Chicago Bulls Beat: Episodes

I discuss the Rudy Fernandez rumors and the final roster spots the Bulls may choose as well as prove what a terrible person I am.
A discussion of Jackson Heights' own Randy Waaatson! I talk about the new signings, who's left, and the financial decisions the Bulls have made for the future.
I discuss the matching of Redick, leaving of Miller, signing of Brewer as well as the other potential players left for the Bulls to pursue in free agency.
A review of how free agency has worked out for the Bulls and their prospects against the Miami asshats.
The Bulls have shifted the balance of power by clearing out room for nearly two maximum free agents.
Just some feel good moments I was having in the car
I interview Jonathan Givony about the NBA draft.
K.C. Johnson stops by to answer questions about Free Agency, Tom Thibodeau, the luxury tax, the fate of the CBA, and so much more.
I quite belatedly discuss the hiring of Tom Thibodeau as head coach and the latest and greatest (however limited that is) on the 2010 free agency clas. Also, KC Johnson will be appearing on the next Bulls beat, so if you have questions for KC let me know.
I take a brief look at the draft, examine the Bulls coaching search, and give some more takes and info on what's going on with the 2010 free agent search
Everything related to LeBron James and all the ways the summer of 2010 might play out.
A look at our coaching search where I finally pick a lane on who I want to coach the Bulls, and some more talk on 2010 free agency.
A wrap up of the season, the playoffs with the cavs, the latest on the coaching search, and some light discussion on 2010 free agency.
The Bulls fall flat in game four and face an insurmountable challenge going forward in the playoffs as well as a look at how these playoffs effect free agency going forward.
A look at the 2010 free agency class and how it's likely to break down as well as a look at game 1 of the Bulls vs Cavs series and the adjustments for game 2.
A discussion of where Derrick Rose needs to improve, why Joakim Noah may not be here in the future, and all things related to the future salary cap.
An update on injuries, playoff hopes, and a look at how the end of our bench has performed down the stretch.
The Bulls free fall continues, but James Johnson has provided a small silver lining with his quality play. Also, I re-evaluate the Murry/Warrick trade and discuss Vinny's future as well as the Bulls present playoff hopes.
A discussion of the Bulls playoff hopes, 2010 free agency, and Derrick Rose's improvement this year.
A short discussion of how our moves at the deadline have worked so far, a look at the difficulty of the upcoming schedule, some thoughts on Joakim's injury as well as Derrick's emergence as a star.
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