CERT's Podcast Series: Security for Business Leaders: Episodes

ES-C2M2 helps improve the operational resilience of the U.S. power grid.
CERT led the 7-year effort to publish an ISO/IEC technical specification containing 46 CERT-based secure coding rules for compilers and analyzers.
Participating in a CRR allows critical infrastructure owners and operators to compare their cybersecurity performance with their peers.
Maturity models are providing measurable value in improving an organization's cybersecurity capabilities.
Release early, release often to significantly improve software performance, stability, and security using a DevOps approach.
Four experience reports demonstrate how the CERT Resilience Management Model can be applied to manage complex and diverse operational risks.
A common language is essential to develop a shared understanding to better analyze malicious code.
Ensuring the security of personal mobile devices that have access to enterprise networks requires action from employees and users.
371 cases of insider attacks lead to 4 new and 15 updated best practices for mitigating insider threat.
Governments and markets are calling for the integration of plans for and responses to disruptive events.
Today's high-risk, global, fast, and very public business environment demands a more integrated approach to not be surprised by disruptive events.
A network profile can help identify unintended points of entry, misconfigurations, and other weaknesses that may be visible to attackers.
Deploy vulnerability exploit prevention and mitigation techniques to thwart attacks and manage the arms race.
CERT-RMM can be used to establish and meet resilience requirements for a wide range and diverse set of business objectives.
Implementing CERT-RMM requires well-defined improvement objectives, sponsorship, proper scoping and diagnosis, and defined processes and measures.
Security controls, including those for insider threat, are the safeguards necessary to protect information and information systems.
Implementing secure coding standards to reduce the number of vulnerabilities that can escape into operational systems is a sound business decision.
Protecting the internet and its users against cyber attacks requires a significant increase in the number of skilled cyber warriors.
Electronic health records bring many benefits along with security and privacy challenges.
Measures of operational resilience should answer key questions, inform decisions, and affect behavior.
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