Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio: Episodes

Dave's daughter Stephanie decides to take advanced statistics at university. But she struggles with the course and ends up going to extreme measures to stay awake and focused during study sessions.
Originally broadcast: May 27, 2012
Morley learns about Dave's fear of dolls; a fear that started with a doll his sister, Annie, had as a kid – a doll named Rhoda.
Originally broadcast: June 5, 2011
Sam's friend Murphy decides that he and Sam should start a stamp collection.
Stephanie reluctantly brings her father, Dave, along with her on a yoga retreat.
Originally broadcast: April 27, 2013
Author W.O. Mitchell would have been 100-years-old this week. Stuart pays tribute to his friend on this week's show.
When Dave and his little sister Annie find a stray dog stranded on a chunk of ice in the river, they hatch a rescue plan to save the dog before he tumbles over the falls.
Originally broadcast: March 24, 2012
Dave goes to the hospital to visit a friend. In an effort to raise his friend's spirits, he puts on one of the hospital gowns and hides his clothing on a cart of supplies.
Originally broadcast: April 16, 2011
Morley is asked to house sit for the new, young couple in the neighbourhood. She is amazed by their newly renovated modern home…so amazed that she slowly starts spending more and more time at the house each night.
Originally broadcast: March 20, 2011
Stuart tells a story about a forgotten game of hockey that many in Dave's hometown of Big Narrows, Cape Breton consider to be the greatest game of hockey ever played.
Today, with the 22nd Winter Olympic Games getting underway in Sochi, we read two letters sent into the Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange by a Canadian Olympian: one written more than ten years ago, another written recently. And we have a story about Sam and his a
On a snowy winter weekend Dave's neighbour Jim Scofield tells Dave about the greatest toboggan run of all time.
Originally broadcast: February 17, 2013
When Dave's entire family and neighbourhood get the flu, Dave’s hypochondria reaches new heights.

Originally broadcast: March 17, 2013
Sam's friend Murphy is celebrating his bar mitzvah and Sam and his dad Dave are invited. But there is some confusion when Murphy's grandmother calls Dave to confirm their attendance.
Sam gets a job working for Mr. Harmon at Harmon's Fine Foods. In addition to learning about food, Sam also learns about his new boss.
Today on the show we have two stories about self improvement.
Join Stuart McLean and special musical guests The Good Lovelies for the 2013 Christmas Concert from Banff, Alberta.
Dave is supposed to cook the Christmas turkey but can’t get the stove to work. He ends up at a hotel, hoping the kitchen can cook it for him.
Gift-giving gets out of hand in Dave and Morley’s neighbourhood, and Dave takes a stab at baking a Christmas cake for the annual skating party.
Dave and the family spend Christmas dinner at Stephanie's boyfriend's house. And, as it turns out, Tommy's father is just as inexperienced at cooking a turkey as Dave.
Originally broadcast: December 28th, 2012
Dave saves up his money all year long to buy Christmas gifts for his family but he ends up buying a gift for himself instead.
Originally broadcast: December 24th, 2011
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