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Did your team lose the world cup? Cheer up, it's a SUPERMOON!
You're out of the woods, you're out of the dark, you're out of the night! Step into the...moon, step into the light!
Whether you're getting your wedding photos taken next to a tornado, or you're going to see the new Transformers movie, you're taking a risk.
Enter a world of danger with host Jane Testar.
Host Jane Testar has no cottage.
Time for some fun in the city. Pants riding low, hockey fights and how to do Canada Day up right! I'll stand on guard for that!
Canada Day is coming up. We celebrate how Canadians celebrate.
DNTO has a story about a professional butt shaker and ladies debate showing off their assets in high heels or flats.
Also...say "Canada Day" three times fast.
We had so much Father's Day material for all of Canada's father figures, it spilled into the next week!
Dad jokes! Helpful guides for new Dads! Then, animals! And a heartfelt "You're Welcome".
Father's Day is coming up. Celebrate by putting your foot in your mouth, deciding whether to have a baby, pretending to be proud of your pint-sized astronomer, and watching some awful reality TV. Love you, Dads!
We boldly go where we didn't have the research money to go before!
Is William Shatner the world's best actor? Can medicine cure the common zit? What is a medical isotope? Did host Jane Testar pass grade 11 Science?!
Host Jane Testar discusses every level of technological savviness from Google Glass to MacGyver, to that time when you "fixed" the toaster by shaking it.
Cut the legs off your jeans and you've got the Canadian bikini, a pair of Jorts!(jean shorts). Now mow your lawn. Pure class.
Nuclear bombs, Margaret Atwood and Stewart McLean, letters to the Tooth Fairy, and epic retail kingdoms.
Thanks, your Majesty, for giving us a day off!
Celebrate with some hot or cold cereal, Lego Superman, getting drunk in a National Park, and a romantic comedy!
Pure, unadulterated good times in their original packaging.
The Irrelevant Show pimps their ride, The Debaters crack an e-book, we picture Star Wars Episode 7 and Parks Canada ruins everything.
Have the 90s been gone long enough to be back?
Jane suppresses memories of clunky runners, light coloured denim and all of junior high, but proudly displays her collection of Weird Al CDs.
Too bad laughter isn't the best medicine for the environment.
We've got the Debaters deciding the fate of the Senate, The Irrelevant Show smashing stereotypes, DNTO saving the animals and a whole lot of earthy humour. Pesticide-free.
Not cool enough for Lollapalooza? Not enough of a dirt-bag for Coachella? We have a DNTO story from the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival (where jean shorts and chevron tank-tops are the minority), The Debaters, and Archie gets gritty...like feet at Coachella.
Don't jinx it, but it's spring time in Canada. Time for words of wisdom from Coach at the Irrelevant Show, fewer embarrassing car crash stories (via DNTO), small talk at social gatherings with The Debaters and time to parade that royal baby around.
No need to worry about a bucket of water over your door with THIS podcast. Instead, we have Rick Mercer, an epic movie speech from the Irrelevant Show, a skimpy story from DNTO and a guilt trip about your old light bulbs from host Jane Testar.
We give Finance Minister Jim Flaherty a send-off with Rick Mercer and a sketch from the vault. The Irrelevant Show teaches us an ancient Canadian form of self-defence and the Debaters discuss the value of free edumacation...and apparently we need it.
Done with winter? Bieber? Deciding between apples and oranges? Threats of another Quebec referendum? Apologetic press conferences?
Commiserate with us in this podcast.
*Wawa pedal guitar*
The Debaters tackle online dating, the Irrelevant Show knows a guy who really loves the ladies, John Wing has a...not so sexy doppelganger and The Fixer tries to get you away from your porn...well the screen in general.
We look at Canadian pride and shame.
From a historic moment from the Irrelevant Show, to Rob Ford's probability factors, to Canadians feeling pride outside a sporting event on The Fixer, and Rick Mercer isn't that proud of a certain Liberal leader these
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