Cross Country Checkup from CBC Radio: Episodes

Remembering Jean Beliveau: He was a hockey player in a class of his own, loved not only for his skill on the ice, but for his presence and grace off the ice. What are your thoughts on his passing?
Are Canada's veterans getting the support they need?
Has our justice system priced itself beyond the reach of average citizens?
What should the government's priorities be with the coming budget surplus?
How widespread is sexual harassment in the workplace?
Do the police need more power to combat those who might pose a threat?
What are your thoughts on the Ottawa shooting?
Should assisted suicide be a legal option?
What's your reaction to Canada joining the fight against ISIS?
Are you worried about the threat posed by the Ebola virus?
With guest host Peter Mansbridge. What is the future of the library in the age of Google?
What are your thoughts on Scotland's referendum?
What's the significance of the Franklin discovery to Canadians today?
Do you see ISIS as a threat to Canada and Canadians?
What are the gardening challenges you face in your part of the country?
Is it time to change Canada's laws on the possession and use of marijuana?
With guest host Rick Cluff: How can we better help people cope with depression and other mental health issues?
Can you afford to buy a house where you want to live?
With guest host Susan McReynolds. Is development good for Canada's parks?
With guest host Suhana Meharchand: Are children today being harmed by overprotection?
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