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Bev Oda is on her way out, but Research In Motion is desperately trying to stay in.
The Government wants to take certain material off the internet but Google won't let them.
Relationship expert Diana Frances shows you the potential danger of keeping y
Canada has a lot to be proud of, or at least pretend to not be ashamed of.
Jane Testar hosts a bevy of Canadian themed sketches while you drink ten or twelve 'bevies' in your backyard or cottage.
Everybody was Kung Fu fightin' over freedom of speech, the C-38 omnibus bill, and relationship expert Diana Frances warns you about the dangers of being too chummy with your boyfriend's chums.
Exhausted MPs are voting all night on bill C-38, Peter MacKay has some s'plainin' to do about an expensive press conference for the F-35 fighters, and Blair Sanderson talks to some confident men about balding.
Jane is impressed that the Queen made it through the whirlwind festivities of her diamond Jubilee in one piece.
Like the Queen, many Canadians are senior citizens...many MANY. So we've written some smutty novels for them. Then we cheerfully explain Step
Umm...could you repeat that?
Unbelievable stories from an unbelievably adorable host, Jane Testar.
Host Jane Testar looks at all facets of manhood. Relationship expert Diana Frances examines who wears the apron in the family, our comedy crew makes a movie about Canada's self defense laws, and we take a look back with Justin Bieber, whom we're assured i
Young people are having a tough time out in the job market, Coach's Corner's Ron MacLean is in trouble...and NOT Don Cherry? And to top it all off, Miss Conduct won't let you wear flip flops.
Man! We just can't catch a BREAK!
Conrad Black is out of jail and back on Canadian soil, struggling Canadian tech company, Research In Motion might have a niche market for their Blackberry, Canada's national parks are facing huge cutbacks and did you remember to buy your mom some flowers
The Ottawa Senators are out of the playoffs, but Ottawa is still seeing its fair share of excitement with a visit from Prince Charles and Camilla, and constant yelling during question period in Parliament.
We're making fun of all it.
Sometimes even good news has a dark side. Follow the epic journey of the Wild Rose Party, Diana Frances explains the "Accidental I Love You" (soon to be a movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey, and we revisit the BP oil spill to cele
The CBC Comedy Team signs up for an unlimited cell plan, we create a new career path for freshly fired federal employees, we get the mood on the street about the new cigarette warning labels and find a cure for the Titanic obsessed. Booya! What you do you
It's the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Time to...celebrate? Host Jane Testar can't understand Titanic hoopla, Canada can't understand why the Conservatives are so dead set on buying the F-35 fighter jets, CBC can't believe they have to
News stories just seem to be recycling themselves. Gas Prices are sky high (again), the F-35 fighter jets aren't what they promised to be (again) and older men like Alec Baldwin keep marrying much, much younger ladies.
It's all just a little bit of histo
Everybody is in a fighting mood these days. We're in a boxing stance waiting for the 2012 budget; the Conservatives are making Bob Rae attack ads, even brothels are fighting for their rights.
The CBC Comedy team explores them all, followed by a one-two punch from our friends at DNTO.
Feel like flipping over a car, setting something on fire and generally causing havoc? Of course you do, you're Canadian!
We get down to the bottom of why we're such a riotous country, we protect our national symbols, our relationship expert, Diana Frances illustrates the danger of "Not tonight honey, ...
Like Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, we're encouraging you take care of yourselves! But with fewer tracksuits and moustaches.
30,000 fired government workers feel better after receiving their severance packages, Celine Dion makes some healthy improvements to her new acquisition, Schwartz's Deli, we find ...
It's a cartoonishly hilarious look at how our country does business. A sleepy MP tells his side of the story, we help newly resigned Ottawa staffers with legal representation and Robocalls run amok.
Slide whistle!
Do we use technology for good, or evil?
Find out as you listen in on some disturbing "Robocalls", hear a movie trailer about faulty Canadian submarines, and follow a recently fired, Twitter happy Parliament Hill staffer to a job interview.

Do not trust the metal ones.
We fear change.
Host Jane Testar celebrates lapses in judgment and total screw ups.
Environment Canada firing scientists, Canadian and American trading disputes grow to Shakespearean proportions and Canadians might not be as accurate as they should be in a recent survey.
It would be a mistake not to listen.
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