Bloomberg News: Episodes

March 14 (Bloomberg) -- Tim Chartier, a professor at
Davidson College, talks about his mathematical algorithm on NCAA
brackets. Chartier talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on Bloomberg
Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
March 14 (Bloomberg) -- Rafi Mohammed, founder of Culture
of Profit LLC, says a higher cost prime service from Amazon is
justified. Mohammed talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and
Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Nicholas Burns, professor of
diplomacy and international politics at Harvard’s John F.
Kennedy School of Government, says that Russian President
Vladimir Putin has the upper hand after his unprovoked invasion
of Crimea because neither the U.S. nor Europe has the stomach
for aggressive ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Ray Stone, managing director and
economist at Stone and McCarthy Research, and Larry McDonald,
chief equity, credit, and policy strategist at Newedge USA LLC,
disagree on the likelihood of the Federal Reserve veering from
its policy of reducing bond purchases. McDonald sees a
fundamental ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Larry McDonald, chief equity,
credit, and policy strategist at Newedge USA LLC, discusses
emerging markets, federal reserve policy and the bond market. He
says there is less risk in owning emerging markets right now
because all of the bad news has been priced in and valuations
are ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Sica, president and chief
investment officer of Sica Wealth Management, says the U.S.
stock market, which has not declined 10% since 2011, is
vulnerable to correction. He says now is "the time to take
money off the table and look elsewhere." Sica speaks with
Bloomberg’s ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Hugh Johnson, the chairman and chief
investment officer of Hugh Johnson Advisors, says "what matters
now is Federal Reserve interest rate policy, not tapering."
Johnson says tapering and the end of quantitative easing is
completely priced in by equity and bond markets. Johnson ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Maya MacGuineas, head of the
Campaign to Fix the Debt, a non-partisan advocacy group whose
members include business leaders and former lawmakers, discusses
President Barack Obama’s budget proposal. MacGuineas speaks with
Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn on Bloomberg ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Steven Winoker, a New York-based
analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, says private equity funds are
“winning bids” for companies with more attractive funding.
Winoker talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Michael McKee on
Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- BTIG analysts Rich Greenfield and
Walt Piecyk say Dish Network Corp.’s agreement to carry Walt
Disney Co. programming over the Internet in addition to its
satellite pay-TV service is a move from household pricing to
“per person” priicing. Greenfield and Piecyk talk with
Bloomberg’s ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Tom Porcelli, chief U.S. economist
in New York at Royal Bank of Canada’s RBC Capital Markets unit,
one of 22 primary dealers that trade with the Federal Reserve,
says “it’s hard to make a case for wage inflation.” Porcelli
talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Michael ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Winthrop Smith Jr., a former
Merrill Lynch & Co. executive whose company, Summit Ventures,
owns the Sugarbush Resort in Warren, Vermont, this year’s ski
season “will last well into April.” Smith talks with Bloomberg’s
Tom Keene and Michael McKee on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg
Surveillance." ...
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Leo Hindery, the managing partner of
private-equity fund InterMedia Partners LP in New York, says the
proposed U.S. budget is a plan “neither side could embrace.”
Hindery talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Michael McKee on
Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
March 5 (Bloomberg) -- John Stoltzfus, chief market
strategist at Oppenheimer & Co. in New York, says “the market is
reflecting improved fundamentals on a global basis.” Stoltzfus
talks with Bloomberg’s Bob Moon on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg
- The First Word."
March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Don Coxe, chairman of Coxe Advisors
LLP, says it is too early to be certain that Russian President
Vladimir Putin does not have plans is to push further into
Ukraine to gain control of the southern part of the country. He
says he will need to see six months without any military ...
March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Jim Bianco, president and founder of
Bianco Research LLC, says the decline in the U.S. Treasury 10-year note yield is likely to continue especially if signs of
labor market weakness emerge in the February employment report
on Friday. He says the yield could dip below 2.5% if the
economic ...
March 4 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Representative Diane Black, a
Tennessee Republican and member of the House Budget Committee,
discusses President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2015 budget plan,
proposed solutions for income inequality, and her support for
sanctions against Russia. Black speaks with Bloomberg’s ...
March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Sebastien Galy, senior foreign
exchange strategist at Societe Generale SA, says the contagion
in currency markets related to anxiety over an escalation in the
Ukraine/Russia stand-off is disappearing. He says the fear that
a Russian-specific crisis would hit broad emerging markets ...
March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Ed Yardeni, chief investment
strategist at Yardeni Research, says recent volatility in the
markets is due to short-lived “panic attacks” and that investors
should not be thrown off course. He says the bull market will be
sustained for at least another year, and the Standard ...
March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Stan Collender, national director of
financial communications at Qorvis Communications LLC and author
of the “Capital Gains and Games” blog, says President Barack
Obama is proposing a budget that reads more like political
statement than a serious policy proposal. Collender ...
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