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Emily Thornberry has resigned from the Labour front bench after tweeting a photo of a house decorated with English flags and a white van outside it. She seemed to be sneering at the house's owner. But the damage had been done and Labour was being presented as an elitist party that's simple no longer ...
The first organised group of NHS volunteers trained to tackle the ebola crisis leaves for Sierra Leone today. More than thirty of them will complete their training in the country before starting work in British-built treatment centres. One of them is Gareth Ross, a paramedic from Yorkshire. Joanna Reid ...
Researchers have used Wagner's Ring cycle as the basis of an experiment to try to find out more about how we hear and understand music. It's happening at the Being Human festival. Sir Colin Blakemore is Professor of Neuroscience and Philosophy at the University of London and is been part of the research team.
A group of journalists, all members of the National Union of Journalists, are taking legal action because they think the Metropolitan Police is monitoring them and keeping information on a database that deals with extremists.

Justin Webb spoke to one of group, the comedian and writer Mark Thomas.
Listen to Labour MP John Mann speak about Emily Thornberry's offensive Rochester tweet and subsequent resignation.
Simon Jack speaking to AkzoNobel, the global producer of paints, coatings and speciality chemicals.

It's products are used to coat ships, mobile phones, drink cans as well as to paint cars and homes, however it's most widely recognised asset is probably an Old English sheepdog called Spud - or the Dulux dog.
The French company which designed and will supply parts for the new reactors at Hinkley Point C is in total disarray.

Its shares fell 16% yesterday as it suspended financial targets for the next two years. Delays at plants in France, Finland and Japan were blamed.

Areva is due to take a 10% share ...
David Cameron has risked the wrath of some Conservative MPs and Ukip. Britain will make the £720m offer at a 'pledging conference' in Berlin on Thursday.

Ukip has campaigned against green energy and Britain’s overseas aid programme, while many Tory MPs share those objections.

Mishal Husain spoke ...
The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, a man with the "voice of god", according to one of his contemporaries, is the biggest selling artist in the classical world.

He is credited with helping to popularise opera, although some purists are rather sniffy over his use of a microphone.

Andrea Bocelli is in ...
Thirty three years after his death, reggae legend Bob Marley is lending his name to a new product.

A Seattle-based private equity firm that invests in the marijuana industry has struck a deal with the estate of Bob Marley to launch a global cannabis brand.

Today programme business presenter Simon Jack ...
European space scientists had been working hard overnight both to extend the life of the Philae lander, and to recover as much scientific data from it before it runs out of power. It seems that the lander has now shut down. We hear from John Zarnecki, emeritus professor of Space Science at the Planetary ...
Selfie sticks are becoming increasingly popular; a regular sight in tourist hotspots. But what do they say about us? We hear from Krissi Murson, associate editor of the Sunday Times Magazine, and Alan White, breaking news reporter at Buzzfeed.
Nicola Sturgeon speaks to Justin Webb ahead of her keadership takeover of the SNP party.
Magazine editor Luca Desiata, and professor of Classics Eleanor Dickey, speak about Latin puzzles.
Baroness Trumpington reviews The Imitation Game and reflects her own experiences at code-breaking centre Bletchley Park.
The G20 group of the world's key economies meets again this weekend in Australia.
Speaking to the Today programme's Rob Bonnet is the legendary round the world sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who is currently competing in the Route du Rhum, the transatlantic yacht race from St Malo in France to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.
The militant group Hezbollah has said the fight against Islamic State has given it common purpose with Western powers. In an interview with Mishal, a Hezbollah leader blamed IS for killing more Muslims than its long-time foe Israel.
William Sitwell and Bee Wilson discuss the influence of McDonald's in its 40th year in the UK.
Speaking to the Today programme's Rob Bonnet is John Gosden, the race horse trainer of this year's Royal Ascot winner Kingman.
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