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Tonight the guys talk about games, what they have been playing,
from the newly released Uncharted 3 to Gears of War 3,
Deus Ex, and much much more.
Dan brings it this week with many many ways to save some money and
play some great games. That's right, find out how to keep gaming in
this down economy. Also Justin and Chaz are on the show.
Justin, Dan, and Chaz talk Star Wars!!! The new Blueray set came
out this past week and they've got a lot to say.
<p>With the release of Deus Ex Human Revolution, Chaz, Dan, and
Justin discuss body augmentation.</p>
Justin and Chaz dive into the dark and scary places in their minds
and discuss their dreams, what influences them, and their favorite
dream related media.
Burning Ewok experiments with a single topic episode, the
ZOMBISODE! That is right, this week, Justin, Dan and Chaz talk
zombies; fast moving, slow moving, viral and non viral zombies,
survival in a zombie apocalypse, and much much more. Let us eat
your brains!
Justin and Dan suffer from the a multi day blackout after a freak
summer storm, yet they both make time to record the cast this week.
Haza!! This we we talk about everything from Robotica to Starcraft
2, and a bunch of other stuff, so just listen!
<p>Now that Dan has healed from his illness, he's back and he's
talking about Falling Skies and other fine TV shows he's been
watching. Justin saw the new X-men Origins movie. Then Justin and
Chaz went to see Transformers 3 in 3D... UGH! Find out if the needs
of the money outweigh the needs of a unique ...
<p>Some guy touched Dan on the back and he got sick, so Justin and
Chaz are on their own for Episode 102. They discuss LA Noire,
&nbsp;Duke Nukem Forever, Bullet Storm, The Harry Potter movies and
the Pottermore.com website, the new Weird Al album (Alpocalypse),
the next Star Trek Movie, Arrested Development, ...
<p>Dan, Justin, and Chaz discuss the E3 conference and what the
future holds for Nintendo, Xbox 360, the PS3, the PS Avita, a bunch
of games, and more.</p>
ITS EPISODE 100... Dan, Justin, and Chaz discuss LA Noire, Fallout
DLC, Thor, and a lot more, like the top 5 things they've learned
from doing the BE podcast over the years, and what the future
holds. Check it out and enjoy!
In this 99th episode of the Burning Ewok pocast Justin and Chaz
discuss the PSN network being down, more Mortal Kombat, a horrible
flu,&nbsp;some video game rumors, &nbsp;and much much more.
Justin tests his Might this week talking about Mortal Kombat. Then
Dan and Chaz chime in to discuss Portal 2... possible game of the
year... It could be! Yes, its that good. Chaz finally gets netflix
and the guys discuss what shows they are into. Also, what is going
on with the PSN network?
Dan, Justin, and Chaz make it real this week talking about Fallout
New Vegas DLC, Duke Nukem Forever, Counter Strike 2, Unreal 4,
Crysis 2, More Pokemon, Dragon Age 2, Portal 2, Sins of a solar
Empire, Tom &amp; Jerry, Zelda Link to the Past, Restrepo, Mortal
Kombat, and the tale of the blue bat.
We're recording a bit early to compensate for opening day. Chaz has
some troubles with his new xbox controller and has a bit to say
about Dragon Age 2. Dan and Justin talk TV from Sherlock to
baseball, and a lot in-between.
Justin and Chaz talk about Paul, Dragon Age 2, the Gameboy 3DS, the
British show Sherlock, and much much more, including why Justin
hates the ocean and what happens when you drink an entire bottle of
What's the worst game ever? Justin thinks he may have found it, and
it's a good one. Dan is once again missing in action, but Justin
and Chaz have a lot to discuss including Bullet Storm, Enslaved,
Pokemon Gold, Marvel vs. Capcom, Portal 2, and much more.Also find
out why we play video games!
Justin, Chaz, and Dan join forces to bring you Episode 93, an
episode chocked full of gram cracker goodness. Dan picked up
Bulletstorm, Justin completed Enslaved and started playing some
Pokemon on his new DSi. Chaz played some Tiny Wings and the Dead
Space 2 DLC. All this, and much much more on this weeks cast!
So have you seen this Dead Island Trailer? The twitter world has,
and we're discussing it. Also Justin has been playing Enslaved and
watching the documentaries, Joan Rivers a Piece of Work, The Cove
and ,It Might Get Loud. Dan has been watching the Spartacus: Blood
and Sand Starz series and also Glee! ...
<p class="MsoNormal"><span>Justin and
Chaz are back after a week off due to technical difficulties.
Justin watched the <strong>Predators</strong> movie, <strong>You
Don't Know Jack</strong>, <strong>3D Dot Game Heroes</strong>
,<strong>Pinball FX2</strong>, <strong>Puzzle Quest 2</strong>, and
for the ...
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