The Kitschen Sink: Episodes

this is the FINAL EPISODE of The Kitschen Sink
believed lost but recently discovered

The Kitschen Sink was one of the most diverse and varied electronic music shows on FM radio and the web, featuring almost every style of electronic music and some of the lesser know turntablisms like chopped n screwed, ...
these days i spend most of my time in west africa with little to do at night besides avoid malaria, which i have failed to do twice already, dodge camel spiders, blister beetles, mambas, cobras, goats, donkeys, rebels, the L.R.A. and any number of infectious diseases. this can be achieved easily by not ...
this is my fund drive show. this is where you cannot deny that i do this shit for free. sometimes it's obvious.
if you like the show and would like to support the kitschen sink and chly 101.7fm to produce more quality exercises in free speech and mind expansion via good old fashioned sound waves. www.chly.ca ...
this live set is so good i wanted to share it with the world so i played it live on my show a few months ago. enjoy.
the kitschen sink made a rare day time appearance on an unknown day @ 4:20 in the summer of 2011 with stein alive.

future garage/2step/postdubstep and dubstep.
whatever you call it, the tunes are solid.
introducing new orleans bounce, a kind of up tempo club style with predominantly transexual mcs. great stuff. nothing like rap songs about dick in a deep masculine tone. not to worry though, lots of b_more,italo,breakcore and dubstep. definitely mature content in this one so consider yourself warned, ...
this one is a bit dancey in places. lots of aphex twin from 93-2007 and venetian snares from 99-2010. plus some dubstep and breakcore from The Teknoist, Techdiff, Rotator, Shitmat, Ladyscraper and Toecutter
120:54 mins
this is a guest spot i did on Fresh Cutz 4-6pm tuesday. mostly 2010/11 releases.
breakcore, techno, screwed n chopped rap, dubstep.
shitmat, slim thug, michael 5000 watts, techdif, rotator, joker, party boyz, captain ahab, toecutter, dj rainbow ejaculation, cardopusher, elevated mental, electric pidjin and lots of venetian snares from My so called life, Fuck canada fuck america, ...
this station is staffed by volunteers working on a budget of rhubarb leaves and kittens and is so poor that i have to snort warm shots of pureed habanero pepper through the winter just to stay warm while i mix my show. not to mention the health concerns relating to the tannery next door. well, i use ...
this is the best show to date i think. lots of new music and a nice 20 mins of satan. screamerclauz, venetian snares and rotator to begin but by the time you get to the 1min35sec mark breakcore will be the furthest thing from your mind and you'll wonder how we started off so dark and evil and managed ...
lots o stuff. dj plan mixing cumbia.
dubstep. some breakcore. a couple of cool remixes and satan to begin.
now that i have live sets to consider, the kitschen sink has become a good place to screen material. some az-rotator vs kenji siratori, venetian snares, cerebral sound propagation, starkey, woogie, digital mytstikz, ganja white, donna summer, and bongra in this episode.
one of the best shows to date, this one features special guests John Z and Sirreal. all over the map on this one. dubstep, breakcore, IDM, senetian vnares, cardopusher, terminal 11, deathface and chek out Sirreal freestyling to DZ's remix of Eastern Jam by Chase and Status.
speed dealer moms - autechre - terminal 11 - venetian snares and some dubstep.
amidst all the hype surrounding north america's recent discovery of dubstep i have become a little tired of hearing wobbly bass so i thought i would throw a set of electronica/IDM down.
enjoy, i don't really remember the ...
episode 4 of 2011. lots of dubstep n breakcore from RUFF and peaceoff. some venetian snares from his new album My So Called Life and lots of other good stuff
another sunday morning with Dj Electric Pidjin and The Kitschen Sink.
some toecutter n pendulum to start. lots of heavy dub step in the middle and some faster stuff towards the ened. finishes with Dj Plan's Free Bass set.
don't ...
the first kitschen sink for 2011. enjoy it, more to come.
this is a classic episode from the early days of the show, when i co-hosted with Dj Analog Fist. the first part is me and him mixing together track for track starting with Analog Fist and Captain Ahab. later is Analog Fist in the mix and towards the end i, Mr.eKtion, take over solo. enjoy this one, its ...
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