BusinessWeek -- Behind This Week's Cover Story: Episodes

Google has startups, VCs, and bankers lined up all around the block. In fact, the company's raw purchasing power has shifted the focus of the tech industry-which raises one question: Just when does Google's long awaited shopping spree begin?
Over 20-plus years, BW's John Byrne often met or spoke to Peter Drucker in the course of reporting many business and management stories. In this podcast he tells us why Drucker's ideas still matter
Two BW editors -- Rob Hof and Heather Green -- involved in writing and editing the special package on Web-smart companies reflect on the insight they gained about Web collaboration and much more
BW's John Byrne and Kerry Capell on this week's cover story about Ikea. The Swedish retailer has earned a devoted following among the world's aspiring middle class through a combination of clever marketing, stylish design and affordable prices.
BW's John Byrne and Mike Mandel talk about how incoming Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will preside over a diminished Fed.
BW's John Byrne and Roben Farzad talk about Jim Cramer, who has attracted a cult following of amateur and professional stock pickers. Just who is this Mad Man of Wall St?
BW's John Byrne and David Kiley talk about what makes aging baby boomers -- many of whom still have kids at home -- valuable consumers to advertisers
BW's John Byrne and Tom Lowry discuss how ESPN boss George Bodenheimer is trying to push his world-beating brand even deeper into the lives of sports fans by making its boldest brand extensions yet.
BW's John Byrne and Nanette Byrnes discuss how corporations are meeting the challenges of finding, hiring, and retaining the best employees.
Globalization and information technology are opening up all sorts of new opportunities for innovation and collaboration, reports Chief Economist Mike Mandel
Microsoft has lost several key executives in recent months, many to upstart rivals. Google alone has picked off 100 former Microsofties. Why? Employees say the software giant has slowed as it has moved into middle age.
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