Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

Pine Beetle Knows Jack, Green Eggs and Salamanders, Flying Fossil, Manakins Migrate or Mate, Yuri's Flight.
Exercise & The Aging Brain, Super Salmon, Mumified Forest, Saturn's Rippled Rings, Fact or Fiction: Snowflakes.
A Nuclear Tourist in Chornobyl, Frugivorous Fish of the Forest, The Earliest North Americans?, Mercury's Magnetic Message, Climate Change in the Deep Future.
The Japan Syndrome, Orchids Wear The Scent of Death, Missing Every Beat, Ozone Woes, Moths Go With The Flow.
Lending A Helping Trunk, Invasion of the Zombie Ants, The Man With The Third Arm, Algae Architects, Echo, (echo...echo...), The Memory Molecule
Tickle Me, Astro, Pining for Lodgepoles, The Skinny on Hagfish, Cooking Up a New Kind Of Rocket, Turtle's Magnetic GPS, Neutron Star's Liquid Centre
The Benefit of a Bilingual Brain, Hibernating Bears, World's Oldest Water, Strange New Worlds, Lambs and Longevity
Getting A Toe Hold on Early Prosthetics, Artificial Intelligence Wins Gold, Leaf Cutters - When They Can't Cut It, Spit Out Your Genes.
Playing Footsie With Lucy, Give A Fox A Bone, A Killer Diet, Kissing A Comet, Explaining The Seahorse, Dark Matter Detection.
Orca's Oral Obstacle, Bomb Sniffing Plants, Pneumonia's New Genome, A Late Dinosaur, Fraser's Penguins.
The Earliest Galaxy, The Red Fox's Magnetic Attraction, Man Bites Dog, Spring Loaded Seeds, Craving Constants
Pterosaur Lays an Egg, Deer oh Deer, New Wines in Old Genes, Busting Galactic Dust, Science of Kissing.
Hot Rocks Planet, Climate 3000, Musical Brains, The Price Tag for Penguins, IceCube Neutrino Observatory, Fact or Fiction: Tea and Tooth Stains.
Re-setting the Periodic Table, Mammoth Moms, Finding a Fourth Planet, Whistling Caterpillars, Voyager and the Age of Discovery.
Quirks & Quarks Holiday Question Show Encore.
Picking on Puny Pluto, Parasites Found, Long For This World.
Falling Flowers and Rising Rats, Wildfires Burn Deep, Snakes on a #&%'$$!! Rope, Rainforests and the Rise of Reptiles, Light Flight.
Arsenic And Alien Life, Snakes With No #&%'$$!! Plane, Sharks' Speedy Skin, Bendy-straw Barnacle Penis, Coloured Glass, Fact or Fiction: Coffee and Asthma.
Invisibility Cloak, A Milliamp Makes You Math Minded, Spiders Eat Less But Live Longer, Marathon Mileage, Leatherback Buoyancy, Fact or Fiction: Frozen Tears.
Pterosaur Ptake-off, Apprehending Anti-atoms, Feline Physics of Cat Lapping, Can't C02 The Trees for the Forest, Drunken Bats, Fact or Fiction: Great Wall From Space.
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