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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Carl Riccadonna, senior U.S.
economist at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., and Tony Dwyer,
equity strategist and managing director of Canaccord Genuity
Securities LLC, say 2nd quarter GDP is evidence the U.S. economy
is “firing on all cylinders.” Riccadonna and Dwyer talk with
Bloomberg’s ...
July 30 (Bloomberg) -- David Kotok, chairman and chief
investment officer at Cumberland Advisors, says some of his
investment accounts are “one third in cash” because “we see risk
rising.” Kotok talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Michael
McKee on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Darrell Cronk, New York-based deputy
chief investment officer at Wells Fargo Private Bank, says the
bond market is not “pricing in” a Fed rate hike and that raises
the risk of an unwanted surprise. Cronk talks with Bloomberg’s
Bob Moon on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg - ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Willis Sparks, global macro analyst
at the Eurasia Group, says Russian President Vladimir Putin is
undeterred by the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and Europe
because Ukraine is central to his domestic and foreign policy.
He also says Israel is undeterred by the White House’s ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Lynn Franco, director of economic
indicators at The Conference Board, says it’s significant that
the differential between people who see business conditions as
good and those who see them has bad has improved to the point
where the two groups are now equal, which helped push ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- David Schnautz, fixed income
strategist at Commerzbank AG, says the drop in Germany’s
benchmark 10-year note yield to another record low is being
driven by soft and falling inflation across the euro area,
anticipation of the European Central Bank’s coming rounds of
targeted ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Craig Lazzara, global head of index
investment strategy at Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC,
says the 9.3% increase in the S&P Case-Shiller home price index
since May of 2013, while the slowest in a year, nevertheless
shows the housing market remains strong with price ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Jack Ablin, chief investment officer
at BMO Private Bank, says the Fed’s stimulative monetary policy
has been a big factor behind the steady rally in U.S. stocks,
which remain expensive by historic standards, and in providing
the ample liquidity which continues to fuel the recent ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Englander, managing director
abd Global Head of G10 FX Strategy at CitiFX, says there’s a
risk the Federal Open Market Committee issues a somewhat hawkish
policy statement at the end of the Federal Reserve’s two-day
meeting on Wednesday which would be a shock to volatility ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist at Yale University, discusses the S&P Case-Shiller index of home prices. Shiller talks with Bloomberg’s Tom
Keene and Michael McKee on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- John Angelos, executive vice
president of the Baltimore Orioles, says professional baseball
teams in smaller markets continue to be outspent by clubs in
larger markets and they “are not at the level of parity you see
in the NFL.” Angelos talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and
Michael ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Julian Emanuel, a U.S. equity and
derivatives strategist with UBS in New York, says “we would be
buyers” of U.S. stocks on weakness, adding that health-care and
technology stocks will “outperform.” Emanuel talks with
Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Michael McKee on Bloomberg ...
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- James Grant, editor of Grant’s
Interest Rate Observer newsletter, says the Federal Reserve
policy of rate control amounts to price control and “is likely
to fail.” Grant talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Adam
Johnson on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Drew Matus, deputy U.S. chief
economist at UBS Securities LLC, says the Federal Reserve may
meet its targets for inflation and unemployment by the end of
2014 while at the same keeping benchmark rates near zero. That,
Matus adds, “is usually not a recipe for success.” Matus ...
July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Larry Keeley, co-founder of
strategic consulting firm Doblin, professor at Kellogg School of
Management and the author of "Ten Types of Innovation,”
describes the myths of innovation, including the notion that
most innovation comes from small companies rather than from the
big ...
July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Leo Tilman, president and chief
executive officer of Tilman & Company, discusses the $10 billion
rural development fund launched by the White House Rural Council
which will be managed jointly by Capital Peak Asset Management,
which he co-founded, the USDA, and CoBank, which is ...
July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Dan Fuss, vice chairman of Loomis
Sayles, says the U.S. economy is growing a bit faster and there
are some early signs of inflation but this will not spur the
Federal Reserve to raise its key rate until the middle of next
year. He says the Fed will look at the geopolitical tensions
around ...
July 28 (Bloomberg) -- KC Mathews, executive vice president
and chief investment officer at UMB, in a nod to David
Letterman’s retirement announcement, shares his “Top 10 Market
and Economic Variables to Watch… and 3 to Ignore,” from high-yield bond credit spreads to commercial and industrial ...
July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Shanks, chief financial officer
at Ford Motor Co., describes how the company capitalized on
stronger growth in Europe and China to boost earnings in the
second quarter, and how the company plans to maintain rising
sales in these regions. He also explains how Ford will manage
to ...
July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Naomi Foner, director of Tribeca
film "Very Good Girls," and an Academy Award and Golden Globe
nominee for Best Screenplay for “Running on Empty,” discusses
the inspiration for her new film, which marks her debut as a
director after a long, successful career as a screenwriter. ...
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