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This is not my normal podcast - I usually put up interviews with back-story, inspiration and personal insights into an artist art.  When Stormy gave me a shot at running some of his new songs off his self titled EP.. I jumped.  I could not get him in the studio, but wanted to share what [...]
Born in Minnesota, singer/songwriter Aria Souder debuted in Scotland, performing in the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She recorded ‘The end of another story’ among Scottish castles on the Isle of Mull. Her music is soul-baring and truthful, she elegantly puts stories to song, celebrating ...
5:22 mins
This was recorded at a local fellowship in Woodland Park, Colorado on May 18th.  It is an improvisational jam that happened after the service was over.  The recorder was still rolling and we picked this up.  It is three separate bands from three completely different genres.  Barry and Michelle Patterson ...
abigail started messing around on her sister’s guitar when she was sixteen and quickly found the outlet she needed.   a songwriter by 18, her originals were passionate and gutsy and started soliciting local attention.    she cites her strongest musical influences as mostly men: john Mayer, gavin ...
6:14 mins
Sometimes fienix is a band and sometimes it’s just Chris.
This video was shot live at The Greenhouse in Woodland Park, Colorado and it captures just a little bit of the brilliance of Chris Nelson.  I hope you love it!

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As promised in the casting of the pod, here is Dan Smith a.k.a. Listener, performing one of his poems…
I recorded this at a new venue in Woodland Park, Colorado October 15, 2009.
As Dan would say, “I hope you love it with all of your heart”.
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40:16 mins
Listener has been touring the world for the past seven years devel-
oping a unique style of “Talk Music.” Vocalist Dan Smith has been
the driving creative force of a rotating cast of musicians. Through-
out different tours the lineup of Listener might change but the goal
has always been to create ...
This week we had the amazingly talented and upbeat artist Todd Warren in the studio. He chatted with us about how his artistic expression is a direct result of embracing who he is in ever aspect of his life. There is a very light hearted but deep conversation of how his faith impacts [...]
53:01 mins
This week we had the pleasure of having Darren Thornberry from Edinburgh based band Thorn’s Musical Journey in the studio. This amazingly entertaining and interesting song writer shares his musical journey and the back stories behind his work with you! There are a few audio glitches, but all ...
44:26 mins
This week we have Rahim Quazi in the studio to discuss the art and evolution of his sound and his songwriting experiences.  We discuss the backstory from three different songs and the two solo albums Big Black Box and Supernatural.  Very engaging interview with a live studio cut of one of his favorite ...
Tim Coons joined us in the studio to discuss his evolution as a singer songwriter as well as some of his daring new projects: The Psalms Project and Seven Deadly Sins. Tim is an engaging and entertaining talent with a penchant for capturing deep emotions that are normally avoided in the singer song [...]
This is one of those moments you capture on tape that you will cherish for a life time.
At the recent Worship @ 8500 festival (www.worshipat8500.com) Aaron Strumpel brought his critically acclaimed Elephants to a new level with a band gathered from all corners of North America. The format for the ...
Richie Fike made a stop by “Electric Weasel” studios to discuss the skyrocketing carreers of their band Fike & Dana. We have a great talk about the unique approach they take toward music writing, their histories and Richie Fike lays down some spontaneous one-take flow over a new Chainsaw ...
This is a brand new song from Aaron Strumpel caught live at Every Day Joe’s during his CD release party. This is a ground breaking album that will change the way you look at psalmic music. There are other tracks from the concert up at http//www.youtube.com/vilgiate.
Check this out and then get ...
This is the same audio as the previous podcast, but has enhancements like photos of them playing live in the studio and the album cover art.

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35:50 mins
Come dig on the debuet of Barry and Michelle’s long awaited new album “Long Straight Up Hill Climb” featuring their best work to date that will rock your socks off and feed your soul.
Visit them online at www.barryandmichelle.com to get the CD but don’t miss the podcast with a ...
Karla, an award winning and accomplished Canadian Singer Songwriter joined us in the studio this week with a preview copy of her up coming Enter the Worship Circle release: Chair and Mic Volume Three.
Get the back story and inspiration behind Karla’s latest work.
You WILL enjoy this interview.
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Here is a different spin for you.
This week I dug into the archives and pulled out some good house concert footage of Jacob and Lilly performing live in Colorado in 2007.  The 9 min. video is a great representation of their live show.
You can get more information about Jacob and Lilly at www.jacobandlily.com.
Thanks ...
44:27 mins
Todd is a full time musician who finds his inspiration in ancient poetry and through the modern gritty beats of urban America. Todd’s unique style is indicative of the traditional singer songwriter a la Billy Joel mixed with the modern high energy rock and electronica more typical of Cold Play ...
We are joined in the studio by multi-genre artist Thomas Ewing who along with his solo project The Album Green and his youth focused hip-hop group Jericho Kids is making a splash in the indie music scene in Northern Colorado.
Lots of fun and interesting stories behind all of Thomas’ latest work. You ...
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