The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

Carved in Stone: From one woman to another, the passing of the tools. Alisa Siegel`s documentary about Canada's first Dominion Sculptor, who took a younger lawyer-turned-carver under her wing, and gave her the most precious gift of all.
A documentary about three mothers determined to secure a future for their profoundly disabled adult sons. It turns out that bricks and mortar are only the shell of a solution.
Poetry can come at you at just the wrong time. Like when you are 15 and the only things that matter in life are girls and baseball. Then out of the blue, when least expected, along comes a special teacher who opens the poetry chest and extracts magic.
The Pursuit of Poetry - Michael's essay; The Case Against Psychiatric Drugs; Mail: Do What You love; Female Fighter Pilots; Life Lines - Her Excellency Sharon Johnston; Documentary - House of Dreams; The Global Fight Against Corporate Tax Evasion; Essay
Michael's essay on the folly of commemorating wars.
The award-winning America novelist Richard Ford has a passion, bordering on an obsession, for Canada. His latest novel is called simply "Canada." Michael spoke to the award-winning author recently on-stage at Montreal's Blue Metropolis literary festival.
D-Day, 70 years later - Michael's essay; Erasing Tiananmen; Lifelines - Hugh Segal; Do What You Love; Mail about The Novel Cure; How We View Animals; Richard Ford; Losing Jack MacAndrew
Michael's Essay on Police Background Checks; Thomas Piketty on Rising Inequality; John Chipman's documentary on The Strange Case of Michael Mvogo; Ariel Dorfman on Egypt; The Novel Cure; A Personal Essay about taking a year from your life; Listener Mail
Two aboriginal scholars talk about what should come next, now that the commission's hearings have finished. Lee Maracle says forgiveness and "blending in" are not in the cards. Taiaiake Alfred says the first step is restitution.
A butchery workshop, offered through the Minga Skill Building Hub in Guelph, Ontario, offers locavores and carnivores a closer connection to what we eat - ears and all.
Harper v. McLachlin: Michael's Essay; Justice for Residential School Survivors; Mail; Ira Basen's Listumentary; Ode to the Oboe; Vancouver - the "most Asian" city outside of Asia; Frank Faulk goes to Butchering School
Annie Get Your Gun - Michael's Essay; Canada Post; Essay - Learning How to Mother; Remembering Farley Mowat; Murray Sinclair mail; The Death of Free Speech; Michael Bryant mail; Documentary - A Place for Konnisola; Essay - Geisterfer's Mother
Ontario's former attorney general, who has dealt with alcoholism and his fair share of public ignominy, weighs in on Toronto mayor Rob Ford's announcement that he is taking a leave to get professional help for his substance abuse problems.
The Shop That Ties Built - Michael's essay; Truth and Reconciliation; Bryant on Ford; Lifelines; The Evils of Sugar; Whither the NFB; Mail
Michael's essay: A New Cold War?; Chinese Labour: Han DongFang; Documentary: Nothing Personal, But You're a Woman; John Manley on Corporate Tax Avoidance; A Tribute to Alistair MacLeod; Wheelchair Math; Playwright Erin Shields
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