Awful Show (The): Episodes

The Listener's Speak part II: This week Joel finally answers all of those burning questions! Also, a cherry on top of the State Of The Union Address from two weeks ago.
George Carlin's death this week was something we could not ignore. We had a short but great round of Seven Deadly Words SAY IT, Carlin based SYN, and relived a lot of great memories to boot.
A Whole Lot Of Useless Facts And An Alligator Records Tribute.
Two years is a long damn time to keep doing a show like this, and this was our night to play some favorite clips from the past year and to thank you for helping us make it so great.
This week, Cat talks about Jesus Camp, Seamonkette rants about Fuckin Chicken (places), and Kelly was happy her O's finally swept a series!
KSweeney takes off this week for an REM show. Nerraux muddles through with the help of calls from MrKirker and SystemFail.
Joel's State Of The Union Address.
Tha Mike was not available to re-visit Catalina at PetSmart, so Seamonkey had some fun with her this weekend.
The last semi-final round of the 2nd Awful Show Anniversary SYN.
Mike is out due to multiple acts of God falling in the same week. Nerraux, Keyz and Joel pick up the slack with an episode featuring freetalk, a good interview with TP from TP and Esco and SNL movie SYN.
A tribute show of sorts to honor the greatness of Keyz for his birthday, the great Luke Ski comes on for the Girlz' FIRST EVER interview.
Nerraux was gone, so Ksweeney let Zack and Kelly fill in. Seamonkey and a new listener, Bullfrog call in and chat with us for a bit. It was a fun show and you learn a little more about all of us.
This week Joel talks about Comcast, The King Of Kong, re-formatting his hard drive, The Denver Zoo, the chicken suit, the new house, the current horror re-make schedule and It's about as aimless as a blind marksman.
This snack is a MUST listen. Tha Mike and Seamonkey prank some Pet Smarts and hilarity ensues over and over!
Mike is back, and we had a fun, loose night. There was singing, gratuitous abuse of sound effects, and a tough but fun Coen Brothers SYN
You know, I love laughing. Especially when it’s at people dancing horrendously on So You Think You Can Dance. I hope you enjoy this show! Oh, and don’t forget: I’m not an alcoholic!
Talked to a pregnant woman that turned out to be a the father of her cloverfield monster child. While does her formal show sendoff, she's still taking sound byte requests.
Another great episode of live audience participation leads to lively conversation and fun.
Joel's Post Hardcore roundup with 3 questions from Autoganz. It might not be what you were wanting, but it is better than a kick in the crotch, right?
He Said, She Said Movie Reviews, hosted by Keyz. Titan and Evil Cat review The Air I Breathe and Kelly and Zack review What Would Jesus Buy.
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