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June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ted Weisberg, president of Seaport
Securities, says it’s wise to have some caution in a Federal
Reserve-driven market. He says he doesn’t remember a time like
this in his 50 years in the trading business. Son Jason
Weisberg, head of institutional trading at Seaport Securities,
says ...
June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Yra Harris, global macro trader at
Praxis Trading, and his daughter, Alexandra, derivatives
reporter on the First Word Desk at Bloomberg News, say the U.S.
government bond market took note of a speech last night by Bank
of England Governor, Mark Carney, suggesting the BOE could ...
June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Paul Sankey, energy analyst at Wolfe
Research LLC, says turmoil in Iraq is not affecting the supply
of oil “right now.” Sankey talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and
Michael McKee on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
June 13 (Bloomberg) -- John Ryding, co-founder at RDQ
Economics, says the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England
will normalize monetary policy “sooner than the other central
banks” and that will strengthen their respective currencies.
Ryding talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Michael McKee ...
June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Paul Sullivan, a Middle East
specialist at Georgetown University in Washington, says Iraqi
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s “days are numbered.” Sullivan
talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Michael McKee on Bloomberg
Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Mario Gabelli, chairman and chief
executive officer of Gamco Investors Inc., says he wants to own
shares of CST Brands. Gabelli talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene
and Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Erik Davidson, San Francisco-based
deputy chief investment officer for Wells Fargo Private Bank,
which oversees $170 billion, says unrest in Iraq “could be a
catalyst’ for a stock market correction. Davidson talks with
Bloomberg’s Bob Moon on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Ben Willis, senior floor broker at
Princeton Securities, says a ’fear trade’ is driving the market
with conflict escalating in Iraq. Willis says he’s maintaining
his thesis that investors are trading a market of stocks, as
opposed to the overall stock market. Willis talks ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- June 12 (Bloomberg) –- David Leduc,
chief investment officer for Standish, a Boston-based fixed
specialist, says central bank liquidity has compressed yields
around the world, but there are opportunities as policy
diverges. Leduc, who is also portfolio manager for the ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- June 12 (Bloomberg) –- Fadel
Gheit, oil and gas analyst at Oppenheimer & Company, says though
he thinks fair value on WTI is $80, perception is reality and
there’s a big risk premium in the market right now, with
investors beginning to make bets that oil flow could be
disrupted ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- June 12 (Bloomberg) –- Burt
Flickinger, managing director at Strategic Resource Group,
reacts to this morning’s retail sales data for May which showed
an overall increase in
purchases of .3 percent, lower than the .6 percent consensus
forecast. Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Suzanne
Hutchins, portfolio manager at Newton Investment Management,
says investors are overly optimistic about the prospects for
further gains in stocks, as valuations are now high and ample
liquidity is at risk of becoming more scarce. By contrast, she
says ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Hoey,
chief economist at BNY Mellon, says theFederal Reserve’s program
of purchasing U.S. government bonds and mortgage-backed
securities to suppress yields amounts to manipulation of the
bond market, and runs the risk of creating asset bubbles
domestically ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Drew Matus, deputy U.S. chief
economist at UBS Securities LLC, says the U.S. labor market “is
through the slack, and wages will start to rise.” Matus talks
with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Kiesel, deputy chief investment
officer at Pacific Investment Management Co. says there is
“significant demand growth in emerging markets” for diamonds.
Kiesel talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio’s
"Bloomberg Surveillance."
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- David Gergen, an adviser to
Republican and Democratic presidents from Richard Nixon to Bill
Clinton, says the defeat of Eric Cantor will push immigration
reform off lawmakers’ agendas and also result in Hispanics
“leaning hard toward Democrats in 2016.” Gergen talks with
Bloomberg’s ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Susan Anderson, an Arlington,
Virginia-based analyst at FBR, the retail environment is “tough”
and retailers targeting teenagers "have been getting hit
especially hard.” Anderson talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on
Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance." They are ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Maya MacGuineas, head of the
Campaign to Fix the Debt, a non-partisan advocacy group whose
members include business leaders and former lawmakers, says
following the primary election defeat of Rep. Eric Cantor,
lawmakers are “scared to do anything real.” MacGuineas talks
with ...
(Corrects spelling of BlackRock in headline.)
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Jeffrey Shen, head of emerging
markets at BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager,
says emerging market valuations are high on a historic basis.
Shen talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Adam Johnson on
Bloomberg Radio’s ...
June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Lynn Franco, director of research at
The Conference Board, says retail sales figures will show that
“the higher-end consumer is benefiting more.” Franco talks with
Bloomberg’s Bob Moon on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg - The First
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