Bloomberg News: Episodes

Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Kit Juckes, global strategist at
Societe Generale, says investors should avoid risky assets at
the moment and look into “short-dated German bunds.” Juckes
talks with Bloomberg’s John Tucker on Bloomberg Radio’s
"Bloomberg - The First Word."
Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of the
newly-published “Executive Presence: The Missing Link between
Merit and Success,” explains how to achieve “executive
presence”, the fundamental prerequisite for leadership
positions. She focuses on how to implement three elements of
“executive ...
Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Doug Duncan, senior vice president
and chief economist at Fannie Mae, says the company’s July
National Housing Survey shows the housing recovery is
decelerating, and signals a slight decline in home sales in 2014
this year as well as a slowdown in home price increases. He
says ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Roche, emerging markets
fixed income strategist at Seaport Global Holdings, outlines the
evolution of Argentina’s debt problems. He says until recently
Argentina had pursued a policy of isolation from the global
capital markets, but once the government failed to win ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Jason L. Riley, editorial board
member of the Wall Street Journal, explains the thesis of his
new book, “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder
For Blacks To Succeed. He says there are many examples of how
government programs and policies only serve to hold African
Americans ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Hugh Johnson, chairman and chief
investment officer of Hugh Johnson Advisors, says he has
adjusted his equity exposure to industry neutral with a tilt
toward large-caps, especially dividend-paying stocks. He says
the market is now overvalued by four to six percent, but if or
when ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Porter Bibb, managing partner at
Mediatech Capital Partners, says any serious short-squeeze on
GoPro, which he says is possibly underway, will fail because
investors are valuing GoPro as a media company, not just a
digital camera company. Bibb says GoPro’s whole secret is the
millions ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Allan Battles, president of Brighton
Wealth Management in Salt Lake City, Utah, says while investing
in utilities may not be exciting to many investors, this “boring
but powerful” asset can give a big boost to returns. He
outlines his strategy for picking dividend-paying utilities, ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Arthur Levitt, former chairman of
the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, interviews Richard
Ketchum, chairman and chief executive officer of the Financial
Industry Regulatory Agency, on Bloomberg Radio’s "A Closer Look
With Arthur Levitt."
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Harald Malmgren, head of the
Malmgren Group in Washington, a global business planning, trade,
and financial advisory service, says the White House view that
the trade sanctions on Russia are working is mistaken. To the
contrary, he says President Vladimir Putin will ramp up his
efforts ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Drew Matus, deputy U.S. chief
economist at UBS Securities LLC, says “all signs point to
accelerating wages.” Matus talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and
Michael McKee on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Jean-Michel Six, chief European
economist at Standard & Poor’s, says the European Central Bank
must first create a securitization market before engaging in an
asset purchase program. Six talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on
Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance." They ...
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Tobias Levkovich, chief U.S. equity
strategist at Citigroup Inc., says there is a “93 percent
probability stocks will be higher a year from now.”Levkovich
talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg
Surveillance." They are joined by Drew Matus of UBS.
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Ethan Harris, co-head of global
economics research at Bank of America Corp., says there is “very
little contagion risk” from Argentina’s potential default.
Harris talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio’s
"Bloomberg Surveillance."
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom,
Boom & Doom report, says he is “overweight the U.S. dollar” and
has “practically no exposure to U.S. stocks.” Faber talks with
Bloomberg’s Bob Moon on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg - The First
July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Neil Dutta, head of U.S. economics
for Renaissance Macro Research, says the 4 percent jump in
second quarter gross domestic product should finally convince
economy bears that the economy is on solid ground and the
recovery continues. He says it’s strong enough that the Federal
Reserve ...
July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Anna Gelpern, fellow at the Peterson
Institute for International Economics and law professor at
Georgetown University, says Argentina’s hold-out creditors will
likely ask for a stay, and accept less than 100 percent on their
bonds. She says the question then becomes what price ...
July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Craig Moffett, founder and partner
at MoffettNathanson analyzes Sprint earnings, saying
fundamentally Sprint will have to cut its retail prices –
something management acknowledged in the conference call.
Moffett says Sprint’s spectrum in a high-frequency band needs
aggressive ...
July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Hormats, vice chairman at
Kissinger Associates Inc. and a former undersecretary of state
for economic growth, says Russia’s economy depends heavily on
access to global capital markets and will feel the impact of the
most recent round of sanctions. Hormats also comments ...
July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Randall Kroszner, professor of
economics at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of
Business, and a former Federal Reserve Board governor, says
first quarter GDP was “one off.” Kroszner talks with Bloomberg’s
Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Surveillance."
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