Awful Show (The): Episodes

Tha Mike takes 10 minutes and shares his future with The Awful Show.
Lee sounds like Hell, but the guys still managed to put on a fun show, depsite some minor technical glitches. You get some Watchmen and some general bitching. Good fanboy times.
An interview with Rapper Tech N9ne, South Philly Paul and his lady in studio, a new game called Jeoparody and a hilarious new commercial round out this 152nd episode of The Awful Show.
Benjamin Button and The Toxic Avenger, songs about Superman, and a talk about enjoying the little things in life. All of it wrapped with a pretty little bow.
We got our missing Jason back, but lost him eventually thanks to technical woes. Luckily, our first guest more than held his own in the meantime as we talked Star Trek, toys and all sorts of crazy.
This week we learned Nerraux has balls, for a little while anyway, Mike's looking for the right woman to bite his wang off and South Philly Paul is very humble about his fame.
Renegades of Porn part 2 - A short story by Joel. A tale of love and sex so big that it requires two seperate snacks!
The boys are back and full of PoP excellence, Lee if you are reading this, please send me descriptions from now on.
Comedian and actor Dante Nero, a sex toy hostess, rapper TP from TP and Esco a body parts SYN and great music round off this show of interview goodness awfully awesome.
Renegades of Porn part 1 - A short story by Joel. A tale of love and sex so big that it requires two seperate snacks!
The inaugural show from the guys at Panels On Pages dot com. There is some sound issues but bare with them it's the first show. Support these guys the best you can!
It's the 1 year anniversary of one of the greatest pranks in Awful history. The infamous Outback call. This is a must hear for any new listeners!
Too soon for another clip show? Maybe. But folks, life must intrude occasionally and so we give you a 17-show mashup to hold you over until we can be Awful in person for you again next week.
A good, ol' fashioned A.G. Snack filled with technical difficulties! It's still gold for you as tha Girls' give a nod to the most deviant holiday of all: 4/20!
It's the shortest show yet! Who needs good topics or content when you have music this good?
This is not your typical snack and is not for everyone. Tha Mike shares some stories and his feelings on his dog Samson passing away.
Sad news from Tha Mike, hot ladies in the chat, Rappy McRapperson and a rare Nerraux SYN win rounds out this full show.
Ever thought about being a pirate? Ever thought about having dildo's for hands? Ever heard the joke about what the pirate thought of the blonde? The Awful Girls ponder all of these questions and more!
This week Joel plays some new Team Illuminati, talks about his former pets and continues his previous conversation about porn.
We played Say It! with Captain Dan, we interviewed a F'in Ahole and played a new visual clues based SYN.
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