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Jane Testar returns to host a bevy of deceit and disease.
From people not doing their part to stop the spread of the flu, to the ongoing disagreements between Ottawa and aboriginal organizations to DNTO's look at the sin of lying.
There's also a poop jo
Guest host Al Rae joins us for one more week to mock hockey fans... uh, we mean, hockey players... the Oscars, and the people who don't get them... and new year's resolutions.
It's the Comedy Factory's first podcast of the year! Jane is marking the occasion by taking the week off, but Al Rae steps in to keep the factory humming smoothly. He brings us comedy featuring vomitous robots, life-altering (if very temporary) transforma
Part two of a year in review...in radio sketches.
Is there any truer lens on society?
Hey, were the Mayans right? Are any of us even alive to listen to this? Host Jane Testar sure hopes so.
We've chosen the sketches that paint a ridiculous picture of the year that was.
Two words: Space Hockey
Merry everything!
Hosted by Jane Testar.
Jane is back and she had two words for you: IKEA MONKEY.
Nuff said.
But also…Christmas-y stuff! Santa answering letters from people you might know! Miss Conduct gives a lesson in proper party hopping and extra Christmas-y...drug and alcohol testing in t
Guest host Stephen Sim brings you comedy featuring a very sensible Santa, a not-entirely-Amazing Race, and some very unique baby names.
The Argos won the Grey Cup, we have a sketch about the very first Grey Cup party.
Mayor Rob Ford got the boot, we have a sketch about his plan of attack for an appeal.
And our good friend Diana Frances finds out if humor really helps in the relationship
A lot of hair in this episode. From ladies getting fed up with their dudes with hairy lips for Movember, to the once long-haired rockers "The Who" going out on tour, to Definitely Not the Opera's look at hair and what it means to us, and finally a VERY ha
Republicans are threatening to move to Canada since they lost the election and we might just have a place for them. And since the U.S. election is over, it's time to focus on Canada again. Like the 31st birthday of the Canadarm, and how we can't stop eati
You're either weeping because Romney lost, weeping tears of joy because Obama won or weeping because it's finally OVER and you don't know what will occupy your thoughts anymore. And we're CANADIANS!
We look at those people arguing for their candidate rig
Hallowe'en always makes the world a little bit scarier, and there was plenty of terror in the world this week - from "Frankenstorms" to the U.S. election. Scariest of all? Jane Testar is missing! Thank goodness we have Stephen Sim guest hosting the podcas
Everywhere you look, people are trying to coerce and swindle you. For For instance, podcast host Jane Testar would like to convince you to listen to this podcast.
On it, comedian John Wing takes another look at the US Presidential candidates' attempts at
Political things are happening! We wrote some stuff about it!
How can the NDP regain popularity after Dreamboat Trudeau steps on the scene? How can you blame a U.S. senate candidate for playing RPGs? Is Big Bird REALLY the biggest issue in America right
Life is made up of choices.
BJORK: Do I wear the black satin dress, or the giant dead swan dress?
Some...are better than others. John Wing explains the choice facing Americans in their upcoming election, we take a look at the making of attack ads, look
Jane Testar and the CBC Comedy Crew have lots to be thankful for, Justin Trudeau and his poetic way with words, plagiarism, awkward first dates and tips on how to cook the most succulent bird.
Also, can we all just take a moment at laugh at Justin Bieber
Why have many things when you can have fewer?
The CBC Comedy Crew looks at streamlining our foreign embassies, another big friggin' omnibus bill and Christopher Read talks to the people about a combo that never seems to work out well...the youth and tat
Maybe our expectations are too high, but whether it's our NHL heroes, comic book characters, or first dates, we're not getting what we bargained for.
Eeek. Some less-than-joyful news is coming this way. From embassy shut downs to possible NHL lockouts to the misuse of social networking, to a really crappy nick-name your boyfriend is about to start referring to you as.
Don't worry, you have the Comedy
People don't like when things change, especially when summer vacation turns to school and work. Host Jane Testar at the Comedy Crew help Canada's troubled Senators (the politicians, not the hockey team), new technology helps us find the lost Franklin expe
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