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Host Jane Testar celebrates lapses in judgment and total screw ups.
Environment Canada firing scientists, Canadian and American trading disputes grow to Shakespearean proportions and Canadians might not be as accurate as they should be in a recent survey.
It would be a mistake not to listen.
Join host Jane Testar as she tries to keep a positive attitude while pondering the meaning of Valentine's Day.
Canada shows the world its love in verse; Diana Frances shows us how to get rid of previous Valentine's Day gifts and Alix Sobler talks to some kids about love and this saintly occasion.
Has ...
Unseasonably warm temperatures are freaking out our host, Jane Testar. Mexican vacations seem unnecessary now, and DANGEROUS. Fortunately our relationship with China seems more positive these days and Canada's population is on the upswing.
Listen in for some warm, international comedy in this edition ...
Not sure if you've heard of any of the Academy Award nominated movies this year?
Not sure if the government will let you retire?
In need of a rousing story about a squirrel?

We've got the answer for all three. Plus, we've rolled out the red just pour vous.
Wear something pretty, or Joan Rivers will ...
Host Jane Testar is proud of two countries this week.
The first, Canada, fills Jane's heart with pride as Americans plan how they'll use Canada as a giant national park. Then, we have a sketch about another point of Canadian pride, makers of the Blackberry, Research in Motion. And finally, the Comedy ...
Somewhere a brass monkey is desperately searching for something. Yep, it's pretty darned cold out. But your host, Jane Testar is here to heat things up with some warm, crackling comedy. We hear some more of Tony Clement's Tweets, Diana Frances shows us that the best way to find a healthy relationship ...
Jane Testar is back...so you can stop crying now.
We made it through the end of the world...so you can stop hoarding now.
Miss Conduct shows you the evils of spitting in public...so you can stop spitting now.
And Jean Chr├ętien has some ideas to breathe life into the Liberal Party...so the party may ...
something new, borrowed and blue for the first podcast of 2012
A second heaping serving of starchy, tryptophan laced comedy from the year that was. Don Cherry, Air Canada, end of the world survival guide, and more! Host Jane Testar even attempts some impressions. Well...sorta. It's her New Year's Resolution to get better at them.
Some of our favorite sketches from the year that was. Plus, a brand new favorite on Parliamentary insults.
"You're out of order! No, YOU'RE out of order! This whole HOUSE is out of order!!!"
Being in charge is hard work. Especially when no one likes you.
The Comedy Factory team presents a heartfelt letter from Vladimir Putin, a freshly re-vamped border security system, and a holiday salute to cultural insensitivity.
Jane Testar can't accept that it's winter, but the comedy crew can already make jokes about it.
Boy it's cold in Canada...HOW COLD IS IT? Dean and Mike tell you. We hear some reports after an attack from Chinese hackers and the Twilight Saga continues...for some reason Jane can't quite comprehend.
Is Canada about to punk out of the Kyoto Accord? Al Rae discusses the history of the accord, we open the vault to confront Canada about its addiction to emissions and we try to help Lobster fishermen rebrand their product.
The world is buzzing with political unrest and we Canadians are...kind of peeved as well.
Podcast host Jane Testar and the CBC Comedy Crew fight the powers that be, starting with the G20 planning committee, moving on to the RCMP and finally Miss Conduct takes on the real trouble makers...people who wear ...
The "Occupy" Movement is now being threatened with eviction all around the world. This comes as no surprise to us here at the Comedy Factory. In fact we've got a whole list of previous, lesser known Occupy movements. Al Rae and host Jane Testar unsuccessfully try to stay calm in the financial crisis ...
Jane is cranky. Is she just paying tribute to recently deceased rantmeister Andy Rooney? Sure, let's go with that.
We lampoon Tim Horton's jump onto the specialty coffee bandwagon and we open the vault to make fun of Justin Bieber...he's young and rich...he's asking for it.
Did we mention Jane is cranky?
To celebrate CBC's broadcasting milestone, host Jane Testar serves up a lovely hors d'oeuvre platter of CBC history. Al Rae gives us a jaunty CBC timeline, and we hear from CBC comedy favorites The Frantics and the king of the passionate rant, Rick Mercer.
You can't see it, but there's confetti EVERYWHERE.
They're scrapping the long gun registry, but don't worry Canada, there's something ELSE to complain about...The new border crossing fee! Then we take a look at a 'new classic' from This is That to celebrate 75 years on the air. Can you believe this gold is free?!
Not sure about what you should be occupying? How about a chair as you take a quiz to see if you've got what it takes to protest properly? Then we celebrate 75 years of the CBC with a little help from our old friends The Vestibules and The Royal Canadian Air Farce.
Host Jane Testar hopes she occupies your hearts.
Everyone and everything seems to be on the chopping block these days. Or they're at least wearing out their welcome. We've got Don Cherry's rebuttal to criticism of his latest rant, we open the vault to support flight attendants and we try to get the kids of the cell phone, but their skin seems to have ...
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