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As part of the programme's coverage of 100 constituencies in 100 days, Matthew Price went to find out why voters born overseas want to vote in this General Election.

Chief correspondent Matthew Price has been to Brent North, Brent Central and Hampsted and Kilburn to meet three non-UK born voters.

Brent ...
Holocaust survivor Eva Kor travelled to Lunenburg in Germany from the United States to testify against former Nazi Oskar Groning and tell the court how she and her twin sister had been experimented on by Josef Mengele when they were in Auschwitz.

"I am not a poor person, I am a victorious human being, ...
Featuring a discussion on Europe's biggest banks and Friday boss Robert Senior, worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi.
It is 800 years since one of the most important documents in British history, The Magna Carta, was sealed.
The 13th century document is widely seen as the cornerstone of the British constitution.
It has long been seen as a pioneering and radical document but historian David Starkey argues that it was ...
One of the biggest political crises that faced the coalition during its time in power were the 2012 riots.
Violence erupted across London, Manchester and Birmingham. Was what happened a one off?
One of the most striking images of the riot was when Tariq Jahan whose son was run over by a car in Birmingham ...
John Humphrys was driven round a test track at MIRA by chief driver trainer Nigel Smith in an former prototype car used for high speed training.
The drive included going round a corner at 75 miles per hour while the driver took his hands off the wheel and experiencing 2 G-forces on a corner at 120 miles per hour.
A couple from Cardiff say they are "incredibly proud" of their son who became Britain's youngest organ donor, when he died, after living for only one-hundred minutes.
Jess Evans and Mike Houlston decided to donate Teddy's kidneys before he was born because they'd been told he wouldn't survive.
A senior ...
News on the Petrobras scandal with Daniel Gallas and peer to peer lending with Funding Circle's Samir Desai.
Ed Miliband was mobbed by a hen party on Saturday.
It was a rare moment of unplanned interaction in an election battle which has seen the main party leaders encountering the public on the pavements rather less frequently than in campaigns past.
John Major found on his soapbox in 1992 that meeting the ...
Speaking to the Today Programme's Sonali Shah is the West Ham vice chairman Karren Brady, who discusses the club's new reduction in season ticket prices and the future for manager Sam Allardyce.
In 2009 the Tehran-born Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari was imprisoned and tortured for 118 days in Iran.
He’d been covering the presidential elections, and had sent footage of opposition protests to the BBC before being arrested by the Revolutionary Guard.
Amongst the western media that campaigned ...
In some parts of the country, the bobby on the beat is still very much valued and trusted.
A month ago, six thousand people lined the streets of Falmouth to pay tribute to their local policeman after he suddenly died while off duty.
PC Andy Hocking was just 52.
Our reporter Sima Kotecha has been to ...
One of Britain's leading environmentalists, James Lovelock, has waded into the election debate criticising politicians for ducking the most important issue facing the planet - climate change.
With less than a year to go before world leaders meet in Paris to try and hammer out a binding deal to halt ...
Analysis of Tesco's latest figures and the Islamic bond market.
A new satire on the general election is starting tonight: it is being filmed at the last-possible moment to make sure its satire is absolutely up-to-the-minute.
Channel Four's “Ballot Monkeys” follows the election campaigners on the battle buses.
The writers insist they are not worried about lack ...
The Japanese make much of their cherry blossom - now the UK may be heading for blossom to compare.
The combination of sunny days and cold nights we have seen in the past few weeks are making this Spring an exceptionally good one for the country's blossom - it is lasting longer than usual, and is a visual ...
Until now, very little has been known for sure about the way that babies experience pain and it had been thought that young babies do not feel pain in the same way as adults.
But a new study from the University of Oxford suggests the contrary.
MRI scans of babies' brains found that 18 of the 20 pain ...
200 years ago - saw the beginning of an experiment with the daughter of the poet Lord Byron to try to prevent her from becoming 'poetical' and turn her in to a sensible maths genius.
Ada Lovelace, is now credited by some as the first ever computer programmer.
Arts Correspondent, David Sillito reports ...
Rory Cellan-Jones reports on "Mobilegeddon" as Google search results favour mobile friendly sites and Which warns of misleading deals in supermarkets.
There is evidence to suggest a third horticulturist, Patrick Matthew, developed a concept of evolution by natural selection that pre-dates Darwin's by 27 years.
Professor Steve Jones is a Professor of Genetics at UCL and Dr Patricia Fara is a senior tutor of Clare College, Cambridge University.
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