The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

Child Poverty; John Cleese; Mail; Paid Sick Leave; Revolution Baby; Living Arrangements - Episode 3
A feature interview with actor, writer, producer and author John Cleese about his new memoir, "So, Anyway..."
An essay by Kyla Hanington of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. She is a member of a growing demographic known as LATs, Living Apart Together.
Many believe our justice system fails victims of sexual assault. Four legal experts join Michael with their thoughts on how to make things better for women who wish to come forward.
Producer Lindsay Michael takes a look at why the eerie, ethereal musical instrument known as the theremin is having a mainstream moment in Canada.
Remembering Alistair MacLeod; Sexual assault and the law; In praise of the theremin; WW1 - "What for?" and "Vimyism"
Michael speaks to legendary talk show host Dick Cavett
Documentary producer David Gutnick looks at the newest way to travel and find free accommodations.
How the Ghomeshi revelations are playing out in the workplace; Dick Cavett; Documentary - Couch living; Dr. James Orbinski; Mail - Listeners respond to our panel on the shooting in Ottawa; Documentary - Radical rest homes
A conversation about Ebola with Dr. James Orbinski, founder of Medécins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders. He is one of the world's top experts in global public health, particularly in developing countries riven by strife and crisis.
With the U.S. midterm elections about to take place, Michael talks with a panel of experts on the state of American politics.
Reflections on going to war against ISIS; For the Record - mentoring; Documentary - School of Fish; Mail about sitting and busking; A child's eye view of PTSD
Michael and Sunday Edition "music man" Robert Harris discuss why Dolly Parton is a phenomenon.
Michael questions the reasons given for going to war against ISIS.
A conversation with filmmaker Laura Sky about "Soldiers' Children", her new documentary series about the impact of PTSD on the children of military families.
Karin Well's documentary on Nova Scotian fisherman Beau Gillis and his struggle to make a living fishing.
Why we crave quiet; Neglected tropical diseases; Mail - Question Period; The health consequences of too much sitting; Documentary - Spicy Luke
Michael speaks with Dr.Jacobson about neglected tropical dieseases.
Michael speaks with Sir James Galway about his musical career.
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