Between the Covers from CBC Radio: Episodes

Acting on impulse, Bassam makes a mistake and loses Rhea’s company.
Paris is a reverie and a short reprieve from reality.
Bassam meets the family of George’s natural father, including his half sister.
The ocean voyage is a dream and Bassam arrives in Marseilles.
George’s story of his last mission has a deadly ending.
Bassam risks one last score.
Abou-Nahra sends Internal Security for Bassam. Does he know about the casino money? Or the letter from his uncle?
Bassam plays a dangerous game communicating with his uncle Naeme, the communist.
Bassam sees George grow callous, but he is not prepared for the form of the betrayal.
Bassam and Joseph risk their lives on their first illegal liquor run.
Bassam is torn between wanting to leave Beirut and cashing in on the illegal liquor business.
George’s cousin Najib has taken over at the casino and he is both reckless and demanding.
With George working directly for Abou- Nahra, life feels more perilous.
Conveniently for Bassam and George, Khalil has been killed.
The war strikes right to the heart of Bassam’s family.
The Battle of the Dogs.
Bassam saves George from dangerous drunken violence after he announces that he’s joining the militia.
George and Bassam get their first take from the casino.
Bassam and George try out their new scheme to rip off the lottery machines at the casino.
We start a new novel, “De Niro’s Game”, set in war-torn Beirut. Bassam and George scrape out a living, both legal and illegal.
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