The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

The podcast for Sunday, June 2, 2013, features Chief Bev Sellars on her memoir They Called Me Number One.
Your mail on noisy restaurants, and acoustician Mike Goldsmith on Discord: The Story of Noise.
The podcast for Sunday, May 24, 2013, features Opiyo Oloya on child soldiers and Jennie Rooney on her third novel, Red Joan.
Rob Ford, addiction, politics and rehab.
Michael's Essay; Sedaris on latest book; Your mail; Documentary, Another Hipster In the business; Jeffrey Simpson on saving Medicare; the wit and wisdom of Ray Guy; Marcia Angell on living and aging well; essay on youthful indiscretion; Sunday School on J
Michael's essay on bikes; The former VP on "The Future"; Dealing with a mother's dementia; China's first North American University students; Your responses to our jobs forum; A mother's influence; Why Clevland shouldn't shock; Poet PK Page; Foremothers
Michael's essay on inflated fears of nuclear disaster; a documentary on euthanasia in Belgium; listener mail; our forum on "precarious" jobs and youth unemployment; an onstage interview with novelist Alistair MacLeod; Gabor Maté on toxic culture
Journalism called worst job; Painter Mary Pratt; Responses to "The Barista Generation"; A Russian banya heals; Nicholas Carr on social media and social change; Thoughts on being a Little League Umpire; Norweigan prisons; Jerry Muller on economic inequalit
Michael's Essay - a bad week for the media: Paul Rogers and Michael Zekulin on "home-grown" terror: Documentary - The Double Grind: your mail on jazz; Andrew Orchard goes to Oxford: John Helliwell on the happiness of nations; mail on PTSD: David Bezmogis.
9 tips on how to survive live burial; Explaining "boilerplate"; Listener responses to "noisy restaurants", Hyperlocal essay "Traffic"; Rights of people with disabilities; Mary Seacole vs Florence Nightingale; Doc on Margaret Thatcher
On this episode Michael writes about prisoners, a discussion on Civil Service, an essay on Foreclosure, a Doc on loud music in restaurants, a round-table on PTSD, Miriam Toews newest story for "Hyperlocal" and the voice of the Toronto Blue Jays.
Michael talks etiquette and learns slang, Soprano Barbara Hannigan, threats to legal access, Colm Toibin re-invisions Mary, PTSD in the Military, responses to "Zionism", and an essay on baseball.
The impact of reliance on natural resources; your responses to "Tom Flanagan", why we need urban forests; "Nocturne" commemorates life of author's brother; women sues Guatemalan mining company; explorer has to abandon record Antarctic crossing.
Michael defends right to free-speech; author remembers effects of Tsunami; discussing Pope Francis; homes for the elderly; Gil Troy explains Senator's defence of Zionism; lost violin found on Titanic; your responses to "Max Ferguson"; saved by Poetry
The sting of unemployment; theologian Hans Kung on Pope Benedict and the need for reform in the Catholic Church; Canadian government muzzling scientists; Tribute to the late Max Ferguson; kashakas, the next big thing in music?; your responses to "Mary"
Michael's essay on the U.S. Republican party: Are Canadian scientists being muzzled?; your responses to "PTSD"; Sunday School on musical terms; Documentary: Where am I sitting, Mom?; your resposnes to "Marxism"; former Iceland Pres. Vidis Finbogadottir
Some good news for a change; Documentary about a Canadian chaplain's struggles with PTSD; your responses to "Knots"; Marxism on the rise; responses to "Finland's education system"; is it possible to promote religious freedom abroad?
Michael's essay on Pope Hilarius; how Finland built the world's best education system; your responses to "Chief Clarence Louie"; documentary on financial issues of First Nations; your responses to "My Antonia"; Charles Darwin's house
Michael's essay on gun control; Carl Honoré on living more slowly; Listener mail on jokes for linguists; Priya Sankaran's documentary, "The White Man's Disease"; Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault; Margaret Atwood at the Al Purdy gala; listener mail
Michael's essay on credit rating agencies; the morality of pro football; dissident priest Fr. Tony Flannery; your responses to "bail and violence"; documentary about play based on Coetzee novel; coming back to life; Sunday School on pronunciation
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