Back Alley Jams: Episodes

The final episode of Back Alley Jams for the foreseeable future. The Pawnshop Manual were my final guests, a band that I feel goes about their music with the same spirit I hope the show maintained.

All the best to all the listeners!
Aegis Fang
This episode features indie, pop-influenced rock band Man Made Lake.
This week features the Amortals bringing a very different sound to Back Alley Jams. Have a listen.
Another episode from Back Alley Jams
Smith & Lyseng in studio performance and interview.
Local indie rock three-piece, River, came down to CFUV for this weeks episode.
Local electronic artist Ookpikk joined me for this weeks episode. Have a listen.
The Dyeing Merchants come back to CFUV to play a set of new and known songs on this weeks episode.
Garage rock duo Bible Belt Badlands were featured on this weeks episode, listen to their live performance and interview.
Acoustic Duo Sam Weber and Ben Parker play and have a chat.
BoneHoof came by played their music and had a chat. Worth a listen for sure especially the last song.
Recently local, blues rock band The Pilgrimms came on the show for a live set and a bit of a chat. Chris Ho of the Chris Ho show also pops by for a quick visit.
Special episode featuring interviews with the President of War Child Uvic Allyson Miller, and animal rights activist Marley. This one's a good one please listen.
Everybody Left, a dynamic 6-piece, came by to play some great songs and have a chat about their music worth a listen.
Vital Hands the dynamic acoustic duo came down to play some lovely music and have a chat.
Live DJ set from Triadic plus interview. Also includes interview with saxaphonist, Dameian, from Five Alarm Funk.
Local, indie, ambient rock band Versa paid Back Alley Jams a visit to play a stripped down version of their music and chat about it as well.
Chris Ho returns, this time with a trio. As always a chat follows.
Rocky Mountain Rebel Music comes back! They squished 8/10ths of themselves into our little performance space and rocked out. They then joined me for some catching-up.
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