Comedy Factory from CBC Radio: Episodes

Take a break from your 420 haze and see the for sale signs everywhere, Canada!
Stranger than fiction? What happens in the news.
It's a wacky upside down world out there.
Wait...is that toothpaste in the middle of that Oreo?! WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO!
Jane can't seem to keep her eye on the prize winning work of fiction pulp orange juice.
It's St. Patrick's Day and we're all allowed to be Irish and ever so slightly racist! Sláinte!
From organ donation to doritos, do not underestimate your fellow man!
Instruments, Poetry, Fear and Festivals.
The hills are alive...
Ugh. Jane can't even.
She simply CANNOT.
Help Jane choose her list of winners. It makes her feel superior to millionaires.
Billionaires, storytellers, gifts and tourism. It's going to get hot and steamy.
Host Jane Testar is back! She's got ground hogs, neighbours, veterans, food poisoning and a dog salon. And she's tweeting about pun Chiropractor office names. Example: "Thoracic Park" #PunChiropractorNames
This week, sickness-fighting guest host Steve Sim discovers why being drunk and tubing is a recipe for disaster, asks if Gretzky really was “The Great One,” and finds out why Rick Mercer isn’t the only one confused by the economy.
Guest host Stephen Sim rings in our first podcast of the new year by explaining why "Blue Monday" is bunk, debate is healthy, AC/DC will never be the same, and "Back to the Future II" was just plain wrong.
All of it! Jane packed it all into one podcast!From Adele Dazeem to the Polar Vortex.
From re-gifting, to exchanges, to breaking traditions, Jane gives you her gift while scarfing down egg rolls at the snack table.
Stressed? Check. Abusive to service staff? Check.
Better watch out, shoppers, you're going to get yourself on the naughty list.
Going on a tropical getaway? You might have to get away from Jane.
Get a shiner from shopping?
Right this way!
Pant-less cartoons, government-funded horn tooting, zombies and Catholics...oh my?
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