Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

Can You Catch OCD From Strep?, Orangutans Announce Their Travel Plans, Solar - Smaller and Greener, Female Bug Masquerades As Male To Avoid, Unwanted Sex, Quirks Question Period: What If The Asteroid Never Hit?
You're Getting Warmer, Handful of Asian Carp Could Overwhelm Great Lakes, Cheetah's Savvy Hunting Strategy, Population Countdown.
Overfishing Sharks Damages Coral Reefs, Human Babies Learn From Lemurs, Mosquito Invisibility Cloak, Neanderthals Used Sophisticated Tools, Cat Parasite Brainwashes Mice, Were Ancient Sahara Rivers Migration Routes?
Archival tribute as Voyager 1 Spacecraft leaves the Solar System.
Seniors Gain From Train-The-Brain Game, Mercenary Ants, The Encyclo-Pee-Dia of Urine, Happy Sea Otters Means Healthy Seagrass, Life After Kepler.
Cultured Meat - Flesh or Fantasy, Greenland's Grand Canyon, First Use of Fertilizer For Farming, Solar Flip-Flop.
From the Quirks archives, a program about the Krakatoa eruption.
The Quirks podcast will return in September. Have a great summer
Ancient Egyptians Made Jewellery From Meteorites, Radiation En Route to Mars, Cuban Tree Frogs Are The Loud New Neighbours, Bob Goes To Sea to See Some Ocean Research.
Predicting The Next Big One, Cabbage Circadian Clock Keeps Ticking After Picking, Fish Swimming in Pharmaceutical Soup, Building A Brain.
Ten science questions are answered in the annual Question Road Show before a live audience in Halifax
The Return of Chris Hadfield, Oldest Primate Skeleton, Gill-net Drownings Depress Seabird Populations, Stung! Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean.
Wings and White-Nose Syndrome in Bats, Moss Revived After Centuries Under Ice, Fleshing Out Allosaurus, Glitches in a Neutron Star, How The Turtle Got Its Shell, Malaria's Malign Modification of Mosquitos.
Arctic Bacteria Survives Below Freezing, Earliest Evidence of Cooking Pots, Entangled Whales Suffer Slow Deaths, Gila Monster Food Dehydration, The Origin of Feces.
Oldest Water May Be Clue To Life on Mars, Oldest Evidence of Human Hunting, Humans And Dogs Evolved Together, Apps For Apes, Beetles Make Antifreeze.
Bone Head Dinosaur Diversity, Using Elephants To Study Dinosaur Metabolism, Hairy Bat Tongues Lap Liquid, Compound Eye Camera, Bone Worms Devour Whale Skeletons, Seeing Faster Than The Eye Can Follow.
Shark Embryos Cannibalize Their Siblings, Does Antimatter Have Anti-Gravity?, Humpbacks Take Fishing Tips From Friends, My Beloved Brontosaurus, Quirks Question Period - The Moon's Moon.
Paleofantasy, Why Vermin Can't Vomit, Squirrel Stress Makes Big Babies, Bacterial Biofuels Made Better, Big Stars Make Long Gamma-ray Bursts.
Parasitic Worms Inspire Better Skin Graft, Penis-like Organ Helps Bowheads Keep Cool, Beothuk Beliefs Inspired by Birds, Lake Erie Algae Bloom, Time Reborn.
Dinosaurs Great At Growing, Dinosaurs Do The Duck Paddle, Monarch Butterflies Navigate Without A Map, Shark Tooth Weapons Reveal Lost Species, Humans Caused Bird Extinctions in Pacific Islands, Electric Engines For Aircraft.
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