Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

Arctic Bacteria Survives Below Freezing, Earliest Evidence of Cooking Pots, Entangled Whales Suffer Slow Deaths, Gila Monster Food Dehydration, The Origin of Feces.
Oldest Water May Be Clue To Life on Mars, Oldest Evidence of Human Hunting, Humans And Dogs Evolved Together, Apps For Apes, Beetles Make Antifreeze.
Bone Head Dinosaur Diversity, Using Elephants To Study Dinosaur Metabolism, Hairy Bat Tongues Lap Liquid, Compound Eye Camera, Bone Worms Devour Whale Skeletons, Seeing Faster Than The Eye Can Follow.
Shark Embryos Cannibalize Their Siblings, Does Antimatter Have Anti-Gravity?, Humpbacks Take Fishing Tips From Friends, My Beloved Brontosaurus, Quirks Question Period - The Moon's Moon.
Paleofantasy, Why Vermin Can't Vomit, Squirrel Stress Makes Big Babies, Bacterial Biofuels Made Better, Big Stars Make Long Gamma-ray Bursts.
Parasitic Worms Inspire Better Skin Graft, Penis-like Organ Helps Bowheads Keep Cool, Beothuk Beliefs Inspired by Birds, Lake Erie Algae Bloom, Time Reborn.
Dinosaurs Great At Growing, Dinosaurs Do The Duck Paddle, Monarch Butterflies Navigate Without A Map, Shark Tooth Weapons Reveal Lost Species, Humans Caused Bird Extinctions in Pacific Islands, Electric Engines For Aircraft.
Big Dogs Die Young, The Firestorm That Killed The Dinosaurs, Giraffes Changed by Distant Feet, Rocky Mountains Imported From Overseas, Brain Machine Interfaces.
West Coast History of Tobacco, Termites Make Fairy Circles in the Sand, The Science of Religion, Brother Guy Consolmagno Jesuit and Astronomer.
Planck Takes The Universe's Baby Picture, Driving Cliff Swallow's Evolution, Head Impacts and Brain Decay, The Dracula Ant Drinks Its Young, Adventure Meets Research on the Serengeti.
Cell Phone Conversations Annoying and Distracting, Heat Triggers Dwarf Mistletoe, New Telescope Reveals Early Star Formation, Rhino Beetle is a Freaky Flier, Penguins Can Get Colder Than Cold, How Sauropod Dinosaurs Hold Their Heads.
Camels in the high Arctic, Bees get a Buzz from Caffeine, Prehistoric Spiral-toothed Shark, A Martian Flood of Biblical Proportions, Rats Sniff-out Social Status, The Ancient Roman Diet.
Tiny Canadian Satellites Study Brightest Stars, Ancient Peruvian Civilization Fueled by Corn, Skillful Monkeys Crack Nuts, Dolphins Imitate Calls, Permafrost Melting in the Sunlight, How Seals Sleep With Half a Brain.
Human Echolocation: Blind Like A Bat, Lifting The Lid On Lazy Eye, Red Dwarf Stars Host Hospitable Planets, Mother Flies Dose Offspring With Alcohol, Arctic Ice Turns Green With Algae, Salmon Follow Magnetic Map.
Oceans of Plastic, Early Music Lessons Boost The Brain, Moles Smell in Stereo, Battle of The Invasive Ants, Carbon Nanotubes Make Hybrid Heart Tissue.
Oldest Placental Mammal, Jays Anticipate Mates' Desires, Encroaching Grasslands and Bipedalism, Caribbean Coral Crisis, The Universe Within.
Canadian Telescope Explores Dark Energy, Toddlers Tell Lies, Teeth Reveal Dinosaur Species, Tapeworm Eggs in Fossilized Shark Poop, Identically Different: The Science of Epigenetics.
DNA For Data Banks, Webbed Hands and Feet Help Frog Fly, White Coyotes Unique to Newfoundland, Frozen Frogs Pay a Price For Ice, Fish Hide From The Invasive Nile Perch, Fossils Could Preserve Oldest Land Life.
Fists Of Fury, Hobbit Wrists Support Species Theory, Gut Bacteria and Autoimmune Disease, Barnacles Sow Their Seed in the Sea, Dwarf Galaxy Orbital Puzzle, Counting the Bugs in a Rainforest.
Athabasca Oil Sands Pollute Nearby Lakes, Finding A Shooting Star, A Fish Climbs Using Its Mouth, Reconstructing The Olduvai Environment, Manitoba on The Ancient Equator, Question of the Week: Measuring Time.
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