Cross Country Checkup from CBC Radio: Episodes

Should long-time temporary foreign workers be offered permanent status in Canada?
What's your reaction to the expansion of the mission against ISIS?
Should Canada develop a national drug plan?
Are Canadians dangerously in debt thanks to expensive housing and cheap credit?
How would you stop radicalization in your community?
Are young people getting the post-secondary education they need?
Is the government's proposed anti-terror bill what Canadians need to stay safe?
What safeguards need to be included in the coming law on assisted-death?
Should some vaccinations be mandatory?
Is it time to re-think the role of doctors in the healthcare system?
Free speech: where are the limits?
What do falling oil prices mean for you?
Will the Charlie Hebdo shootings create a chill in the media and among journalists?
With guest host Susan McReynolds: What book do you recommend for Checkup's winter list of good reading?
Who would you nominate for Person of the Year? And, what trends did you see surfacing in 2014 that are destined to be important in the coming year?
With guest host Susan McReynolds: What are your traditions at Christmastime?
What's the future of classical music?
Remembering Jean Beliveau: He was a hockey player in a class of his own, loved not only for his skill on the ice, but for his presence and grace off the ice. What are your thoughts on his passing?
Are Canada's veterans getting the support they need?
Has our justice system priced itself beyond the reach of average citizens?
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