Awful Show (The): Episodes

The ENTIRE cast is together again to drink margaritas, spin some brand new Nine Inch Nails music and play a new game called Guess the Porn Movie Title! Check out the after show content!
Nerraux and KSweeney talk about literature, politics and poop.
PC or not PC, that is the question? Joel starts out the show talking about political correctness and drifts into racisim and back again. Sorry about the sound quality.
Tha Mike plays some classic Awful Show prank calls to Mommy Jane the adult baby baby sitter. HILARIOUS!
Pilot episode of He Said, She Said Movie Reviews. Hosted by Keyz, Kelly and Zack review Charlie Wilson's War and Seamonkey and Seamonkette review One Missed Call.
The first round of the 2nd Awful Show Anniversary SYN.
Jim Florentine! Enough said. This hilarious comedy god calls in for almost 50 minutes of laughs. It was overall a busy show with many callers and interesting banter.
Miss Square State is back in Awful-form while Cat's away viewing frog porn! El Gato comes on to play the Girlz in a game of Never Have I Ever.
Joel takes a dump and then talks about it. A tribute to my landlord. Enjoy!
Nerraux and KSweeney chat about the good old days at work, and then Nerraux rants for a good half hour about how he's getting old.
Tha Mike is joined by Seamonkey, JRob, MadHatter and Big Stephen as they call Outback Steakhouses for Curb Side Takeout with Chili's Menus.
Keyz rants about hick towns, bizarre company names, public safety, oral peculiarities, political campaigning, milkshake flavors, smoking drivers, game programmers, sugar substitutes, and much more!
Everything from Nerraux's meeting with Stephen Hawking to sexy cartoon babe SYN. Ill Gill and Cupcake call in to talk about their new music.
No Cat, no Miss SSS... so Kelly and Seamonkette take this snack and share it with a couple of listeners who call in to play Would You Rather.
MAJA talks about games for his PSP and also about rediculous gas prices.
Nerraux and KSweeney talk about politics a little and then a former member of the original Awful Show pops in unexpectedly to reminisce.
What are we? If not dust. Sorry kids, something happened that postponed the funny snack. We'll try again next week. All the music this week was provided by William Fitzsimmons.
This week MadHatter returns to release 3 brand new tracks and play some phone games with Seamonkey and Tha Mike.
In this retro-style snack, Keyz rants about parking at work, more vo-Keyz-ulary, fucked-up man laws, penile retraction, the source of child stupidity. Plus, the premier of Keyz first attempt at a remix.
This week included the most interesting round of Price Check we've played in a while. Be sure to listen to the after show to hear an interesting conclusion. Singer Suzen JueL stopped by to make us drool for a while.
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