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This week's podcast can't ignore all the hype behind the Rob Ford crack smoking video. The podcast also can't ignore the fact that we ALL need to be healthier Canadians.
This week's podcast looks at Canadian super star astronaut Chris Hadfield and super star Queen Victoria, the name sake of the greatest of all long weekends.
We take your physical well-being to heart.
We have a prescription for exercise, some good news about the benefits of beards from relationship expert, Diana Frances, and Justin Bieber runs himself ragged.
Listen to this podcast and call us in the morning
We now know what the real cost of cheap clothing is, but is buying ethical all that easy? The Canadian Cattleman's Association wants the government to follow the trend of food irradiation on Canadian beef (with super human effects) and Miss Conduct (along
Hate paying your taxes? We have an ode to a literary classic for you.
Raising kids? Dean Jenkinson has a story to tell you.
Love Star Wars? We have the trailer for the new movie for you!

We fill all your comedy needs.

15 minutes a day, one day a w
The world isn't looking like a very nice place right now.
But at least we can make fun of stuff.
Laugh before (or until) you cry with host Jane Testar, comedy from John Wing, Trudeau attack ads and Marijuana. That should cheer us up!
RBC kicks out some employees, but not before making them train their replacements, that tuna salad sandwich you're eating might be a tilapia salad 'falsehood-wich' and we finally find out the difference between men and women!
So far this spring is a disaster (and not just because the weather is total bunk).
Exxon is spilling oil in back yards, North Korea is getting nuclear and getting serious, and we're all making terrible fashion choices.

...and Jane can't stop eating.
Cute, cuddly, fluffy wuffy fun!
Look at some pandas, stop saying stupid crap to red heads and the Bank of Cyprus gives you the tough sell.
Diana Frances looks at a cure for cheating, B.C. looks at making common-law marriages...more like official marriages, we take a look at hockey sans fighting and hey, who wants to die on Mars?
Hosted by Jane Testar.
This week's podcast is all about the changing of the guard and personal safety.
Newly lax airline security to poor security policies at Tim Hortons and electing new leaders, whether they be papal candidates or front runners as contestants on the
Learn how booze can help your relationship, what's REALLY behind those cell phone plans and what Iceland would be like if they successfully put a ban on pornography.
Post Oscars comedy, an infestation of coyotes, the Titanic lives again (with the help of an obnoxious billionaire) and that can of tuna you're about to eat might be of a different vintage than you were hoping...
Delicious comedy, hosted by Jane Testar.
The world is crashing down around us.
Especially for Canada's Senators. The Juno Awards look for ways to keep it fresh, Miss Conduct goes after 'spoilers'. And Ross and Rachel finally get together.
Woops. Were you planning on watching that?
Not the Valentine's Day episode you dread, don't worry.
But we get dangerously close, kinky Canadian literature, DNTO looks into body image and Carnival Cruises has to win back the hearts of their now dirty, sea weary customers.
Love to us all.
Say goodbye to the penny, say hello to Conrad Black's new TV show, look forward to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, and say yes to that Valentine's Day marriage proposal while Scotland and Quebec try to get out of their long-term relationships.
They're all outrageous ideas:
Banning strollers on public transit?
Research In Motion making a comeback?
Leonard Cohen going on tour again?
Letting a friend languish with food on their face?

All this and more!
Hosted by Jane Testar.
Jane Testar returns to host a bevy of deceit and disease.
From people not doing their part to stop the spread of the flu, to the ongoing disagreements between Ottawa and aboriginal organizations to DNTO's look at the sin of lying.
There's also a poop jo
Guest host Al Rae joins us for one more week to mock hockey fans... uh, we mean, hockey players... the Oscars, and the people who don't get them... and new year's resolutions.
It's the Comedy Factory's first podcast of the year! Jane is marking the occasion by taking the week off, but Al Rae steps in to keep the factory humming smoothly. He brings us comedy featuring vomitous robots, life-altering (if very temporary) transforma
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