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Episode: Harris Computer - Performance Reviews that Focus on What Really Matters 
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<p><span class="Apple-style-span">According to a study by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) over 90% of managers find it challenging to administer a performance review that is both honest, helpful and motivational. <br /><br />Employees are desperate for constructive feedback yet find this stressful.  Let’s face it, you find this stressful as well, you as a manager are busy, yet recognize the need and importance of taking time out… but where do you “learn” how to do a review well? This is not about filling in forms, this is a terrific opportunity to help have a meaningful,encouraging and direct conversation about the things that really matter and that can be made to work better. <br /><br />You will learn: <br /><br />• 3 keys to effective performance reviews <br />• Constructive ways to have difficult conversations. <br />• The brain science behind hearing and processing feedback. <br />• How to identify the challenges to learning and growth in the “traditional” performance review <br />• 4 key communication styles and how to utilize the best style for your employee. <br />• How to deal with the “salary increase” questions. <br />• How to help with creating a longer term career focus as part of this conversation. <br />• How to ensure continued career growth and development are the most important part of any review <br />• How to create action plans and transform a performance review into an effective coaching conversation.. <br /><br />This interactive webinar will be focused on providing simple, practical ideas to help you learn how to effectively utilize and grow the individual and your team. <br /></span></p>
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