The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

Women on Corporate Boards; Elizabeth Renzetti; Benjamin Britten, documentary; Joy Manson, Essay; Scott Stossel; Margarethe von Trotta; Nadine Gordimer
His latest novel tells the tale of childhood friends, three boys who are inseparable, who are loyal and who trust no one but themselves. In Crimes Against My Brother, we find out what happens when that bond is tested.
Where are all the Syrian refugees the Canadian government agreed to accept? Sean Rehaag, Associate Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School puts that commitment in context. How does it fit the big picture of Canada's immigration record?
It's a story often told in books and on film ... a soldier returning home from war and struggling to cope; but it's seldom told from the perspective of a female soldier. In her new novel Be Safe, I Love You, Cara Hoffman does just that.
A conversation with journalist and filmmaker Nayani Thiyagarajah about a form of interracial discrimination known as shadeism. She is producing a documentary about the growth of the industry that feeds the notion that lighter skin is more desirable.
John Chipman's documentary about nonagenarian track and field star Olga Kotelko, who died this week at 95.
Paul Rogers on the rise of ISIS; Filmmaker Nayani Thiyagarajah discusses Shadeism; Listener Mail on Chronic Pain; Ira Basen's documentary - A Brand New World; Ann Dowsett Johnston on Women and Alcoholism; John Chipman's documentary about Olga Kotelko
An excerpt: "Radio, not television, is all about pictures. The human voice creates a carefully constructed architecture of mental images as alive as any photograph or video. There is an intimacy to radio that can't be found in any other medium."
Pain specialists Jennifer Stinson, Dr. Mary Lynch and Dr. Angela Mailis-Gagnon discuss chronic pain.
Alisa Siegel's documentary about Deb Tully, and her efforts through song to help refugee students acclimatize to their new lives in Canada.
UofT philosophy professor Joseph Heath says politicians know it's easier to win elections appealing to voters' hearts, not minds. Heath is calling for a "new enlightenment", which puts rationality and critical thinking at the core of our political culture
Karin Wells' documentary about Victoria's Youth Poet Morgan Purvis.
Updated version of The Sunday Edition podcast for June 15, 2014
British Columbia is trying to entice more women to work in the trades. Karin Wells visited Kamloops to meet some young women who are training as electricians and welders. Her documentary is called "More Equal Than a Girl."
The Pursuit of Poetry - Michael's essay; The Case Against Psychiatric D-Day, 70 years later - Michael's essay; Erasing Tiananmen; Lifelines - Hugh Segal; Do What You Love; Mail about The Novel Cure; How We View Animals; Richard Ford; Losing Jack MacAndre
Tens of millions of people in North America are prescribed psychiatric drugs. But investigative journalist Robert Whitaker warns the drugs don't help many people ... and in some cases, may even make mental illnesses worse.
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