason, plenty of international basketball discussion, Jay Mariotti,Jerry Reinsdorf, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer and the merger with ChiCitySports.com
I discuss the lack of a Rudy Fernandez/Xavier Henry trade, the Heat vs the 96 Bulls, and Jerry Krause (yeah it's a slow month)
Some discussion of Scottie Pippen's hall of fame induction, why theMiami Heat trio are such douchebags, and why Carmelo for Deng + Noah would hurt emotionally but is good for the Bulls.
The Bulls are unable to convince Portland to take their best offer for Fernandez, and the Bulls move on to sign guard Keith Bogans. I discuss the rotations, possible future trade discussions with Fernandez and take glee in the fact that Tracy McGrady landed in the division.
I discuss the Rudy Fernandez rumors and the final roster spots the Bulls may choose as well as prove what a terrible person I am.
A discussion of Jackson Heights' own Randy Waaatson! I talk about the new signings, who's left, and the financial decisions the Bulls have made for the future.
I discuss the matching of Redick, leaving of Miller, signing of Brewer as well as the other potential players left for the Bulls to pursue in free agency.
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