CBC Radio 3 Podcast: Episodes

It's the ninth annual sonic party for the open road! This time, with Grant Lawrence on the Beetle Roadtrip. Punch it!
Host Grant Lawrence goes through the best artists in this year's Searchlight.
The return of the world's only all-Canadian, all-independent workout podcast with your dumpy, highly questionable fitness instructor and host Grant Lawrence, just in time for the Winter Olympics.
The top ten Canadian indie songs of the year, as determined by CBC Radio 3.
Graham signs off as host of the R3-30 podcast
Did you know that Korean rainbow fish need to be fed daily or they'll die? Who would even own that kind of fish, it's crazy. Not my fault I didn't know that, right? Oh, there's a new song in the top 3 this week.
Our 8th annual listeners' choice awards, honouring the best in Canadian independent music from the year, in such categories as “Best Beat", "Sexiest Music", “Song of the year”, and many more!
Five debuts on the chart this week including one in the top spot!
It's this weeks R3-30, broadway style!
Finally a song that can hold onto the top spot for more than a week. Also four debuts on the chart
So many debuts this week on the chart Graham gets a little, lets say, angry.
Graham gets into a sword fight with future Graham and three new debuts on the chart!
A selection of the musical highlights of October on Radio 3 including Destroyer's new Spanish tune, electronic music for people who hate electronic music, a new chill-out tune from Brendan Canning, and more.
Graham records the show lying on a couch. Not. Even. Kidding.
Graham renames himself the "chartmaster", Jordan Klassen attempts to work his way back into the R3 limo and all its glory.
Three songs that continually fight to stay on the chart plus host Graham Wright talks to a robot.
Four debuts in the chart this week and a new feature tracking the highest free falling track. Also, Graham tries to sell his infomercial chair!
Seven debuts on this weeks chart, one of them also being the most thumbed up song this week on CBC Music. Also, a debut in the top 3.
This week a former number 1 song that debuted in the top spot returns to reclaim their crown. Also one debut in the top five.
Host Lana Gay chats with James Blake, station manager at Radio Laurier at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, voted by you as the best music campus in Canada.
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