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Rapid economic growth in Azerbaijan has brought unrivalled wealth to the country's ruling elite but what is life really like for ordinary Azeris?
Why India is expecting record gold sales this week and how a new national identity scheme is allowing the poorest Indians access to bank accounts for the first time.
Does the slowing of the Chinese economy signal the miracle is over or is it a sign of health? And Lucy Kellaway's typically mediveal solution to a very modern problem.
There's no question that some government is a good thing. But how much? In the Balance meets Abdirashid Duale whose family built a thriving business without any help from government at all, out of the shattered wreckage of Somalia. So what role can business play in rebuilding failed states? Is a good ...
Nothing takes up as much television time, worldwide, as live sports coverage. But the exclusive right to broadcast events like Premier League matches or National Football League games doesn't come cheap.

The cost rises with each new contract signed, pricing some broadcasters out of the market and forcing ...
Putin's favourite industrialist, Oleg Deripaska, on the rule of law in Russia. Also on the programme: how Malta has kept the Eurozone debt crisis at bay; and will power blackouts ever be a thing of the past in Kenya?
How a student unearthed embarrassing errors in a paper described as the "bible" of austerity and how sleep deprived students in the West are letting their Asian rivals get ahead.
How does the man who invented the Predator drone feel about how his creation is used? Plus: does switching on your headphones mean you're switching off from the rest of the team?
Today's Business Daily comes from the oil fields of Azerbaijan. The country is enjoying an unparalleled oil boom. But what does this money actually buy? Ed Butler meets the man who wants to build the world's tallest skyscraper there, on the world's largest building site.
More than 400 workers died in Dhaka when the Rana Plaza factory building collapsed ten days ago. 262 others died in Karachi in Pakistan at the Ali Enterprises fire last year, and over 100 at another Bangladesh fire in the Tazreen factory. Jamie Robertson asks his guests who can bring this death toll ...
Here are just some of the questions we'll be asking on the programme today - why do judges give longer sentences before lunch, why can't India grow more quickly, why are we more likely to believe something in a bold typeface and why if the Malaysian economy is thriving are are Malaysians so worried it? ...
The freezing Arctic is hotting up as companies and countries clamour to get hold of the vast reserves of oil and gas that lie beneath earth's last frontier.
Heavy weather and the price we're paying. As global weather patterns change, is insurance and business generally, doing enough to help prepare for the tougher storms yet to come?
How food companies make their products hard to resist - and if they really are irresistible - the companies responsible when we get fat?
It's more than ten years since Russian bombs stopped falling on the Chechen capital Grozny. What impact has the destruction of those years had on the country's economy?
As Spain's unemployment figures reveal that 1 in 4 people is out of work there, In the Balance attempts to inject humanity into the dry economic statistics. We're looking at the human cost of taking the axe to public spending and asking if the cuts are actually working. Are they eating away at the mountains ...
Today on Business Daily we'll be discovering how the liquid detergent Tide became a unit of currency in the dirty world of street drug dealing. This innovative product, launched way back in 1946, has cleaned up in the multi billion dollar world of domestic detergent market - but is it a victim of its ...
US policy on food aid could be about to change. We hear from those who would be affected by the change - farmers in East Africa and the United States.
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's networker-in-chief, on what women can do to succeed in work and life. And equality in the home - one couple discuss divvying up domestic duties.
A rare interview with the boss of the world's most successful - and controversial - investment bank, Goldman Sachs.
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