The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

Michael admits to a losing battle with War and Peace, but recommends Ivan Goncharov's book, Oblomov, as a Russian novel to love (and finish).
Michael tours the Alex Colville exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario with Director and CEO, Matthew Teitelbaum.
Our tribute to a great colleague, mentor and documentary maker, Bob Carty, including his classic doc, "Banjo Bob," and a track from his CD, "Desert Eyes."
The late Bob Carty's much-loved ode to the five-string banjo.
As part of our tribute to our late colleague and mentor, Bob Carty, this is his 1995 documentary, Kevin's Sentence - winner of a Peabody Award, a Gabriel Award, and a United Nations Gold Medal.
Another classic radio documentary by Bob Carty. "Opening the Gates of Heaven" follows adopted Canadians searching for their birth families. It was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2007 New York Festivals.
Bob Carty, the great CBC documentary maker who died this week, has a special interest in, and affection for, Latin America. His documentary, The Long Flight, was originally broadcast in 2003, 30 years after the Chilean coup.
With two sons in university, Michael reflects on the high cost of text books.
Michael speaks with writer Ben Macintyre about his new book on the infamous British spy Kim Philby.
Karin Well's documentary tells the story of a man who paid the cost of a proper funeral for a deceased employee.
When Evie Ruddy visited a Regina barber, little did she realize the experience would lead to a human rights complaint and a torrent of on-line hate. She has risen above it and tells her story.
Textbook prices that break the bank - Michael's essay; Kim Philby, a spy among friends; The barbershop - Essay; "The Unstable World" - Saudi Arabia; The right thing to do - Documentary
Michael Enright's interview with Justin Trudeau
Michael reflects on the media's display of violent and graphic images.
Michael's interview with Naomi Klein
Death On-Screen in the Digital Age - Michael's Essay; Justin Trudeau; Mail: Universities; Naomi Klein; Doc - Librarian to the Maestro
Our listener respond to Ira Basen's documentary "Class Struggle"
Karin Wells profiles Canadian Robert Sutherland and his work overseeing millions of sheets of music that belong to New York's Metropolitan Opera.
Ira Basen's documentary looks at the plight of part-time teachers in Canadian universities.
Optimism in the face of a world gone mad - Michael's Essay; Clive James; Mackenzie King - Archives; Doc - Slave Labour in the Ivory Tower?
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