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England cricketer Kate Cross speaks to Today's Chris Dennis about being the first woman to play in the men's Central Lancashire League, the rise of women's cricket, increasing participation in the sport and whether more women should play in the men's game.
Reporter Dan Whitworth went to Birmingham to speak to the next generation of doctors about the Government’s pledge to recruit thousands of GPs.
There's been a virtual news blackout in Burundi since the failed coup attempt last week - the President has been accused of launching a campaign of repression against independent media, with reports of loyalists smashing up radio stations and threatening journalists.
It's a big deal for a country which ...
Steve Hilton told the BBC "If you are a company that requires bailing out should you go wrong, then you should be considered part of the public sector and the pay of your executives should be capped at the same levels as the civil service pay levels.”
Anthony Browne is the Chief Executive of the British ...
Deutsche Bank has established a working group to look at the consequences to its business should UK leave EU, a look ahead to the Office for National Statistics' inflation figures for April and a look at the number of consumer complaints about payment protection insurance.
As technology changes how do we adapt our work practices to ensure maximum productivity whilst maintaining a work life balance?
How can we make sure we are working smarter as opposed to harder?
Phil Libin is the CEO of Evernote, a tech company that started as an app for taking and organising digital ...
The Chelsea Flower Show opens tomorrow– and the world’s foremost gardeners are showing off their creative and colourful designs.
A new poll from the Royal Horticultural Society suggests that 15 square miles of front garden have been paved over in the last decade.
And 5 million now have no plants ...
It is 35 years since the death of Ian Curtis, frontman of the seminal Salford post-punk band Joy Division.
The band garnered international critical acclaim with the release of their debut album Unknown Pleasures in 1979, but the group was dissolved following Curtis’s suicide at the age of just 23 in ...
A strong pound causing problems for British manufacturers and upheaval in the bond market.
Speaking to the Today Programme's Rob Bonnet is Ian Bell, the England cricketer, who discusses his thoughts on the current team, Kevin Pietersen and the future head coach of the England team.
Labour is often perceived as the traditional party of the working classes, but with a comprehensive-school heavy cabinet and the promise of northern devolution, the Conservatives are positioning themselves to gain popularity among blue collar workers.
Could the Labour vote collapse like it did in Scotland?
Lord ...
As of this morning you can enter a ballot to live in Grayson Perry's house. At least, the house he has designed on the Essex coast.
The artist has described his creation as both "the Taj Mahal in Essex" and "bonkers."
Called A House for Essex - it's been controversial and is steeped in stories as our ...
Tributes have been paid to BB King, the bluesman, who has died aged 89.
Dave Kelly, is the guitar player for The Blues Band.
Between 1944 and 1946 the directorate of Army Welfare in India recorded a series called ‘Calling Blighty’.
Personnel stationed in India, Singapore and Burma regarded themselves as 'the Forgotten Army', home leave wasn't possible, post was slow and sometimes didn't get home at all.
Instead cinematic ...
Today's Friday Boss is Richard Pennycook the Chief Executive of the Co-Op Group.
Did twitter hashtags such as #milifandom, #milibrand, and #jesuised create a lot of noise amongst the left wing commentariat – hiding the fact that activists were really just tweeting and retweeting to each other?
Dr Richard Carr is a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University's Labour History Research ...
The 2017 women's rugby world cup will be held in Ireland with the pool stages played in Dublin and the semi-finals and final in Belfast.
The decision welcomed as you'd expect by Irish politicians and rugby fans as well as by Lynne Cantwell, Ireland's most capped player, who spoke to Rob Bonnet.
35 years after the original film, a new Mad Max movie comes out this week.
Once again it portrays a world where structures have collapsed, resources such as petrol and water are scarce and the law is defended by those who believe in good.
It’s a grim, lawless vision of the world common to the dystopian ...
That's the accusation some have levelled at the BBC series Shark.
Shot in super high definition a number of viewers have said it's computer generated imagery. It's not.
The team spent four years travelling and filming around the world.
Rachel Butler is the programme's assistant producer and Morne Hardenberg ...
A look at the Bank of England's quarterly inflation report with Jonathan Portes and Andrew Sentance.
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