Awful Show (The): Episodes

Listener questions by Naked Ninja part II: Electric Boogaloo! Isn't that enough? And there's some kick ass music too.
Tha Mike decided he wanted to spend a Friday night with his wife and daughter and cancelled the show. So Joel decided he'd mash together all the best from the entire run of 5 Awful Minutes. Tha Mike says listen to this!
Joel's annual Christmas blow out! Christmas is almost here and what better way to celebrate the season? Why not spend some time with your favorite pervert!
What better time to bitch and tell stories about ex-relationships than the holiday actually named eX-Mess? There were some funny moments, some serious moments and showdowns about the Simpsons and That 70's Show.
The Girls are all tinseled up and ready to jingle your bells with this Christmas-themed show!
Nerraux and KSweeney actually went into this show with things to talk about, but ended up having a fun time chatting with Naked Ninja the whole time about cheating and High School in general.
The first part in a series on poetry and prose. This week, Joel's selected writings.
Once again, back in full force and ready to talk about all the stuff going on in our lives and in the world. Musician Mike Errico stops by, Know Your Bros questions, a fun interview, and a game of Relative SYN.
This week is Seamonk-uuuhhhh's birthday and we pull out all the stops including TWO special guests, a special game and lots fun voicemails that the girls have difficulty answering.
Nerraux and KSweeney talk about mattresses and vegetarianism and Dustin of The Miniature Elephant Show stops by to toss his two cents in.
METAL! Thanks to trailerized_janitor for the show idea, band suggestions, topics and love. This show will grow hair on your chest.
Keyz poses some thoughts on running red lights, shares his opinion on comic-book-based movies, takes a moment for a personal editorial in his own defense, and discusses strategies around operating systems.
No hi quality stream, no video chat, no Nerraux, yet the guys put out a quality show featuring listeners calling in to cast the Awful Show movie and much more! Who needs technology for internet radio?
The girls are back together to talk turkey after their Thanksgiving break!B A late voicemail entry inspires the featured music.
Nerraux and KSweeney talk about work politics, the idiot media and Thanksgiving. Square State Samurai and Mr. Squiggles call in to give their thoughts.
Early 90's music from Kansas City, concert choirs, death, the Kansas City Royals and Joel. Find out how they all relate to each other in this amazing snack!
A slightly trimmer Tha Mike returned to bring his magic once again. We had some good discussion, some hilarious calls to some patient/ignorant Chinese folks and a game of SYN that revealed how ignorant we are of girly drinks.
Best of the Awful Girls is here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy some of our favorite moments from the past year as requested by you, the listener!
Keyz shares his latest ideas for new bumper stickers, discusses the term date rape, speaks out on hidden sodomy in the movie Babe and much more.
Nerraux and KSweeney are joined by Keyz to talk about poo, exercise farts, Madonna groupie hate and illiterate net jagoffs. Naked Ninja calls in to add his two cents.
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