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If you got a problem, yo, we'll solve it.
Making a fool of yourself on social media, fellas? Pedro Mendes can fix that on "Man Up". Can't find a job, Gen Ys? "This is That" can fix that. Have a doofus friend who won't wear a helmet? Host Jane Testar can
Bye Halloween! Hello Winter!
Put your sexy Halloween costume away with The Fixer, think about Canadian innovation with the Debaters,and Rick Mercer rants about the government making Canadian veterans' lives...a real pain.
Are we Canadians in the Halloween spirit, or is that just political unrest we're feeling?
We give help to overwhelmed Senators, then we berate them, then Rick Mercer rants about Parliament, then the Debators have a proposal...of marriage.
Trick or treat
Both the US and Canadian governments are back at work.
Steve Patterson has something to say about the throne speech, Jane has an idea of how to fix the Senate, This is That facilitate having the sex talk with your teen and the cold and flu viruses are up
Jane Testar hosts a whole whack of slightly rude comedy.
Dissing the Canadian Olympic hockey jerseys with Steve Patterson, Gary Jones really puts his foot in his mouth on DNTO, Miss Conduct shushes noisy audience members and Rick Mercer rants about the S
Air Canada routinely overbooking flights.
Reputed party boy Prince Harry getting married.
A complicated language of car horn honks.
Good idea? Bad idea?
Joining host Jane Testar, writer and performer Jim Taylor and the boys from This is That...is alwa
Jonesing after the series finale of Breaking Bad? We can help.
Worried about the US shutdown? We already know how it turned out.
Curious about the new medical marijuana plans? The Government made a commercial for you. DNTO tells a story of "Experimentin
Join host Jane Testar on a magical journey through the unexplained. From invisible buildings to what a 'Freeman on the Land is'. Then Miss Conduct unlocks what not to say to single people. Also, Blackberry's mysterious future, and Steve Patterson asks why
This week is full of stories that make Canadians say "Really? Aww jeeze." A historic exodus out of Quebec, the government's reaction to "Stand Up for Science" rallies, a deliciously gross story from DNTO and what makes Canadians happy..instead of embarras
We imagine that the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be very active...radioactive. We look at iPhone's new features, Jackie Torrens tackles Tooth Fairy inflation and Steve Patterson is still adorable.
Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts...and Jane Testar. Creepy creatures on the loose, slimy phone companies, what to do with your useless University degree and how often that 18-35 year old guy changes his sheets.
Jane is back!
Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman come to Canada, Canada post tries to make more money, DNTO stands up to injustice and Canadians take Labour Day for granted. Twerk it, Mylie!
This week we ponder H and M's apology, the state of BlackBerry, and why your best friend is probably not "exploring strategic alternatives" with your significant other. Enjoy!
Robots on Mars! Burgers built in labs! Beer! Cell phones! This week's podcast has all that and more! (NOTE: Podcast does not contain more than listed.)
It may be the August Long Weekend, but the Comedy Factory's still in production. We check in on the post-flood rebuild in Calgary, get you up to speed on Quebec's language laws, and light up Justin Trudeau's remarks on pot legalization. PARTY ON.
We promise not to talk about the ROYAL BIRTH.
We have far more HEROIC tales to tell you.
Grab a cup of COFFEE and take a listen.
But don't spill it on your WHITE T-SHIRT.
Find out what the 'h' we're talking about by listening!
Behold! Comedy about the babe, born of a Duke and Duchess! MORE comedy about corporations colliding! Steve of Patterson recounting the many woes of Justin Bieber and how many gold pieces to give as a wedding present. HUZZAH!
Trying to evade capture like Edward Snowden? Looking for a safe place to spend your vacation? Need a gadget for your wrist (who has time to LOOK at their cell phone anymore)? Or wanting to get more involved in politics? You've come to the right podcast.
Hot towns, summer in the cities...of Canada.
Calgary brings the heat, and the Stampede back in spite of floods,
Steve Patterson of the Debaters has 90 seconds of opinion on that, Miss Conduct tries to respond to her e-mail in a timely manner, and we coo
The weather is ALWAYS a topic in Canada, but it's been a doozy of a week weather-wise all across the country.
We bring you heat wave comedy, re-train Canadian Senators, Bell Mobility tries to recruit more unpaid interns and Diana Frances studies the "Sug
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