Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

Ten scientists answer one question in their area of expertise in this annual Question show.
The Particle at the End of the Universe explains the hunt for the elusive Higgs Boson, The Forever Fix chronicles the history of gene therapy, and Hubble's Universe is a fantastic visual voyage through images taken by the world's greatest telescope.
Earliest Evidence of Cheese Making, Penetrating Porcupine Quills, Electricity From The Ear, Birds Use Cigarette Butts to Repel Parasites, Planet Without Apes.
Nyasasaurus The Oldest Dinosaur, Blue Whales Perform Underwater Acrobatics, Nanotech Steam Generator, Insect Jumps on Water, Katydid's Human-like Ears, Forsaking Sex and Stealing DNA.
Dead Trees, Warm Forests, Hermit Crab's Shell Game, Peruvian Peak Water, The Enemy of My Enemy is My Enemy, Near Earth Objects.
In A Flap About Flight, Fish Swims With The Current, Wax-work Micro-muscles, Using DNA to Save The World, Question of the Week: Herbivores.
Sticks and Stones, Fairy Wren Mothers Know Best, Mink Get Bored, Too, Planets Go Rogue, Dawn of the Deed.
Whale Lost And Found, Elephant Talk, Super Supernova, Mayans Dry Decline, The Ocean of Life.
Pain By Numbers, Cracking A Cuneiform Code, Salt Marshes on Junk Food, Beetle Penis Gets Spiked, Man Behind The Masseys.
A Feathery First For Dinosaurs, Dung Is Cool, Whales For The Killing, Electricity Likes It Hot, It Boggles The Mind.
Ironing The Ocean, Fish Feces Combat Carbon, Say "Micro-cheese", The Slimy Road Not Taken, Earth Two, Baboons With Personality.
Nobel for a Cell, Greenland's Clearwater Revival, It Came From Mars, The 100 Year Starship, Warp Factor .001.
Hooked on Fish, Risk-Taking Star Lives Fast, That's Not Cricket, Flight of the Phytoplankton, Prize Fight.
The Skinny on the Spiny Mouse, The Burden of Fatherhood, Flight Plan Bee, Memories of Chocolate, Alouette 1 at 50.
A Deadly Games of Snakes and Spiders, The Pitter Patter of Fossil Feet, Sea Lions Dive Deep, Ground Squirrels Sleep in Late, The Stardust Revolution.
Killer Mammas Finding Your Inner Mars, Gummy Rat, When The Antarctic Was Green, Thorium The Super Fuel.
A Dinosaur's Last Meal, Was There Life On Mars, Migrating Birds Leave on Time, Stellar Baby Boom, Silent Spring Turns 50.
A Special Podcast regarding the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong.
Male Moths Run Hot and Cold, Babies Read Lips, Extreme Chemistry, Fractal Music, Pitcher Plant's Bright Idea.
Brain Power, The Young and the Generous, Robust Robot, What Happened to the Harappans?, Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat.
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