The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

Pat Barker on Toby's Room; Canadian veterans of the Spanish Civil War; Jim Wallis on the U.S. election; Deborah Lipstadt on Adolf Eichmann's trial; Bernd Horne, Desmond Morton and Lora Senechal Carney on courage
U.S. Election special; Avis Jones-DeWeever and Norman Ornstein on partisans and the US Presidency; Gary Segura and Valerie Martinez-Ebers on the importance of the Latino vote; Kathleen Dolan on the voting gender gap; Kathleen Hall Jamieson on polling and
Michael Enright presents his latest essay: Iran: The Pennsylvania Story: The Tracks documentary: Fit to Fat trainer: and Sunday School on Odysseus:
Wind Farms documentary "Windfall" by Paige Ellis; interview with wind engineering specialist John Twidell of Britain; Mail about interview with Cardinal Thomas Collins; Jim Blight author of Armageddon Letters; Essay by Paula Dunning about Cuban Missile Cr
Essay on unplug tech toys at school; Cardinal Thomas Collins; Sunday School on Algorithms; Doc Baba Yaga's House; Mail on Raylene Rankin and the UN; One hour special "The Great Weight Debate"
Doc The Whale's Choice; mail on Glenn Gould, John Major and Sunday School; political strategy from Cicero; mail on park benches; essay on parenting and pets by Ken Dafoe; Jeffrey Toobin; Rachel Joyce.
Michael Enright presents his latest essay: an interview with former Brithish Prime Minister John Major the author of My Old Man, a personal history of music hall: Sunday School "Lost and Found": John Chipman's documentary Four Days in April about the 1971
Michael's essay on the perils of ideology: The case for buying and selling donor organs: Listener Mail on hy should high schools teach algebra to all?: A Documentary on how a transgender woman broke the news of her past: Teaching philosophy to children: L
A tribute to the late Peter Lougheed, former Premier of Alberta:
Conversation with David Carr, media and culture critic for The New York Times:
Documentary about Denmark’s restrictive immigration laws:
“Sunday School” lesson on German pronunciation:
Michael Enright presents his essay: Charles Taylor on what the Quebec election means: Aislin on political cartooning in Quebec: Michael Enright goes to Sunday School, Poetry 101: Ira Basen's documentary, "The Big Disruption, Universities in the Digital Age": Sunday School, Philosophy 101: Teachers on ...
Guest host Karin Wells presents an interview with Baritone Elliot Madore: Beach Read 10 with authors Scott Thornely and John Lawrence Reynolds: a repeat of Michael Enright's interview with Congressman Barney Frank: Michael Enright's interview with Jan Wong: Karin Wells documentary 21 Chairs Around a ...
Guest host Karin Wells presents an interview with author of "The Real Romney" Scott Helman: Beach Read No. 9 with author Louise Penny: a rebroadcast of Michael Enright's April Fools interview with Mitt Romney played by actor Ray Landry: a repeat of Michael's interview with Richard Stursberg: a repeat ...
Guest host Kevin Sylvester talks with four experts on concerns about zoos and aquariums: TSE Beach Read 8 with mystery writers Giles Blunt and Peter Kirby: Growing up gay in rural Canada is explored in a play by Skye Gilbert: Michael Enright's interview with Jennifer Burns on the popularity of Ayn Rand. ...
Guest host Kevin Sylvester talks with Richard Muller who was changed his mind on climate change: TSE Beach Read 7 with author Emily Schultz on her sci-fi novel "The Blondes": David Gutnick's documentary "The Gristle in the Stew": Michael Enright's interview with Julia Child. Due to copyright restrictions ...
Guest host Alison Smith presents an interview with Canadian playwright Alex Bulmer: TSE Beach Read 6 with author Morley Torgov: John Chipman's documentary "The Accountant's Dilemma": a repeat of Michael Enright's interview with Gore Vidal
Guest Host Alsion Smith presents TSE goes to the beach part five with author Harry Thurston: a repeat of Michael Enright's interview with Heather Reisman: a repeat of our documentary "A Cruel Coincidence: a panel discussion on graphic comics and medicine
Guest host Alison Smith presents an interview with author Mark Haddon: Beach Read part 4 with authors Moira Young, and Rachel Hartman: a repeat of Michael Enright's interview with Canadian Publishers Panel Scott McIntyre, Patsy Aldana, and Margie Wolfe.
Beach Read #3, abortion in PEI, the demise of light bulbs, a documentary examining the legacy of rape in Bosnia.
TSE Goes to the Beach 2: Guest host Alison Smith interviews sci-fi author Scott Fotheringham; A repeat of a doc that sets out on a mission to demystify quantum physics; Alison interviews Melissa Ptacek on the end of the Algerian war and its independence 50 years ago; a repeat of Michael Enright's inteview ...
TSE Goes to the Beach 1: a repeat of Michael Enright's interview with John Mikhail Asfour: interview with Architect Lola Sheppard: a repeat of Michael Enright's inteview with author Richard Gwyn parts A and B
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