Catch Cast

Catch 33 Recordings is a Canadian independent record label with an rapidly growing roster of critically acclaimed producers/DJ's & some of the hottest emerging artists to be found from around the globe.

Catch 33 Recordings exclusive new podcast 'Catch Cast' features all new music, all the time. Listen to Catch 33 Recordings smokin hot new releases, exclusive feature mixes, sneak peeks of up coming releases,

Catch 33 Recordings is supported by Flash Brothers, Randall Jones, Sultan, Miss Nine, Spesh (Jondi & Spesh), Airillusions, Gandini & Liagre, Sasha Le Monier, Aaron Lee, Astro & Glyde, Chloe Harris, Kris B, Andy Newland and many more, and is heard on dance floors everywhere. We thank you all!

Categories: Performing Arts  |  Music  |  Arts
Inactive  |  46 min. |   Oct 21, 2009 at 12:52 PM1 Episode(s)
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