Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio: Episodes

Journalist and attorney Jordan Fletcher on the researchers risking death to document the crisis in Syria. Actress Molly Ringwald on returning to her first love to launch a career singing jazz. Alan Thicke exposes all in his new TV show, Unusually Thicke.
Journalists Brendan Kelly and Marc Cassivi on what the Quebec elections reveals about the province's culture. Bob Saget on his memoir Dirty Daddy, and where tragedy meets comedy. 20 years after the Rwandan genocide, we explore portraits of reconciliation.
Journalist Paul Solotaroff on the uncertain fate of Iraqi and Afghan translators. Filmmaker Katerina Cizek on the latest chapter of Highrise, the NFB's award-winning multimedia series. Uber co-star Judy Greer on her hilarious collection of confessions.
Master songwriter Neil Finn performs! Food writer Mark Bittman makes the case for enjoying much-maligned butter. Lexicographer Jesse Sheidlower says the media should be explicit with expletives. Amateur record reviewer Sarah O'Holla spins the tables.
From the Best of Q: Should cellphones be allowed on planes? Mariel Hemingway opens up on her struggle with depression and her family's dark secrets. British singer-songwriter Alison Moyet on The Minutes and appreciating every moment.
UNC professor Zeynep Tufekci on the bizarre context of Turkey's Twitter and Youtube ban. Innovative Quebec theatre writer, director and actor Robert Lepage on a career built on curiosity. Plus, Has Silicon Valley become the most ageist place in America?
On April Fool's Day, we ask: is it possible to anticipate when a joke won't be funny or a gag will go too far? Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino on his new record and his "salty" take on life. Italian group says mafia-themed food should be off the menu.
Genevieve Bell, Intel's house anthropologist, on the stories we tell about technology. New Yorker magazine's cartoon editor Bob Mankoff on the art and politics of cartooning. Seattle indie folk-rockers The Head and the Heart perform live!
Q LIVE at the Junos presents: Pop duo Tegan and Sara, curling champs Team Jennifer Jones, special Winnipeg media panel, musicians and humanitarians Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida, Legendary rocker Randy Bachman, and winnipeg poet Katherena Vermette!
Best of Q special: Neuroscientist James Fallon explains how a brain scan changed his life. Donald Fagen on his storied career and straight-up world view. Underwater explorer Jill Heinerth on why she dives despite its dangers, and how she manages fear.
Journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis on biphobia and the "messy, complicated middle range" between gay and straight. British choreographer and art director Jonzi D on honour and hip hop. Journalist Sandra Martin on actor James Rebhorn's autobiographical obit.
Tech journalist Clive Thompson on new social media that spreads unverified stories from anonymous sources. U.S. Indie pop band Foster the People perform from Supermodel. Darren Aronofsky on adapting the story of Noah's arc in his controversial film, Noah.
Q debate: Do we really live in a 'rape culture'? A researcher and Women's Studies prof debate; U.S. journalist and former hostage Shane Bauer on his memoir, A Sliver Of Light; Reporter Jeyup S. Kwaak offers insight into South Korea's online eating trend.
Vancouver's Bend Sinister performs. Author Diane Francis pitches a Canada/U.S. merger. Actress Glenn Close talks mental health. Photographer Graham MacIndoe shares self portraits shot on heroin. Smiley guy Scott Fahlman traces the emoticon's evolution.
Renowned pianist Gabriela Montero urges artists to speak up on the crisis in Venezuela. American jazz and bebop legend Sheila Jordan shares her incredible story. Photographer Shannon Jensen on how the shoes of Sudanese refugees may touch hardened hearts.
Ex-junior hockey player Gregg Sutch on what we can learn from the Terry Trafford tragedy. New York Times style writer Allen Salkin defends his eyebrow-raising monocle trend piece. Best of Q: John Leguizamo on his HBO-bound, one-man show Ghetto Klown.
Between Two Ferns co-creator Scott Aukerman on directing U.S. president Barack Obama. Boy George on his new album and why he's not apologizing for his past. Craig Silverman on missing flight MH370 and why journalists should say less until they know more.
Writer Aimee Phan argues that mainstream media outlets are pushing writers of colour to the margins. Graphic design legend Milton Glaser shares his spin on season 7 of Mad Men. Q sport panel, with Stephen Brunt and Dave Bidini, reflect on the paralympics.
Actor and model Lily Cole on her "impossible" gift economy website. Q media panel on Quebec's polarizing politics. Best of Q with the Coen brothers. The rise of birth photography. Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew performs from his solo album, Darlings.
Jian checks up on freedom of expression in India, where some say the creative class is being muzzled. Coeur de pirate (Beatrice Martin) performs live from her first English-language album, Trauma. Are the children of celebrities fair game for paparazzi?
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