The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights): Episodes

Michael reflects on the terrorist attack in Paris.
Listener's chime in on the joys of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", and suggest we listen to a performance from Japan.
Michael speaks with author and law professor Patricia Williams about race and justice in the United States.
Michael speaks with Ted Clugston, the mayor of Medicine Hat, about that city's ambitious policy to end homelessness.
Karin Wells' documentary on Canadian medical pioneer Dr. Vera Peters
Michael's essay about the folly of legislating against poverty; Jonathan Powell, author of "Talking to Terrorists: How to End Armed Conflicts"; Documentary on donating socks to the homeless. (Invu on Beethoven's Ninth cannot be included due to rights)
Michael's interview with music historian Harvey Sachs, author of "The Ninth, Beethoven and the World in 1824."
A conversation with former Chief of Staff to British PM Tony Blair about his new book "Talking To Terrorists: How To End Armed Conflicts."
Michael reflects on the shameful history of broken treaties and promises between the government of Canada and the country's First Nations.
Michael speaks with British writer Adam Nicolson about his new book "The Might Dead: Why Homer Matters".
Robert Harris shares his picks for the best and worst Christmas music.
Mary Jane McPhee recalls how her troubled relationship with her brother was transformed one night, when visiting him after he had a double lung and heart transplant.
Michael recalls childhood memories of store windows at Christmas.
Harvard historian and author Jill Lepore speaks with Michael about her new book "The Secret History of Wonder Woman".
A Christmas concert - Michael's Essay; Harold Wanless; Mail about dying at age 75; Cat Christmas - Documentary; Mail about refugee policy; Bob Bossin; Menorah's hidden history
A menorah once gifted to a Christian family sheds light on a hidden chapter of history.
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