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This is the final drop of Digital Magic in the Chasing the Bard feed- please subscribe here to get the rest of the return to the Fey In New Zealand, an invasion brings a terrible choice for the people of the southern land. Ronan meets with his contact in Little Penherem- Bakari. And later the [...]
I am cross-posting this first chapter in the Chasing the Bard feed. If you want to keep getting this new story of the Fey in the future you will need to subscribe here In the near future the Fey still survive in our world, eking out their Art and clinging to the hope their world [...]
First a word from my favourite podcast brother and villain. Then you guys give me your favourite quotes from the Bard.  Thanks to Tee Morris, Lance, Sam Chupp, Nobilis, PG Holyfield, Chris Lester, Ink Gypsy, DDog, Jack Jaffee, Terry, Michael, Bruce   Download
I answer questions and field comments. It’s the final word from you the listeners. Now only one more episode. The Shakespeare tribute show.  Download
If, like me, you’ve been amazed at the quality of work Mr Tee Morris has put in as Will Shakespeare, then it will come as no surprise that he is a trained actor. Tee first trod the boards in college, appearing as Alan Strang in Equus and also in many Shakespearian plays. When Tee found out [...]
A new age but a few Fey still linger in the mortal realm. We catch up with a familiar shapeshifter and find the changes wrought on him by so long away from his home. We meet a writer hiding in an English village, a village full of people all with their own secrets and pain. [...]
The final push of interviews. It has been a blast to do all these, exhausting but fun.   Tale Chasing - download The Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour - download Inklings 2.0 - download PodioMedia Chat - download I Should Be Writing - download ADD Cast - download Jack Mangan’s Deadpan – download
The wonderful crew over at Back Seat Producers is helping the DT Team out. Not only did they host the marathon 3 hour chat with us they are doing 8 mini casts on 8 movies with 8 in the title- some fabulous stuff, so go on over and have a look . The guys are great [...]
The delightful Carrie had the DT team on to talk about writing, plans for the future and the fantasy genre. download
Puck and Will set out on uncertain journeys and Sive learns to cry. 00:36 The story so far read by Tee Morris of Morevi; Remastered 02:43 Chapter Twenty Stay subscribed for a taste of Digital Magic, listener feedback and an audio tribute to Art. If you wish to contribute you can email or call in. Voice ...
We talk more in depth about creativity, confidence, and capers. Download
The writing force of nature JC Hutchins sat down and talked with Pip and Tee for his amazing Ultracreatives series. Hutch is an amazing writer and a great guy, and we both had a heck of a time. download
Apparently this is what Americans call ‘shaking it’. Tee and I decide the internet is our personal playground and get into every show we can. Some silly, some serious. ScreenGeeks – download Erk Pod – download Friday Night Live with Monty – download
Will, Sive, Auberon, Brigit and Puck face the Unmaker. 00:39 The story so far read by Edward G Talbot of New World Orders 02:28 Chapter Nineteen 48:30 Promo Murder by Design 49:50 Bard Talk Voice mail (001) 206 350 5949 Email me pip at pjballantine dot com itunes reviews always welcome Post a comment ...
Never say the Dark Goddess doesn’t provide for her Court. As part of Double Trouble promo here is the free pdf of Digital Magic. Yes, that is right- a boon from Sive herself for her loyal human followers. You can also find the pdf of Puck’s friend Billibub Baddings newest outing The Case of the [...]
Sive and Puck take up the sword against the Unmaker and Will sets out looking for revenge. 00:40 The story so far read by J Dan Sawyer of Sculpting God 02:12 Chapter Eighteen 44:04 Promo Steampod 44:08 Bard Talk – extra long bard talk cos I am just so glad to be back! Woodbaby Puppets Voice ...
What happens when three timezones collide? Ireland, America and New Zealand find out. A fun interview that survived Skype Download
A bit of writing, a bit of geeking out, and a lot of Tee and Pip. Download
Will wakes up in the Fey. 00:34 The story so far read by Nobilis of Nobilis Erotica 01:36 Chapter Seventeen 26:41 Promo Broken Sea Audio’s Conan 28:08 Bard Talk – extra long bard talk cos I am just so glad to be back! eroticaalacarte.com Voice mail (001) 206 350 5949 Email me pip at pjballantine ...
The unlikely allies enter the Tower of London. 00:40 The story so far read by Paul Fisher of Serve it Cold 02:00 Chapter Sixteen 30:55 Promo New World Orders 32:22 Bard Talk read by special guest Koru Digital Magic on Amazon Voice mail (001) 206 350 5949 Email me pip at pjballantine dot com itunes ...
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