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Rory Cellan-Jones looks at the problem of patent trolls; companies that buy up patents and use them to sue others. It's great business for some - the 'trolls' insist that their business is respectable. But many disagree.
Why domestic issues will dominate the German election in three weeks time rather than the big international challenges the country faces.
Has Africa's hi-tech revolution been over-hyped? Or is it on track to boost economies? Lesley Curwen is joined by ‘Bosun Tjani of the technology space CCHub Nigeria.
Robin Miller of Dalberg, who has reported on the impact of the internet in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal, plus Arthur Goldstuck, ...
Are emerging markets, after enjoying 20 years of spectacular growth, now coming to the end of their years of boomtime?
We look at how markets are reacting to western intervention in Syria. And in the Indiana rust-belt we talk to the mayor of one city who is tempting people back by selling off its rundown homes at a dollar a piece
We look at the surprisingly fascinating business of creating a tax system from scratch. The director of the UK's Office for Tax Simplification, John Whiting, tells us that complexity may be the price of fairness. Kryticous Nshindano from Actionaid in Zambia explains why there's no one-size-fits-all tax ...
Why are emerging economies suddenly submerging economies, and what needs to be done about it? Also what the wild excess of the British East India Company can teach us about today's financial crises, and Lucy Kellaway on why there's no apparent link between making money and talking sense
An ethically minded Business Daily today, we're examining that troublesome hole in the global economic fabric, the gap between doing good and cashing in; Is Social Enterprise the answer?
Ned Breslin's Social enterprise, Water for People, trains people with the skills to maintain water and sanitation ...
Patent protection or patent trolling? Rory Cellan-Jones investigates the problem of companies that buy up patents then use them to sue. He speaks to lawyers Michael Smith and Sam Baxter who make their living from patent cases and to Alan Schoenbaum, the attorney for storage firm Rackspace, a company ...
QE: The Great Unwind
Is the era of cheap money coming to an end? Central banks are preparing for the withdrawal of stimulus measures such as Quantitative Easing, which was meant to boost ailing economies. Yet the mere prospect of this happening has thrown emerging markets into turmoil. No one really ...
Will new rules governing football finance force clubs to be more financially prudent? Ed Butler speaks to Ed Thompson from the Financial Fair Play website and Professor Stefan Szymanski about the pros and cons of the new rules which aim to bring a level playing field to the world of football finance. ...
New methods that collect your data to target you specifically: how far are they going?
Jamie Robertson looks at how the water management industry is facing up to the challenge of a water-poor world. Plus we meet a Virginia tobacco farmer making a new living out of the US's new craving for hummus.
Do falls in the Indian, Brazilian and Indonesian currencies bode ill for emerging markets globally?
New York state regulator Benjamin Lawsky tells Ed Butler why he's taking on consultancy firms.
What does the future of energy look like? Finding renewable energy to replace non-renewable resources is high on the agenda of most countries around the world. But do we even know what an ideal energy generating system would look like? Predicting the future is no mean feat, as In the Balance discovers. ...
One seasoned US investor tells us that despite serious unrest, now could be the time to invest in the Middle East.
The world's fastest growing continental market; why it's time we changed the old views of Africa.
Justin Rowlatt hears why showing your soft side is the hard-headed thing to do in business. Plus, whatever happened to the US sequestration?
It's curtain up as we put insider trading in the spotlight. Just how easy is it to cross the line between legal and illegal trading in financial markets?
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