Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

The Day The World Discovered The Sun, Hooked On Flowers, Oldest Instruments, Fire-Finding Beetle, Science Fact or Science Fiction: aluminum Pots.
The Whale's Sixth Sense, Heat Turns Butterfly On, The Apes Of Wrath, Squid Ink Writes Its Own History, Before The Lights Go Out.
The Beginnings of Art History, Life in the Garbage Patch, Prehistoric Pliosaur Pain, The Bowerbird's Fruitful Foreplay, Exploiting Guppy Love, Octopus on Ice.
The Smallest Giant, Maya Wall Calendar, Water Strider's Old Genes, The Nutcracker Chimps, White Dwarf Snacks on Planets, Geckos Get in a Tailspin.
Fisherman's Friend, Black Hole's Stellar Snack, Evolution Goes Blonde, Beetle Undertakers, Fossil Fish Surprise, Compu-Neurons.
Orangutan Architecture, International Polar Year Revisited, Great Tits Cooperate, Rise of the Jellies, Robot Evolution.
Across Atlantic Ice, Across Atlantic Ice Pt.2 - A Theory On Thin Ice, A History In Poop, The Emperor's New Numbers, An Encyclopedia of Cancer.
Hot Coral, Bats Fight European Invasion, Renaissance Thrips, Satellites See Ancient Sites, Connectome.
First Fire, Sailor's Diet, Jellyfish Breakfast, Lunch and Supper, Quantum Biology, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Dental Work and Radio Signals.
Facing The Truth, Revealing Raindrops, Evolution Doping, Madagascar's Founding Mothers, Hyper Planets, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Robins and Worms.
Homo Mysterious, The Space Chronicles, Mercurial Mercury, It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's...Plankton???, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Falling Penny.
Diminutive Dinosaurs, Astronaut Eyes, Bees' Bugs, Here's Looking At You Squid, Typhoid Froggy, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Bigger Brains.
Jurassic Super Fleas, Dark Matter Bulges Where It Shouldn't, A Skilled Saw-fish, Frost Flowers Pump Pollution, Early Worm Gets The Bird, Two Birds One Stone.
Giant Penguin, MRSA - The Pigs Give Back, The Oldest Forest, Marathon Migration, Herzberg Gold For Climate Modeller, Fact or Fiction: North Star.
DNA Drone Delivers Drugs, Complicated Pregnancy, The Moon Rises...from the Dead, Exercise and the Aging Brain, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Birds and Humans.
Under Antarctica's Ice, Anti-biotic Booze, No Kidding Around, Light Echoes, Guitar Zero
Forensic Vulturology, The Tarsier Hears, Black Hole Burps, Not-So-Dead Vents, How To Think Like A Neandertal.
Snakes In The Glades, Launching The Little Ice Age, Super-sizing Mammals, Arrival of the Arctic Killers, Levitating Flies, The Long And Fast of It.
A Dinosaur Nursery, Arctic Astronomy, A Moth Of A Different Colour, Brown Fat, Miller's Grizzled Langur I Presume, Your Brain on Meditation.
Making Life Multicellular, A Cambrian Tulip Patch, Telltale Telomeres, When Savvy Snakes Squeeze, A Universe From Nothing.
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