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Maybe our expectations are too high, but whether it's our NHL heroes, comic book characters, or first dates, we're not getting what we bargained for.
Eeek. Some less-than-joyful news is coming this way. From embassy shut downs to possible NHL lockouts to the misuse of social networking, to a really crappy nick-name your boyfriend is about to start referring to you as.
Don't worry, you have the Comedy
People don't like when things change, especially when summer vacation turns to school and work. Host Jane Testar at the Comedy Crew help Canada's troubled Senators (the politicians, not the hockey team), new technology helps us find the lost Franklin expe
One day you're up, the next day you're down. Just ask Lance Armstrong (depending on what he's taken that day). The CBC Comedy Crew looks at the highs and lows of life, the 29 billion dollar price tag on the F-35s, a Princely rescue scenario gone wrong and
It's a parade of dum dums as the CBC Comedy Factory takes aim at the abuse of military helicopters, the Enbridge pipeline, the now non-Asian 100 dollar bill and people with no sense of identity outside facebook.
Enough with the Olympic spirit! Back to hating each other. Costco doesn't want Canadians shopping there anymore, people freak out when you're not on facebook, folks are expecting too much from the Mars rover and everyone thinks sexting is bad for you.
Working overtime, biting into a sandwich with an unpleasant surprise inside and...of course...our revenge on a certain Norwegian ref.
The Olympics, Twitter and what happens when those two things collide. Plus everything you ever wanted to know about...urinal etiquette.
Safety concerns at the London Olympics are causing nothing but headaches, as are Canada's wind turbines, or so a study commissioned by the Harper Government is trying to ascertain. Then CBC's relationship expert, Diana Frances, looks at how men like to cu
Host Jane Testar takes you through a series of aggressive attacks, some more savage than others. We attack MPs for ignorant over spending, Bev Oda for...ignorant over spending and finish with the tender love story from DNTO's Wedding episode. Cause we're
Conrad Black might be stripped of his Order of Canada, Bev Oda gives up her seat in Parliament, and the RCMP are disrespecting women in their own ranks while we disapprovingly sit with crossed arms clicking our tongues.
Tisk tisk...friggin' TISK.
Bev Oda is on her way out, but Research In Motion is desperately trying to stay in.
The Government wants to take certain material off the internet but Google won't let them.
Relationship expert Diana Frances shows you the potential danger of keeping y
Canada has a lot to be proud of, or at least pretend to not be ashamed of.
Jane Testar hosts a bevy of Canadian themed sketches while you drink ten or twelve 'bevies' in your backyard or cottage.
Everybody was Kung Fu fightin' over freedom of speech, the C-38 omnibus bill, and relationship expert Diana Frances warns you about the dangers of being too chummy with your boyfriend's chums.
Exhausted MPs are voting all night on bill C-38, Peter MacKay has some s'plainin' to do about an expensive press conference for the F-35 fighters, and Blair Sanderson talks to some confident men about balding.
Jane is impressed that the Queen made it through the whirlwind festivities of her diamond Jubilee in one piece.
Like the Queen, many Canadians are senior citizens...many MANY. So we've written some smutty novels for them. Then we cheerfully explain Step
Umm...could you repeat that?
Unbelievable stories from an unbelievably adorable host, Jane Testar.
Host Jane Testar looks at all facets of manhood. Relationship expert Diana Frances examines who wears the apron in the family, our comedy crew makes a movie about Canada's self defense laws, and we take a look back with Justin Bieber, whom we're assured i
Young people are having a tough time out in the job market, Coach's Corner's Ron MacLean is in trouble...and NOT Don Cherry? And to top it all off, Miss Conduct won't let you wear flip flops.
Man! We just can't catch a BREAK!
Conrad Black is out of jail and back on Canadian soil, struggling Canadian tech company, Research In Motion might have a niche market for their Blackberry, Canada's national parks are facing huge cutbacks and did you remember to buy your mom some flowers
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