Awful Show (The): Episodes

Nerraux and KSweeney start with nothing to talk about, then move into KSweeney's crazy family, then Nerraux's impending baby, then religion, then Square State's baby, then politics, then done. It was a busy night for having nothing to talk about.
When Joel met Tha Mike and Nerraux. Also, how Joel has never met Keyz in person and probably never will. Not if Keyz has anything to say about it.
Arrrrrr! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day maytees! Captain Dan and new listeners joining us live, Even Hawking returned for a movie quote SYN.
The Awful Girls start the show with an interview with sexy sultry, lady tomorrow, Hope. She answers some questions, participates in her very own lightening round!
Nerraux, KSweeney and a great live chat talk about biking, family stories and random other stuff.
Why does Seamonkey deal with Tha Mike. This week listen to Mike play Rock Band 2 while Seamonkey tries to seriously snack. Mike recommends you don't listen.
A miniature tribute to The Miniature Elephant, a few random things and a nearly broken hand.
Zack and Kelly sat in on this episode and we had a great time with them! Also in this episode, fun opening segment of talk, prank calls gone wrong in a VERY fun way and three fun Awful Showdowns.
It's Kelly's birthday, and The Awful Girls are joined his highness of nerdcore, the ONE AND ONLY Zealous1 for some Q and A and he stays to play our game tailor made for Kelly's tastes!B No technical issue is gonna stop this show from being great!
This one was just off-the-cuff and didn't have a lot of promise, but Hotcakes man and StripCDJ called in to share their stories and make this episode interesting and fun.
A classic snack! Featuring old school Sarah The M drops and songs from the early years of Joel's Awful Snack. Also, Joel talks about some stuff and junk.
ECC's husband Titan join Tha Mike and Seamonkey for a small getting to know you convo.
Loooooong show, but there is some classic stuff in here you won't want to miss! SAY IT!, Awful Showdown, and a sudden call to the second best Awful Show interviewee.
If ranting about parenting and clothing sizes don't get you frothing at the mouth, at least there's the one-and-only MAJA who came on to answer the girls grilling. New Game, Tha Mike Message Board Kuh-nowledge! Who pwned? Gotta listen!
Hurricanes, politics, sick toddlers and other wastes of time get covered by Nerraux and KSweeney in this episode.
It's a family thing, you don't want to understand.
Hotcakesman joins Seamonkey and Tha Mike for some 2 on 1 special get to know him time.
Missing the live chat this week meant missing some serious sexiness. This week also marked the return of SYN, a new commercial, and two exclusive songs!
Show 69d is dedicated to lover of the 69 himself, Jo-El. We get our drink on to find a winner for our contest, we listen to a tease from Seamonkette and a Musing Madame from EvilCheshireCat. Last we have a game all for Joel.
Nerraux and KSweeney cover the Olympics, the DNC, and how a recent viewing of Mama Mia may have caused a head wound.
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