Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

Snakes In The Glades, Launching The Little Ice Age, Super-sizing Mammals, Arrival of the Arctic Killers, Levitating Flies, The Long And Fast of It.
A Dinosaur Nursery, Arctic Astronomy, A Moth Of A Different Colour, Brown Fat, Miller's Grizzled Langur I Presume, Your Brain on Meditation.
Making Life Multicellular, A Cambrian Tulip Patch, Telltale Telomeres, When Savvy Snakes Squeeze, A Universe From Nothing.
Prospecting For Planets, Outsourcing Spider Silk, Mapping Dark Matter, Sourcing Stonehenge, Global Warming's Low Hanging Fruit.
Supersoldier Ants, Quasicrystals From Space, A Dog in Wolf's Clothing, Alarm Follicles, The Sacred Headwaters.
An encore presentation of The Quirks and Quarks Question Show from Vancouver in 2003.
What if we get it right? Scientists look at what our world could look like in 2050.
Polar Bears, The Dolphin in the Mirror, The Infinity Puzzle.
Not-So-Dirty Rat, Oldest Bedding Stopped The Biting, Yeti Crab, Scared Chickless, Soy Source, Underwater Silk.
Baby Schadenfreude, Robots Going Soft, Male Fig Wasps Free The Females, A Bat's Skull Determines Its Diet, Cosmic Ray Gun, CSI Paleolithic.
The Rocky Road To Durban, For Dolphins, Pregnancy is a Drag, Jawbones and Diet, The Amazing Spider Mite, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Red Wine Headache.
Mars Provokes Curiosity, Plotting Plant Pathogens, Pinning Down The Permian Extinction, Downs: The History of a Disability, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Radiation.
Locked In, But Not Out, The Raw and The Cooked, The Pitter-Patter of Predatory Feet, Primordial Gas, Knocking on Heaven's Door.
Dueling With a Duet, Teeth Tell Trip Tale, Stressed To Death, The God Species, Listener Feedback, Fact or Fiction: Hummingbirds.
Heart of a Snake, Mastodon Massacre, The Fingerprint of Poverty, 7 Billion and Counting
Dinosaur Speed Demon, Dawn at Vesta, Chivalrous Crickets, Hybrid Humans, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Flourescent Lights.
Prehistoric Paintbox, Blackbirds and Traffic Noise, A New Spin With Nanotubes, Seeking C02 Seeps, Lip Service.
Dark Energy Takes The Prize, Katydids Make Sexy Snacks, Fingerprints in Water, A Dangerous Glow, Slippery When Wet, or anytime, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Microwave Ovens.
Mind Movies, Arctic Squirrels on Steroids, Bug Bites Frog, Egg Freezing: Cheating The Clock, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Childbirth and The Moon.
Genes of a Killer, Aboriginal Genome - Out of Africa, Choosy Chickens, Mad Like Tesla, Science Fact or Science Fiction: Calico Cats.
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