Cross Country Checkup from CBC Radio: Episodes

With guest host Susan McReynolds. Is development good for Canada's parks?
With guest host Suhana Meharchand: Are children today being harmed by overprotection?
With guest host David Gray. How should the West respond to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17?
With guest host Matt Galloway: What are your thoughts on the 2014 World Cup?
With guest host Susan McReynolds: What do you think about Canada's new anti-spam legislation?
With guest host Suhana Meharchand. What book would you pick for a list of 100 great Canadian novels?
With guest host Andrew Nichols. What do you think of the government's conditional approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline?
With guest host Danielle Bochove: How can cyberbullying be stopped?
What are your thoughts on the Moncton shootings?
With guest host Suhana Meharchand. Who's to blame for low voter turnout among youth: politicians or the young?
Have unions lost ground? Do they need to get tougher?
Is Internet access now an essential service for all Canadians? Should it be free and everywhere?
What lessons does history hold for us in Ukraine? Are you worried about what you see?
Is Senate reform off the table? Should it be?
With guest host Suhana Meharchand: Is there a place for temporary foreign workers in Canada's economy?
Should more effort be put into identifying people who might engage in deadly random attacks?
What are your thoughts on the life and death of Jim Flaherty?
Have you been watching the Quebec election campaign?
Should the West worry about Russia's territorial ambitions and what should Canada do?
With guest host Harry Forestell: What is the legacy of Jim Flaherty, and does the economic forecast look good?
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