Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio: Episodes

the cultural boycotts of Arizona and Israel; The National; the filmmakers behind a new Rush documentary
Exposed - the Tate Modern's new photography exhibit; Gord Downie; Is it time to retire the masterpieces?
a look at Reykjavik, Iceland's unlikely new mayor; Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Montreal Jazz Fest co-founder Andre Menard
How South African is the World Cup?; Belinda Carlisle; Sports Culture Panel
Cowboy Junkies; Laurie Anderson; Backyard Chicken debate; Media Panel; Elvira Kurt
artist Marina Abramovic; Michael Franti; Mid-East politics and Toronto's Pride Festival
female Viagara debate; Shad; why old people are cool
CIA's Saddam sex tape* Sebastian Junger* Yann Martel
A look at South African rap band Die Antwoord* Pam Grier* Sports Culture Panel
Hannah Georgas* Jane Sibery* Chely Wright* Animal Reviews* Elvira Kurt
Wimbledon's first poet* Anne Murray* supermodel Coco Rocha
British Petroleum's new Sea Otter exhibit* Cloris Leachman* Green - the most toxic colour
India Cricket Scandal* Shakespeare's identity* Tweeting too hard
Best of Q: Harry Connick Jr.; Iceland bans stripping; Jacob Tierney
Friday Live music from David Gray * Sarah Silverman * Q's Media Panel
A Cannes check-in; Katherine Jenkins; Q's Tube Team on the end of Lost and 24
A-HA; Is Tin Tin racist?; Japan's "History Girls"
Facebook and Happiness * Band of Horses * The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman
Newsweek gay actor controversy* Sidney Poitier* Sports Culture Panel
The Wailin' Jennys* filmmaker Noah Pink* David Steinberg* Massive Attack
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