Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio: Episodes

Sam's class takes a school trip to Quebec City.
Sam and Murphy ask Dave if they can take the train to Cape Breton.
Originally broadcast: October 19th, 2013
Dave is in charge of nine-year-old Sam’s sleepover birthday party, with disastrous results.
Morley lusts after a pot in her mother's kitchen.
Morley’s failed attempt to create a happy memory for Sam prompts Dave to fill the school playground with live frogs.
On a summer evening in Big Narrows, Sam and Murphy witness something miraculous in the night sky. They are certain that the streak of light they saw is a UFO.
Today on the show we have stories about connection and family. Stuart has a story about family dinners when he was a child and we have a story about the time Stephanie went to visit her Cousin Dorothy in London.
Originally aired: March 3rd, 2012
Dave and Sam hitch a ride home from Cape Breton with one of Dave's old pals from the Rock 'n' Roll days. The friend is in charge of pyrotechnics on a rock tour and he is driving a truck full of fireworks.
Originally aired: October 21st, 2012
Today the Vinyl Cafe broadcasts from Stanstead, Quebec. Or, if you prefer, Derby Line Vermont. This town straddles the border of Canada and the United States. Music by the late and lamented Jesse Winchester.
Originally aired: August 25th, 2012
This week's show comes from "Danceland", a hundred-year-old dancehall on the shores of Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan.
Originally aired: August 11th, 2013
Dave, Sam and Murphy drive to Thunder Bay to deliver a boa constrictor to one of Dave's old pals.
Dave accidently drops his neighbours' house key down a sewer, so he goes down to retrieve it.
Originally aired: August 21st, 2011
Murphy figures out how he and Sam can spend hot summer days at the movie theatre - free of charge.
Originally aired: July 29th, 2012
Dave's daughter Stephanie goes away to summer camp and sends a disturbing letter home to her parents.
To celebrate their wedding anniversary, Dave plans a re-enactment of his honeymoon with Morley—a canoe trip in Algonquin Park.
Originally aired: July 6th, 2013
Dave travels to Newfoundland to pay his respects to his old pal Jimmy Walker.
Originally aired: July 14th, 2013
Today's show is going out to the graduating class of 2014.
Dave, Morley and the kids have head lice.
Dave and Morley find a mouse in their house and Dave sets off to exterminate him.
Originally aired: June 1st, 2013
Dave takes Mary Turlington’s brand new Lexus to the car wash. But maneuvering an unfamiliar car through an automatic car wash turns out to be challenging for Dave.
Originally aired: April 29th, 2012
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