Biota LIVE: Understanding Artificial Life: Episodes

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Through the development of a philosophy of artificial life, a recurring question is what can be learnt in the study that is applicable to the real world. This episode explores one such topic.
Following a tour of the UK, Europe and the East Coast, Bruce Damer returns to Biota Live with the current state of the EvoGrid. Where will he be doing his PhD? What will the EvoGrid look like? Will he be summoning the EvoGrid in some techno shamanic ritual? All will be revealed plus two WWII connections ...
With so many topics discussed on Biota Live, it appears an ideal time to return to the periodic short-topic show relating to outstanding questions in the artificial life community.
With a new book, an ongoing wet artificial life company, MIT Press' Artificial Life Journal and the International Society of Artificial Life, Mark Bedau offers a number of topics of discussion for Biota Live.
Zann returns to Biota Live to discuss a number of topics only briefly discussed when she was last on Biota Live and also to explore some new topics.
Following his initial appearance on Biota Live, Larry Yaeger returns to the podcast to discuss a number of topics in greater detail including algorithms and teaching artificial life.
With the discussion of EvoGrid deep, the idea of projects pooling resources and aiding development should not be forgotten.
There has been much discussion about teaching artificial life. This topic is explored in great detail in this show.
Through the shows to-date there has been an ongoing discussion about artificial life as a hobby. This topic has never been discussed specifically. Now is the time to talk on this.
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For more information on show topics;

What is the current state of artificial life? Will there be a chilling in artificial life research due to the current international economic woes? Or does artificial life have something to offer currently?
Mary Shelley roll over, it's time to talk about the really scary things in artificial life.
Does artificial life require funding to survive? This episode explores the sources of funding and the fundamental value of artificial life development.
Following the extensive discussion of Open Source in the Biota podcast, an update is required to talk about the benefits of developing artificial life in Open Source.
This episode focuses on the steps needed to get your artificial life project out to the broadest possible audience.
Artificial life veteran, Larry Yaeger, talks about Polyworlds, artificial life in academia, at Apple and with Jim Henson, amongst other things.
With the release of Will Wright's much anticipated game, Spore, the panel discusses the game and its potential impact on artificial life
An exploration of non-Genetic Algorithm artificial life and post-ALife Genetic Algorithms. Where can Genetic Programming fit into contemporary artificial life?
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