Episode: Obama Joins Dick Cheney In Supporting Gay Marriage 
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When Dick Cheney made his statement he was not in an election and he was not trying to get people to give him money. This was from his heart. Also&nbsp;former first lady Laura Bush supports gay marriage and&nbsp;George &nbsp;Bush supports&nbsp;civil unions.<br />
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Obama support gay marriage is great for gay people I guess. But it does not to anything for the stock market, jobs, people losing their homes. And I guess since marriage is up to the states and not the federal government , it does not do a lot for gay marriage.But that's just my personal opinion. <br />
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I think gay people should be upset with Obama's statement. Why? Because he made a point if say that this was just his ( personal opinion ) and he was not going to work with Congress to change anything. He is just trying to get money and votes from pro gay marriage people without&nbsp;upsetting the anti gay marriage people too much.<br />
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<span>It's like Obama saying he wants to date you but does not want you to meet any of his&nbsp;friends.&nbsp;</span><br />
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Some people have said the&nbsp;democratic convention should be moved out of North Carolina because of their ban on gay marriage. It would show his true support if Obama said he&nbsp;wanted&nbsp;the convention moved. It would be very easy from him to do so. There can be no convention without the&nbsp;President. So far that has not happen. On the subject of gay marriage it does not matter if Obama or Mitt Romney wins in&nbsp;November. For years from now some states will have gay marriage &nbsp;and some will not.<br />
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My advice to gay people is this. Don't let Obama just use you like that . Ask for a&nbsp;serious commitment.<br />
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