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<p><span>On this episode, B-side goes EXTREME with stories about sports that you won't find at the Olympics or the X-Games for that matter, any time soon. To get in the mood, the B-side crew went bowling. This may not sound too extreme to you...and it didn't seem that extreme ...
<p>This episode first aired in October 2002 and it is by far one of our favorites.&nbsp; The show won a Silver Reel from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters &ndash; quite an honor. Please enjoy these priceless moments caught on tape &ndash; from childhood recordings to less than subtle ...
<p>On this episode of B-Side from September 2002, we bring you stories about transportation and the sometimes unusual ways we get from place to place.&nbsp; We're calling this one: You are What You Drive.</p>
<p>On this edition of B-Side from August 2002, stories about going home &ndash; what home means, how home feels, and how home can change.</p>
29:38 mins
<p>This show originally aired in June 2002.&nbsp; The theme was &ldquo;pets&rdquo; though in reality this should have been called the dead pets show.&nbsp; It includes some B-Side classics and some really touching stories about pets &ndash; how they&rsquo;re loved and how they&rsquo;re lost.</p>
<p>It seems after 7 months of producing B-Side, we were ready for a break.&nbsp; This episode of B-Side pulls together some of our favorite stories from past shows.&nbsp;</p>
<p>On this blast from the past edition of B-Side, we explore memory &ndash; what sparks it, how it works, and what happens when it breaks down.</p>
30:52 mins
<p>This archived edition of B-Side<span> is all about love &ndash; Everything from telephone psychics to the story of how one couple got together. </span></p>
<p><font>In this ripped from the archives edition of B-Side we learn all about little things &ndash; everything from baby carrots, to pint-sized rock stars. We&rsquo;ll also learn about what it&rsquo;s like to shop for clothing in the kids section as an adult, and hear about ...
<p><font>On this way back archive edition of B-Side we take a look at the way things work, everything from vacuum cleaner repair to broken parking meters. We&rsquo;ll also get a lesson in dumpster diving and meet a dad who takes tinkering to a new level. Plus, fearless B-Side ...
<p>On B-Side&rsquo;s third episode, we looked at how people survive the challenges of every day life and the things they do to get by &ndash; financially, emotionally and even linguistically.&nbsp; Oh, and we visit a nudist resort.&nbsp; This episode is hosted by Dave Gilson.</p>
<p>This was B-Side&rsquo;s second episode.&nbsp; At the time, we were all living in or near Berkeley and that city certainly shaped this show.&nbsp; It was also put together in the weeks immediately following 9/11 and that had an impact as well.</p>
<p>From Esperanto diehards to high-school idealists ...
30:00 mins
<p>For the next several months we&rsquo;ll be restoring the B-Side online archives, starting with our very first episode.&nbsp; This show first aired on KALX in September 2001.&nbsp; Yup 2001!&nbsp; These early shows were produced with a flurry of creativity and enthusiasm and you can certainly hear ...
<p>B-Side&rsquo;s Tamara Keith and Rob Sachs continue their search for the Mason-Dixon Line, discovering that this historic boundary isn&rsquo;t all that well marked.&nbsp; As they search, the B-Side Crew explores personal boundaries.</p>
<p>B-Side&rsquo;s Rob Sachs and Tamara Keith venture out in the rain to try and find the historic Mason-Dixon Line.&nbsp; Along the way we hear about a pair of European villages that share the most bizarre border you&rsquo;ve ever heard of, guards who work a watery border and a man who knows no borders.</p>
28:30 mins
Charla Bear and Tamara Keith continue trying to find their way home.&nbsp;
They reach civilization, only to realize they still have no idea where
they are.&nbsp; On this edition of B-Side, we're finding ourselves. <br />
28:00 mins
<p>On this
edition of B-Side, Tamara Keith and Charla Bear get lost on purpose.&nbsp;
They are dropped off in a mysterious suburban location and have to find
their way back to downtown Washington, DC.&nbsp; Think of it as a low budget
version of one of those survival shows on the Discovery Channel.&nbsp; ...
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<p>We're learning the hard way. This
edition of B-Side is about a group of people struggling to learn, to
make it in college. And we're not talking about the usual too many
units not enough time kind of trouble. These ...
<p><span>On this edition of B-Side we're offering a little unsolicited
advice, and some fatherly humor as we explore our relationships with
people we're tied to by blood or common history.</span></p>
B-Side's Tamara Keith and her brother Donovan head to a family fun
center to play ski ball, ...
<span class="piece-description-lead">For those of you who enjoy
your B-Side full-length...here's the 55-minute broadcast version of the
Neighbors show (as heard already on KUOW, KXOT and WGBH).&nbsp; This is also perfect for a long train ride or run.&nbsp;
Let us know in the comments whether you ...
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