The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

TSE Goes to the Beach 1: a repeat of Michael Enright's interview with John Mikhail Asfour: interview with Architect Lola Sheppard: a repeat of Michael Enright's inteview with author Richard Gwyn parts A and B
Michael's essay "The Truth About Penguins": Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair: Artisanal Pencil Sharpener follow up: Documentary "That's Me Playin' Man" about musician Boyd Lee Dunlop: Peter Behrens: The Only in Canada, Eh? Quiz
Michael's Address to Students Everywhere: Melanie Aitken: Good Night and Good Luck The Sleep Hour: French Postcard #3: The Legacy of Ralph Ellison: Essay Ben's Lunch Room
Michael's Essay: Boris Johnson: Listener Mail on Charities: Karen Wells Documentary on Aids and the law: Listener Mail on the Queen: Our examination of Politics in Wisconsin
Michael's Essay: Charities Panel: Personal Essay "My Lethal Love": Film Noir: David Gutnick's Audio Postcard from France: Picasso at the AGO
Canadian archivists' On to Ottawa Trek: interview with author of "Undesirables White Canada and the Komagata Maru": Peter Hobbs on his new novel "In the Orchard the Swallows": Edward Jay Epstein on his investigation into Dominque Strauss Kahn: Karin Wells' documentary " What a Gift": Prof Michael Brown ...
Interview with Alberta Premier Alison Redford: Panel discussion on the Quebec student riots: Interview with Bill Eddins, the music director of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra: Karin Wells' documentary, "Some Sort of Little Precedent": Interview with Jonathan Rosen on a New York anti-internet rally": ...
Michael's essay on the return of Adolph Hitler: Interview with Richard Holloway on his book "Leaving Alexandria": Listener mail our interview with Jan Wong: Interview with David Rees, the world's only artisanal pencil sharpener: Interview with Danah Boyd on teenagers online: Adrienne Lamb and Gillian ...
Michael's essay on motorcycling: Discussion on the legacy of the Westray Mine disaster: Kyla Hanington graduates, a personal essay: Interview with Jan Wong on her memoir, Out of the Blue: Interview with Marta Eggerth, a 100-year-old opera star: Interview with Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland, ...
Michael's Essay "Polls are for dogs": Randall Kennedy on the persistence of the color line: Essay "My Government Valedictory": Documentary "It Wasn't Tea-time Ethel Stark and the Montreal Women's Symphony Orchestra": Kevin Reitz on more jail time making communities safer: Listener Mail on Richard Stursberg: ...
Michael's essay: Orwell on political speech
Alberta election panel
Listener mail about Michael's Heather Reisman interview (CEO of Indigo)
Interview with Richard Stursberg, former head of English services at CBC
Holocaust Remembrance: Ona Smaite, Lithuania and David Koker, The Netherlands
LIstener mail ...
Michael Enright’s essay on crying men: Feature interview with Heather Reisman: Personal essay by Ken Dafoe: Karin Wells’ documentary "21 Chairs Around a Table":Feature interview with Renee Fleming: Eric Peterson on Radio Drama
Michael Enright presents his latest essay: listener mail on Mitt Romney: interview with author Pico Iyer: interview with musician Amy Cervini: remembering femenist poet and essayist Adrienne Rich: Mary Pickford tribute: Listener mail on the federal budget
Michael Enright presents his latest essay: Romney: Listener Mail: Comedy Skit "The T-Word": Budget Special with guests Jack Mintz and Scott Clark
Michael Enright presents his latest essay: and interview with author Kyo Maclear: NDP Leadership Panel: listener mail on casino's: an interview with Richard Rosenthal: and interview with Eric Klinenberg: and the "Red Real Estate" documentary
Michael's essay: the Future of Publishing: Mail on End of Life issues: Casinos the Answer?: Mail on Katie Malloch: Madeleine Parent: Documentary - Survivor
Michael Enrigth presents his latest essay on crossword puzzles: an interview with US Congressman Barney Frank: Blind Poet mail pack: End of Life Panel: Suffragettes
Michaels essay on poor people and politics: Interview with John Asfour's latest book of poetry Blindfold : Interview with British economist Judith Marquand on why economists dont work in the public interest: Jordan Marr's essay about spinach farming today.
Michael Enright presents his latest essay: an interview with new RCMP comissioner Bob Paulson: Documentary "A Humanly Duty" by David Gutnick: Organ Donor Bob McRae: Organ Donor Recipient Ken Gaston: an interview with Joseph Nye about Charisma: a personal essay by Tilya Gallay Helfield tiled "Sweet Adeline"
Michael Enright presents his latest essay: Iran part A an interview with Barbara Slavin: Iran part B interview with Paul Rogers: Iran part C interview with Hirsch Goodman: a documentary by Alison Motluk "Egg Donor in Good Health": University Panel with guests David Trick and Ian Clark: Frank Faulk's ...
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