Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio: Episodes

In this repeat of a special edition of Quirks & Quarks, we invited our listeners to predict the future, from self-driving cars to 3D printing to artificial intelligence.
Drowning in Plastic, Dinosaurs May Have Taken LSD, The Earliest Record of Human Twins, Fish Go Very Low, Future Arctic.
Fish Under Antarctic Ice, First Peoples Used Spear Throwers, That's Gold In That There Poo, Maximum Pterosaur, Spider Spins Electrically Charged Silk, Meteorite From The Martian Surface.
Oldest Known Snake Fossils, Ancient Planets, Insect Sexual Cannibalism - Dinner Dates Become Dinner, Why Geckos Don't Stick, Cone Snails Use Insulin As A Weapon, Shrinking Coyotes.
Rosetta Takes A Close-up Of A Comet, Getting A Grip on Early Tool Use, Why Rover Rolls Over, Pulsar Pair Bends Space-time, Flies Get A-head of Ants, Killer Whales Kill Humpbacks.
CSI Ebola: Tracking The Outbreak's Origin, Ancient Scorpions Were A Step Ahead, Spinning Stars Slow Down With Age, Speaking of Tools, The Roller Coaster Flight Of The Bar-headed Goose, Pitcher Plants Turn Their Trap On and Off.
Poker Computer Takes the Pot, Invasive Fire Ants Help Invasive Plants, Pulling A New Antibiotic Out Of The Dirt, Focusing on Earth-Like Planets, Unique Frog Gives Birth To Live Tadpoles, How White-Nose Syndrome Kills Bats.
Squirrels Bulk Up During Hibernation, Dinosaur Demise and The Deccan Traps, Building Titan's Dunes, Birds Conform To Local Traditions, World's Biggest Space Telescope.
Things To Make And Do In The Fourth Dimension, Island On Fire, Stuff Matters.
Alcohol May Have Been A Key To Our Descent From The Trees, 4,500 Year Old Cancer In Human Fossils, Oldest Horned Dinosaur in North America, Polar Bear's Foot Fetish, Electric Eels Tase Their Prey, The Avian Tree Of Life.
Prehistoric Human Ancestors Made Engravings On Shells, Mastodons Made an Early Exit From The North, Ants Perform Street Cleaner Role On Broadway, Elephants Predict Rain From 300 Kilometres Away, Why Invasive Species Aren't All Bad.
Failing Grades On Failing Species, Can A Wolf Cull Save Alberta Caribou?, Polar Bears On Thin Ice, French Kissing Exchanges Passion and Bacteria, What Hit Sudbury?, Faces Try To Be Recognized.
Lakes Turning To Jelly, The Brain Remembers Forgotten Language, Sea Star Virus Identified, Genetically Modified Chestnuts, Butterfly's Eyespots Are Targets, The Dodo Was No Dodo.
The Taming of the Cat, Ant Queen Wins Sperm Battle, Duck-billed Dinosaur Was A Distance Runner, The Darkness Is Full Of Stars, Birds & Music, Bats Jam Others' Echolocation.
Rosetta's Long Trip, These Crime Solvers Are Real Pigs, Ancient Fish Created Copulation, Chicken Big, Big Science: Thirty Metre Telescopes.
Slow And Steady Tortoise de-Extinction, Andean Pioneers Were Up Early, The Fast Flip of The Earth's Magnetic Field, Return of a Virus, A Message From Martha.
Mystery Dinosaur Gets A-Head, Maple Migration Moderated, Oil Rigs Attract Fish, Chris Hadfield: You Are Here, Quirks Question Period - Space Magnets.
The Birth Control Pill is Harming Fish, Thornless Plants Defend By Teeth and Claws, Material is Bloody Slippery, Genetics Homes In On Autism, Crowd-sourcing Science on the High Seas, Quirks Question of The Week - Counting Stars.
Nobel For Seeing The Invisible, Birds Colour Match Their Nests, Cheetahs are Walking Not Running To Extinction, Oilpatch Ozone Pollution, Physics Breakthrough Break Down.
The Birds, and The Bees - and the Pesticides, Chimps Share Thirst For Knowledge, Plastic Pollution Plagues The St. Lawrence, Big Ash Volcano, Leatherback Turtle's Third Eye.
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