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Episode: CS Techcast 93: Keeping the Best and Brightest 
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The source of the podcast for IT pros at <a href="http://CSTechcast.com">CSTechcast.com</a>. This week, we take on the challenge of keeping great tech talent in a hostile employment environment with Jack Phillips, CEO of research firm IANS. Find more info at <a href="http://ianetsec.com">http://ianetsec.com</a>. In the news, IDC predicts IT job growth at 3%, adding 5.8 million job by 2013, PC sales are up 2.3% with Acer overtaking Dell at #2, IBM showed strong quarterly with profits up 14%, Google is now 6% of all Internet traffic, and Office 2010 Starter will be pre-installed and ad supported. Danger's Sidekick storage loss of massive outage and loss of data gets "The Worst Tech Move of the Week", we take "A Closer Look" at social networking in the enterprise, and we tell you how to get those IIS web apps started fast on "The Weekly Tech Tip". <br />
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Explore other discount offers from CS Techcast: <a href="http://offers.mevio.com/show/cstechcast.html">http://offers.mevio.com/show/cstechcast.html</a>.<img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/CsTechcast/~4/Hg3ICJNzptw" height="1" width="1" />
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