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http://www.wdeanshook.com  US Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals’ Children,,, Americans 'mad at government' melt phones on Capitol ,,Obamacare strategist: Executive amnesty 'wildly popular'???? SWAT team tasers, pepper-sprays homeschoolers,,,,Marine Dad Takes Stand After Daughter Gets 'F' for Refusing ...

License, ID card policies stir concerns over illegal immigrants voting  ? Voter fraud?  It's White House vs. Americans on voter ID, Will this coming election be fair and honest?

State DMV officials are not required to authenticate citizenship.  Machine Switches Votes ...

Dont let a crises go to waste,,, Anti-gun billionaire: 'We need more school shootings',,, Obama Plans to Import Ebola-infected Foreigners from Other Countries,,,Seventy-Two Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation In Boston, and more !!
http://www.wdeanshook.com    U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS, Is new Ebola czar's biggest fear ... overpopulation?, British Officials Uncover Hundreds of New Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the UK,  Obama defines US as "Muslim Country"  Pentagon Denies Withholding Information on Chemical ...
The truth about Abortion, The history, and whos behind it!
http://www.wdeanshook.com   Sweden to become first major European country to recognize state of Palestine, Netanyahu: White House criticism of Israel is un-American,

What does the Bible say about a future Palestinian state?
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Russia threatens to retaliate against U.S. military, World Health Org, says: No Ebola vaccine before mid-2015  ISIS threatens to gas British troops in Iraq: Soldiers ordered to carry chemical suits, ...

 FBI investigating claims Oklahoma beheading suspect tried to convert co-workers to Islam,,  Alton Nolen, the man authorities believe is responsible for a brutal beheading in Moore, Oklahoma Thursday, posted an image which seemed to justify beheading on his Facebook page ...
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U.S. weapons for Free Syrian Army ended up with ISIS,  Robert Kennedy Jr.: We need laws to ‘punish global warming skeptics, Gov't Scientists: Higher West Coast Temps Due to Natural Causes, not 'Climate Change', Hillary, ...
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Four men with Middle East terrorist ties caught at Texas border on Sept 10, & A Fresh plot to 'bring down airplanes' & Secret weapon to take over America revealed

This all fall's in line with end time Prophecy, see how.
22:00 mins
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Beheading Infidels: How Allah ‘Heals the Hearts of Believers’ Muslims ask Obama to block counter-terror training , Obama sending aid to Islamic schools
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Obama taught workshops on Alinsky’s theories and methods for years and Hillary Rodham as a student at Wellesly in 1969, interviewed Saul Alinsky and wrote her thesis on Alinsky’s theories and methods. , The ...
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It's been shaping world events and charting the rise and fall of nations for 3,000 years. The last one brought the Great Recession, and the one before that, the 9/11 attacks. ...
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The Real Threat of ISIS in the Homeland, 11 jetliners 'missing' after Islamist takeover of airport, U.S. government 'breeding terrorists' – in Minnesota,
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Boko Haram Beheads Six-Year-Old Boy for Christian Faith, DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups, ISIS trying to develop wepons  of mass destrution,  Border security: Islamist ...
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bypass congressional ratification for an international move called a "sweeping international climate change agreement.",  President Obama’s plans for executive actions on immigration , by the end of summer?? ...
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Ex-DOJ official: Federal charges coming in Ferguson, Lesson from Ferguson: When chaos comes, don't wait on cops,  Police tell Detroiters to buy guns in city riven by race issues and , Don't flash your gun at ...
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Allen West Declares Obama An Islamist , Is Obama’s lackluster response on Boko Haram tied to Nigeria’s gay ‘marriage’ ban? , War on religous liberty, Gregory got $4M to quietly leave NBC
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Study: You Have 'Near-Zero' Impact on U.S. Policy , Planned Parenthood Counselor to Teen: 'Anything' Sexual Is Normal 'As Long as It's Consensual' ,Obama Administration Released Over 600 ...

Suspected American militant who pledged allegiance to ISIS held without bail after being arrested at JFK, ISIS brutally subdues rebellion in Syria, beheading and crucifying tribesmen, 

Ebola Drug Supply Is Exhausted After Doses Sent to Africa And More
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