Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio: Episodes

Tony and Emmy award winning actor Mandy Patinkin on the importance of staying versatile. Widely influential British musician Kate Bush on chaos and creativity. Former UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre on harnessing the power of fear.
Jason Mark on wi-fi in the wilderness and why he fears we're losing the ability and desire to truly get "away". NBA great Julius "Dr. J" Erving on his off-court legacy. Blue Rodeo performs from In Our Nature and reflect on Greg Keelor's hearing loss.
Smokey Robinson on remixing Motown in a new collection of duets, featuring Elton John, Mary J. Blige and more. From the Best of Q on Sports: Jennifer Jones and Kaillie Humphries on unabashed ambition. Community creator Dan Harmon bares all for Harmontown.
George Takei on his role in the doc, To Be Takei, and why he gave the filmmaker "carte blanche". How Alex Owumi, a Nigerian-American basketball player, escaped from the heart of the Libyan civil war. Canadian novelist Miriam Toews on All My Puny Sorrows.
Blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer on how to conquer the visible and invisible barriers we all face. Sports journalists Amy K. Nelson and Megan Greenwell on sexism in the industry. Author AJ Jacobs on the wild world of extended family trees.
Writer Euny Hong on plastic surgery culture, cookie cutter beauty and counter-trends in South Korea. Hamilton electro-pop and RB singer Jessy Lanza performs from Pull My Hair Back. Writer Alexis Madrigal on how he reverse-engineered Netflix micro-genres.
The Amazing Kreskin, a larger-than-life mentalist and performer, wows us in Studio Q. TV 2014 highlights and Emmy Award predictions with the Washington Post's Alyssa Rosenberg. Best of Q: Trans advocate Laverne Cox on the courage to live visibly.
Science or Sci-fi? Shark expert Jonathan Davis on Shark Week's increasingly sensational slant. Marja Mills on her controversial book about To Kill a Mockingbird author, Harper Lee. Best of Q: The National's Bryce Dessner shares his classical side
Pop culture observer Bob Thompson on the decline of authoritative TV announcer. Photographer Zun Lee on his new project Father Figure, which he challenges simplistic portrayals of black fathers. Best of Q: Actress-turned-jazz singer Molly Ringwald.
CanLit expert Aritha van Herk on why the racy, recently viral novel Bear is actually a good read. Wrestler-turned-yogi Diamond Dallas Page on his journey from the ring to the mat. Best of Q: Alain de Botton on sneaking philosophy into the tabloids.
Going Deep host David Rees on hacking the ordinary (how to open doors, sharpen pencils, make ice). Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) performs live from Whispers. Best of Q: Grant Lawrence chronicles his ambivalence toward hockey in Lonely End of the Rink.
What if that sketchy email was from a real person? Photographer Cristina deMiddel on Poly-spam. Media ethicist Kelly McBride on how to re-think plagiarism in 2014. Best of Q: Boxing legend Mike Tyson on the personal troubles detailed in his new memoir.
Artist Marni Kotak on her latest show Mad Meds, and weaning herself off anti-psychotic medication in public. Why Roxane Gay says it's better to be a "bad feminist" than not a feminist at all. Best of Q: Jack Johnson performs from From Here to Now to You.
A tribute to Robin Williams. How magician James "the amazing" Randi became an outspoken psychic investigator. Cold Specks performs live from Neuroplasticity. Best of Q: Comedian Rob Delaney on battling depression.
Does opera have a race problem? Sharon Pian Chan and Gwynn Guilford weigh in. Music journalist Amanda Petrusich how 78 RPM collectors have shaped music history. Best of Q: the multi-talented entertainer Aisha Tyler defends failure and staying weird.
Celebrity historian Anne Helen Petersen on the Down and Dirty History of TMZ. Jon Ronson takes us inside Frank Sidebottom's giant papier-mâché head. Best of Q: Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey illuminates lesser-known lines in his impressive resume.
Artist Suzanne Heintz explains why she re-married a mannequin. Shawn Micallef critiques "the brunching class" and unpacks the layered meanings of the late morning meal. Best of Q: Zoe Kazan on her film The F Word/What If, co-starring Daniel Radcliffe.
Dr. Louise Aronson makes the case for robot caregivers. Quebec actress and artist Charlotte Le Bon on her new film, The Hundred-Foot Journey. Is state surveillance a "legitimate defence of our freedoms"? Michael Hayden and Glenn Greenwald weigh in.
Is there a "neutral" way to report on the Gaza conflict? International Press Institute's Naomi Hunt weighs in. Toronto trio BadBadNotGood perform and chat about defying jazz conventions. Best of Q: Caroll Spinney on being the 'soul' of Big Bird, Oscar.
Kick back with Jian's special hour-long conversation with hip hop mega-star Drake, who is now touring his latest album, Nothing Was the Same. Plus, let writer Karina Longworth test how much you really know about multi-award-winning actress, Meryl Streep.
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