Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

Curiosity Rover Jumps In A Lake, Did Life Travel From Earth To Mars, Peregrine Chicks Drown In The Rain, Beaks Helped Dinosaurs Eat Plants, Chameleons Use Colour To Send A Message, Marine Worms and Micro-plastics.
World's Oldest Wine Cellar, The Mystery of Making The Moon, Scientists Undermine Bird Self-esteem, How A Sauropod Steps, Less Salmon More Stress For Grizzlies, Fatal Attraction For Praying Mantis.
Uncovering Buddha's Birthplace, Arctic Gulls Ingest Chemical Cocktail, Beetles Find Jack-pine Fine, Salted Icicles Have Ripples, Sleep Sweeps The Brain, New North American Ancestors.
MAVEN Breathes Martian Air, Meat Mummies, Arctic Sea Ice Loss Recorded in Algae, Global Warming Makes Mammals Shrink, Peak Garbage, Quirks Question Period - Earth's Core.
King of Gore Before T-Rex, Climate Change and Migration over Generations, Europa's Dangerous Surface, Grizzly Bears Warm To Climate Change, The Germ Code.
The Chelyabinsk Meteor, Big Toothy Platypus, Reindeer Eyes Change Colour, A Case For Climate Engineering, Quirks Question Period: Horse's Mouth.
Chris Hadfield: Down to Earth, Bee Extinction, Cuckoo Finch Tricks, How Do You Feel?
The Law Of Urination, Mighty Mouse Immune to Scorpion's Sting, Money Grows on Trees, Clearing Space with Electricity, Boreal Forest's Future on Fire, A 200-day Non-stop Flight.
Fossilized Mosquito With Prehistoric Blood, Damp Weather Dampens Insect's Sex Life, Arrows From The Ice, Too Many Moose in Gros Morne, The Cancer Chronicles.
Nobel Prize For Cellular Traffic, Male Marsupial Is Dying For Sex, End of The Arctic Refugia, Bionic Leg's First Steps, Kindred Beings.
A replay of two book interviews related to this week's Nobel Prize for physics.
Can You Catch OCD From Strep?, Orangutans Announce Their Travel Plans, Solar - Smaller and Greener, Female Bug Masquerades As Male To Avoid, Unwanted Sex, Quirks Question Period: What If The Asteroid Never Hit?
You're Getting Warmer, Handful of Asian Carp Could Overwhelm Great Lakes, Cheetah's Savvy Hunting Strategy, Population Countdown.
Overfishing Sharks Damages Coral Reefs, Human Babies Learn From Lemurs, Mosquito Invisibility Cloak, Neanderthals Used Sophisticated Tools, Cat Parasite Brainwashes Mice, Were Ancient Sahara Rivers Migration Routes?
Archival tribute as Voyager 1 Spacecraft leaves the Solar System.
Seniors Gain From Train-The-Brain Game, Mercenary Ants, The Encyclo-Pee-Dia of Urine, Happy Sea Otters Means Healthy Seagrass, Life After Kepler.
Cultured Meat - Flesh or Fantasy, Greenland's Grand Canyon, First Use of Fertilizer For Farming, Solar Flip-Flop.
From the Quirks archives, a program about the Krakatoa eruption.
The Quirks podcast will return in September. Have a great summer
Ancient Egyptians Made Jewellery From Meteorites, Radiation En Route to Mars, Cuban Tree Frogs Are The Loud New Neighbours, Bob Goes To Sea to See Some Ocean Research.
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