Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

The Birth Control Pill is Harming Fish, Thornless Plants Defend By Teeth and Claws, Material is Bloody Slippery, Genetics Homes In On Autism, Crowd-sourcing Science on the High Seas, Quirks Question of The Week - Counting Stars.
Nobel For Seeing The Invisible, Birds Colour Match Their Nests, Cheetahs are Walking Not Running To Extinction, Oilpatch Ozone Pollution, Physics Breakthrough Break Down.
The Birds, and The Bees - and the Pesticides, Chimps Share Thirst For Knowledge, Plastic Pollution Plagues The St. Lawrence, Big Ash Volcano, Leatherback Turtle's Third Eye.
Failing The Climate Challenge?, An Eye In The Sky On CO2, Infant Cries Have Universal Appeal, Firelight Stores Original Social Media, Meteorite That Killed Dinosaurs Remade Forests.
Ebola - The Worst Case Scenario?, Fish Recruit Eels To Help Find Food, European Explorers Brought Invasive Species, First Animals To Flex Their Muscles, Curiosity on Mars.
Finding Franklin's Ship, Searching for Spinosaurus, Origami Robot Folds Itself, Mystery of the Maritimes Walrus, The Next Big Thing - Fusion Power and ITER.
Genome of a Killer, Life Under Antarctic Ice, Tyrannosaurs Roamed In Packs, Moose Saliva Reduces Toxins, Elephants Slaughtered For Their Tusks.
Jawing About Ancient Fish, It's Tough To Be A Sea Otter Mom, Star-Within-A-Star, Plant Fossils Reveal Dinosaur Era Forest Fire, The Cosmic Cocktail.
Mega Earth, Gift Giving Is Key to Bushcricket Sex, Burning Hair Reveals Identity, Lightning And Lianas, Sister To Our Sun, Malnutrition And The Microbiome.
Microplastics on Ice, Aerial Acrobatics of Cliff Swallows, Creating The Continental Crust, The Sloth's Pharmaceutical Fur, The Knowledge.
An Octopus Mystery Untangled, Microbes on Mars?, Wild Mice Like Running Wheels, Tree Swallows Have Winter of Discontent, Tambora - The Eruption That Changed The World.
West Antarctic Ice Slipping Away, Pinocchio Rex, Flies Thrive on Freeze-Free Fat, Pre-Historic Girl and The First Americans, Ant-agonists Play Game Of Thrones.
CO2 And Crop Nutrients, Self-Fumigating Finches, Thinking About De-Extinction, Dinosaur Claws, The Milky Ways Get A New Image, Quirks Question Period - Maple Trees and Sap.
Prehistoric Lake Huron Caribou Crossing, Spanish Flu's Fatal Timing, Why finicky Cats Went Extinct, Pain and Diminishing Desire, Water 4.0.
Cured: How The Berlin Patients Defeated HIV, Cannibal Tadpoles, Crickets Respond To Viral Aphrodisiac, Robo Clams, Blue-footed Boobies Endangered in Galapagos.
Goldilocks Planet, Male Black Widow Spiders Like Mates Fat and Chaste, Vertebrates and Plant Power, LADEE's A Hit On The Moon, Farmer's Strong Bones, GMO Poplar Trees Help The Environment.
Enceladus' Ocean, Geese Put Their Heart Into Flying, Poverty Erodes DNA In Children, As Strong As A...Beetle?, What Puts The Bend In Bone, Whale Sets Deep Diving Record.
The World's Northern-most Dinosaur, Aboriginal Gardens Make Happy Clams, Dwarf Planet, How The Zebra Got Its Stripes, IPCC Climate Change Report.
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