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Canada brings home Olympic glory, while DNTO storyteller Mark Kuly steals meat from a buffet. Rick Mercer feels like Canada's election laws are coming in dead last and the Debaters (Trevor Boris and Alan Park)argue the value of reality TV.
Which comic book musical is the Irrelevant Show this week: The Hulk
Which is better, clowns or magicians: The Debaters discusses
What is DNTO's guilty pleasure: Eavesdropping
Which radio columnist wants you to think twice about Valentine's Day Survival
The spirit of competition drives us!
James Gangl tells his story of striving for 'not last' on DNTO, The Debaters square off on wacky baby names, host Jane Testar takes on beauty standards...of mannequins, and The Irrelevant Show makes fun of Ben Mulrone
Jane's back and January is gone.
While some giant rat tries to tell us our future, we've got the Debaters, The Irrelevant Show, Rick Mercer and The Fixer to keep us warm.
This week, Jane escapes from frozen Winnipeg. So our guest host warms you up with comedy from the Debaters, Rick Mercer, and... Jane Testar.
Oh right, winter isn't over.
We can't escape its icy claws, but we can warm ourselves with a sketch from the Irrelevant show, Rick Mercer is hot with anger over money mismanagement, DNTO has an unexpected story about selling a snow blower, and host Jane
We may be in between miniature ice ages, but this reprieve in the crazy weather distract us from what's important...Super hero movies!
The Irrelevant show finds a problem with the upcoming "Ant Man" movie, Rick Mercer isn't going to let Canada Post go wi
New year, new edition of our podcast!
Stay warm with comedy from the Debaters as they fight over the value of family vacations, learn how your family pet is plotting against you with the Irrelevant Show and find out just how cold it IS...
Our favorite sketches and the biggest news stories of 2013.
Host Jane Testar takes you on a journey so epic, it makes Game of Thrones seem like Peter Rabbit.
This ain't your Grandma's 'best of' list.
Although, she's perfectly welcome to listen. We wou
Learn how to party politely from the manly Pedro Mendes, we open the vault to help Canada Post make money, and This is That talks to a guy who thought Y2K was actually a thing and as a result...probably doesn't know where Nunavut is.
We all have to do things we don't want to do.
Mike Green recounts being forced to perform a scientific experiment on his own father, The Fixer fixes the dreaded office holiday party and The Debaters argue the merits of Quebec's charter of values.
Now g
Your true love (us) gives to you (you):
One Pedro Mendes challenging men to give up beer.
One Jane Testar trying to get you to stop swearing online, dammit.
And one Rick Mercer...possibly in a pear tree.
Sometimes we dig our own grave (Rob Ford) and sometimes we just didn't see that Mack Truck coming.
John Wing tells a tale that is fashionably incorrect, The Fixer has a solution for your tarnished reputation and This is That interviews the man with the p
Oh Rob. Rob Rob Rob.
*nationwide headshake and forehead slap*
Rick Mercer rants about him, we try to stop it from happening last year, we celebrate the upcoming Grey Cup and the past-coming (not a word) Oktoberfest with the Debaters. Say it ain't so Mr
If you got a problem, yo, we'll solve it.
Making a fool of yourself on social media, fellas? Pedro Mendes can fix that on "Man Up". Can't find a job, Gen Ys? "This is That" can fix that. Have a doofus friend who won't wear a helmet? Host Jane Testar can
Bye Halloween! Hello Winter!
Put your sexy Halloween costume away with The Fixer, think about Canadian innovation with the Debaters,and Rick Mercer rants about the government making Canadian veterans' lives...a real pain.
Are we Canadians in the Halloween spirit, or is that just political unrest we're feeling?
We give help to overwhelmed Senators, then we berate them, then Rick Mercer rants about Parliament, then the Debators have a proposal...of marriage.
Trick or treat
Both the US and Canadian governments are back at work.
Steve Patterson has something to say about the throne speech, Jane has an idea of how to fix the Senate, This is That facilitate having the sex talk with your teen and the cold and flu viruses are up
Jane Testar hosts a whole whack of slightly rude comedy.
Dissing the Canadian Olympic hockey jerseys with Steve Patterson, Gary Jones really puts his foot in his mouth on DNTO, Miss Conduct shushes noisy audience members and Rick Mercer rants about the S
Air Canada routinely overbooking flights.
Reputed party boy Prince Harry getting married.
A complicated language of car horn honks.
Good idea? Bad idea?
Joining host Jane Testar, writer and performer Jim Taylor and the boys from This is That...is alwa
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