Angry & Cliff - The Podcast!: Episodes

Blimey – it’s been a while hasn’t it? What with Cliff’s marathon training, Angry’s new business venture, and everyone ignoring Ben’s incessant phone calls it’s been just over two months since our last show.
The good news is we’re back.  Well, we say good ...
We're back with a whimper as we dust off our Christmas and New Year excesses to bring you 35 minutes of rambling nonsense from one of the country's least listended to comedy trios.
This week we hear about Angry's trip to Butlins, which involved the mild (and accidental - Ed) physical abuse of a disabled person, Ben shatters Angry's preconceptions about the new Tron movie, and we finally let Cliff tell us about all the running he's been doing (he's going to run a marathon you know).
A slightly extended podcast sees Angry, Cliff and Ben doing their best to impersonate Sting – and by best, I mean incredibly rubbish.
We also look at the weeks we’ve had, which saw Angry pay cash money to get moaned at, Ben’s Playstation gets bullied by his new iPhone 4, and Cliff is ...
After a break so long we’ve decided to refer to it as a sabbatical, the Angry and Cliff Podcast (with Ben) is back!  With show 81, in fact.
We look at the past six weeks, and Ben even put together a quiz to show us how much he missed us.  Though it soon became apparent that [...]
The podcast has reached the venerable old age of 80, and we try to come up with things that get better after 80.  There aren’t many.
Angry and Cliff take and extended look at the Pope’s UK visit, and all of the news coverage he brought with him, whilst also discussing Twitters latest hack ...
We look at the latest in the news, with the potential downside of Lady Gaga's new meat attire, and how one might go about preparing a vegetarian alternative, George Michael's trip to prison, and the top story of the month so far, Monty Python burning the Koran. Or something.
Podcast 78 sees Angry and Cliff joined by the magic of the Internet by Sam Burnett, who is here to give us the low down on the Formula One season so far, whilst also delivering and excellent critique of the modern art to be found in London’s galleries.
Cliff tells us about his holiday based car [...]
Podcast 77 sees Cliff and Angry going old skool due to an absent Ben with Angry discussing being stood up, Cliff suffers several electronic disasters and we learn how it was actually the Vikings that discovered America. Probably. We also take a look at rubbish adverts, a rubbish real-life Jaws remake ...
The podcast returns with Scientology, the best and worst of the week's TV, a jobless truck driver selling the Ritz to gullible idiots, the Royal family on Flickr and we discuss the best endings possible to the ongoing will they / won't they saga in the latest BT adverts.
Show 75 with the boys from I Am Idiot and we look at the least successful showbiz collaborations of all time, time, Keith's guide to death, the origins of auto-erotic asphyxiation and we ponder Alexander The Great's Irish accent, moon landings, Hitler and the Riot Act.
Show 74 with Mel Gibson's outburst, Steven Seagal the real life policeman, and Crocodile riding Australians. All this plus giving blood, getting abused on Twitter and embarrassing yourself at the gym.
Podcast 73 and Angry is pitted against Cliff in Ben’s brilliantly titled quiz, “Guess the song from this short, yet impressive, intro Quiz”.  You can play along at home / on the bus / in prison by trying to guess the songs in the nanosecond before Cliff tries to answer it.  Or wait ...
Podcast 72 sees Cliff enjoying his first sneeze.  It’s a surprise that a man of his advancing years had yet to experience the joys of a good sneeze, but at least he has now joined the club.
This week we discuss our show being reviewed by a ten year-old, Ben getting annoyed by small people, and [...]
Anyway, all you need to know is that it's here, and it's ready to worm it's way into your head via those funny shaped holes at the side of your face. This week we learn that Show 71 and Angry did a naughty picture, Ben did a naughty picture abroad, and Cliff didn't do any naughty pictures whilst looking ...
Show 70 and we discuss South Africa's contribution to the world of annoying sounds, the vuvuzelas, how Cliff became an overnight Internet sensation, and we have a special surprise birthday quiz for Ben where we learn some of the deepest darkest secrets of his twisted mind. Want to know what he keeps ...
This week we see the return of Ben and our familiar format, as Cliff tells us how to spot if someone fancies you, Ben plays wank-word bingo, and Angry tests them both with a political quiz in which they must determine if a manifesto policy comes from the BNP, or Jesus' own Christian Party.
Cliff and Angry chat to Alex Marsh about his new book, his first band, and if his chickens turned him into Rocky Balboa. All this plus tales of Fat Jim being insulted by a seventy year-old woman, we talk Luxembourg and discuss why Irving Berlin was the 1930's Take That.
We realise it has been nearly 72 hours since Angry, Ben and Cliff took to the sofas of Chez Angry to consume several litres of alcohol before broadcasting live to the nation – but it has taken that long to recover.  Honestly.
We were live on the Internet for about two and half hours, and herein [...]
Podcast 66 and our brief hiatus ends with Cliff getting sexy with the watch-strap man, Ben finding ways to confess his sins in the Internet, and Angry does some rubber necking. Plus Eric Bristow, Beethoven writing a song for his 'bit on the side' and why you shouldn't buy cigarettes for kids in your ...
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